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4 Yellow Pigments are obtained when processing 1 Yellow Flowers from Cragwood-trees in a Processor.

Yellow Flowers can be found growing on dark Cragwood-trees in Forests, Grassland, and Woodlands. These flowers will grow slowly in time on Ashenwood Leaves, even in artificial biomes.

Yellow Pigment is used for crafting Yellow Beacons, Yellow Lamps (Wood Burning Lamps emitting yellow light), Yellow Fireworks, Yellow Stained Glass, Yellow Beds, Yellow Concrete, Yellow Mosaic Tile Wall, Yellow Adobe Floor, Yellow Adobe Roof, Yellow Adobe Wall, Yellow Carpet, Yellsow Wood Wall, Golden Swords, Golden Potions, Golden Wall, Banded Golden Wall and Studded Golden Wall.

As Pigment is merely a crafting-material, you cannot place it nor can you consume it; you cannot even put it into the quick-bar.

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