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Basic Information[]

Yellow Holiday Lights are small yellow conic light bulbs like those that are often used in Christmas-characteristic chains of "fairy lights". These "light bulbs" can be obtained for free during the annual Christmas event and can be crafted from a seasonal Christmas crafting Recipe.

These bulbs do not change shape in Creativerse, no matter if being placed against the wall, ceiling or floor, or rotated into any direction.

Yellow Holiday Lights emit yellow light when switched on (by default as soon as they are placed). The light intensity of these seasonal light sources is rather dim; by far not as bright as the light emitted by common Wood Burning Lamps, maybe even a little less bright than the very dim light of Moss Torches.

Yellow Holiday Lights can be placed into game worlds in order to be deactivated/activated and can optionally be wired to activation devices like Switches, Sensors, Number Pads or Pressure Plates and the like, optionally with operating gates in between, like Number Comparison Gates, Delay Gates, Flip-Flop Gates, Inverter Gates, Logic Gates, so that they can be activated from a distance, will be switched on when player characters and/or Creatures step into a specific area, can be activated/deactivated as part of a timed sequence, etc.

When placed and switched on (by default), Yellow Holiday Lights will prevent Creatures from spawning on the illuminated surrounding solid blocks - even daylight Creatures. Their artificial light does not hurt Night Creatures though, so after these Creatures have spawned in darkness somewhere else, they can then wander into the light of such lamps unscathed.

These light bulbs, together with Blue Holiday Lights, Green Holiday Lights and Red Holiday Lights, were introduced to Creativerse with update R26 "Holiday Surprise" on December 14th 2015. Since then, Yellow Holiday Lights and their rare seasonal Recipe can be obtained during the annual Christmas event that takes place from December to January and lasts ca. one month.

How to obtain Yellow Holiday Lights[]

Yellow Holiday Lights are seasonal Christmas-themed light sources that can be bought from Elfis and can also be obtained from randomly spawning Holiday Gift boxes as well as from seasonal Creatures like Reaudolphs and Reinbeaus - but only during the annual Christmas-event. Reinbeaus do not drop any Christmas-related items at other times.

Yellow Holiday Lights cannot be obtained from any common randomly spawning Treasure Chest nor from any common Creature outside the Christmas-season.

Since Christmas 2017, already crafted Yellow Holiday Lights can be bought from NPCs named Elfis that will randomly appear on Ice and Snow at day and night during Christmas event-times, like they did for the first time during Elfi's Toy Drive from December 13th 2017 until January 10th 2018.

5 crafted Yellow Holiday Lights can be bought from Elfis for 25 Rescued Toys (each).

You can also craft Yellow Holiday Lights yourself in your Crafting Menu (to be opened by pressing "Q" as the default key), but only after their crafting recipe has been unlocked by obtaining and learning the according seasonal Recipe Book that can be traded ingame for free or alternatively bought via Store during the Christmas Holiday event, like during Elfi's Wonderland 2018 that lasted from December 19th 2018 to January 25th 2019.

Elfis are NPC traders that look like green Leafies with pointed ears dressed up in red and white Christmas themed attire and sit on a stack of colorful gift boxes. They randomly appear on natural blocks of Ice and Snow during day and night and ask for Rescued Toys as Trade Items in exchange for winter-themed rare Recipes and items, but - as said - only during the annual Christmas Holiday event month.

Yellow Holiday Lights themselves can be bought throughout the year in theoretically unlimited amounts as part of building kits for any customizable Blueprint with Coins, which in return are purchasable for real money via Steam Wallet in the ingame Store. You can use Blueprints that you have captured yourself with Capture Blocks, as well as Blueprints that were made by other players and that you have subscribed to in the Steam Creativerse workshop, or Blueprints that you have customized with Yellow Holiday Lights.

To buy a building kit, either select the according Blueprint or activate a cornerstone that has been placed into the game world (and has optionally been customized). Check the content of the block kit first by clicking on the description "Built with xxx Blocks" before you'll click on the green price tag button below "Get kit and build now".

Alternatively, you can ask fellow Creativerse players that have learnt the rare Recipe of Yellow Holiday Lights to craft these light sources for you on your game world if you can provide all the necessary crafting ingredients.

How to unlock the crafting recipe of Yellow Holiday Lights[]

The rare seasonal crafting Recipe Book for Yellow Holiday Lights can be bought from Elfis that only appear during Christmas event-times, like they did for the first time during Elfi's Toy Drive from December 13th 2017 until January 10th 2018, and again from December 19th 2018 until January 25th 2019 during Elfi's Wonderland.

During Elfi's Wonderland event in 2018, one seasonal Recipe Book for Yellow Holiday Lights each could be bought for 100 Rescued Toys (in theoretically infinite amounts) in Elfi's "Featured" TAB until the end of the event on January 25th 2019.

The Recipe Book for Yellow Holiday Lights comes in the shape of a tradeable item and is stackable too. Players could buy more than just one of these Recipe Books during the Christmas event with Rescued Toys, in order to give duplicates of Recipe Books to other players.

From December 19th 2018 to January 25th 2019, the Store-exclusive Item Bundle "Elfi's Toy Drive Bundle 2017" also contained 1 Recipe Book for Yellow Holiday Lights. This Bundle could be bought multiple times for Coins that can in return be purchased with real money via Coin Bundles in the Store.

More than one Recipe Book could be collected this way too, different to Recipe Packs that can only be bought once and will automatically add account-bound Recipes to the Crafting Menu of the buying player.

Any surplus Recipe Books for Yellow Holiday Lights that were obtained during the Christmas event and were stored away at that time, can still be given to other Creativerse players on the game world(s) where the Recipe Books are stored.

Like other rare Recipes, the Recipe Book for this Christmas-themed item will be used up as soon as the recipe is learnt by a player.

In order to permanently add the rare crafting recipe for Yellow Holiday Lights to your crafting menu after you've bought or obtained it, the Recipe Book has to be learnt by right-clicking on it in your inventory/bag or by dragging it with the left mouse-button over your player character model on the right side of the inventory.

The crafting recipe will then keep being available in your crafting menu on all Creativerse game worlds like all other rare crafting Recipes, even on worlds where the "Pro" option "world bound recipes" ("fresh start", "recipes don't carry over") is enabled.

Seasonal Recipes cannot be shared via Adventures, and non-placeable items like Recipe Books cannot be bought via building-kits for Blueprints either.

How to obtain Rescued Toys[]

Rescued Toys are Trade Items that can be used to buy seasonal Christmas-themed items and rare Christmas Recipes from Elfis. Rescued Toys can be obtained during the seasonal Christmas Holiday event from randomly spawning Holiday Gifts and randomly spawning Reinbeaus in amounts of ca. 10-14 Toys. Reinbeaus do not drop any Rescued Toys outside the Christmas season though.

The very rare fast Reaudolphs additionally appear during Christmas events in cold biomes and will then sometimes drop 100-200 Rescued Toys at a time (but at other times no Toys at all) when being killed. During the Christmas event 2018-2019, Reaudolphs could not be tamed.

Reaudolphs and the colorful Holiday gift boxes will most likely spawn again during the next seasonal Christmas event for ca. one month, like they did during Elfi's Wonderland from December 19th 2018 to January 25th 2019.

Lots of Rescued Toys can be found in Reward Holiday Gift Boxes after successfully completing Trog Trap Events that can be initiated by placing Trog Traps throughout the whole year.

Small Trog Traps can be obtained during Christmas event-times for free. 2 of these Traps can be found in every daily Login Chest (a new one beomes available each 4 hours, unless 2 chests have not been claimed yet), while additionally to that, one Small Trog Trap can occasionally be obtained from randomly spawning Holiday Gifts as well as from the loot bags of Reinbeaus and Reaudolphs during the annual Christmas event.

As soon as you place a Small Trog Trap anywhere, a tier 1 Trog Trap Event will immediately initiated in its proximity. If you are able to successfully meet the objective of the event as displayed onscreen in time, you will be rewarded by a Reward Holiday Gift Box that contains ca. 6-12 Rescued Toys, 2-3 random stacks of useful items and often (but not always) a Medium Trog Trap. Every player who participates in Trog Trap Events will receive their own Reward Gift Box.

Medium Trog Traps can be placed in order to instantly start tier 2 Trog Trap Events that are a bit more difficult to "beat". In the Reward Holiday Gift Boxes that will appear after the successful completion of tier 2 Trog Trap Events, you will find ca. 11-14 Rescued Toys, 3-6 stacks of useful items and occasionally a Large Trog Trap. Moreover, a few of the Trog Trap Event Creatures might drop special Loot Bags with (often) a few Rescued Toys and some random useful items inside, like consumables and/or explosives.

Naturally, Large Trog Traps will also promptly initiate Trog Trap Events of an even higher difficulty (tier 3), and their Reward Holiday Gift Boxes will contain even more (ca. 34) Rescued Toys and even more (5-8) stacks of useful items, but only rarely a Medium Trog Trap on top of that. Again, some Trog Trap Event Creatures (mainly Troggington's Minions) will rarely drop special Loot Bags on top of that, often containing a few Rescued Toys and otherwise random useful items.

Trog Traps of all 3 tiers (Small Trog Traps, Medium Trog Traps and Large Trog Traps) can also be bought for Coins via block kits for Blueprints that players have made from placed Trog Traps and uploaded to the Creativerse Steam workshop. You can buy Coins bundles in the ingame Store and pay for them via Steam Wallet with real money.

Take care to only buy Blueprints that contain placed Trog Traps, but not just Traps on/in any display containers, because in this case they will not be purchasable as items, they will merely be "ghost images" displayed on the display containers (you can see if Trog Traps are even included in the building kit when clicking on the button "Built with xxx Blocks" in the Blueprint window after subscribing to this Blueprint for free in the Creativerse Steam workshop before clicking on "Get Kit & Build Now"). Even though you can obtain Trog Traps throughout the year this way and initiate Trog Trap Events by placing any bought, bestowed and left-over Trog Traps any time you like, you can merely store the Rescued Toys that any victory will provide you with until December and not use them, since these Trade Items cannot be consumed directly nor fed to Pets (different from Pumpkiru Candy).

You can only trade Rescued Toys for Christmas-related items and rare seasonal Recipes with Elfis that will probably spawn again around Christmas 2019-2020 for the next time - or perhaps Elfis might appear for other rare occasions too if Playful sees fit and will announce so on social media and on the official forums.

During the event Elfi's Wonderland 2018, Rescued Toys could be bought via Steam wallet as a content of 4 tiered Make-a-Wish Donation Bundles in the Store too. 100% of revenue from these bundles went to The Make-A-Wish Foundation that helps granting the wishes of children who have been diagnosed with critical illnesses. Depending on their tier 1-4, these bundles contained a stack of either 20, 50, 200 or 500 Rescued Toys.

In 2017, during Elfi's Toy Drive, Rescued Toys also were part of the 3 unlockable community reward bundles for the Elfi's Community Toy Drive event.

How to craft Yellow Holiday Lights[]

To craft 8 Yellow Holiday Lights at a time in your Crafting Menu (to be opened by typing "q" as the default key) after learning the according seasonal Recipe, you will need:

How to use Yellow Holiday Lights[]

Yellow Holiday Lights can be used for illumination by placing them into the game world. They can then be wired to activation devices, optionally with operating gates in between. Lamps like these cannot be wired to any receiving.

Since update R33 on August 2nd 2016, Yellow Holiday Lights can be switched on or off directly by clicking your right mouse button or pressing "f" as the default key while pointing your cursor at the light sources. If you have placed Yellow Holiday Lights before August 2016 though, then you will have to pick them up and place them once again before they can be turned on and off.

Like all luminaires in Creativerse, Yellow Holiday Lights do not need any fuel and will not go dark by themselves after being placed in the world. These light sources that do not operate with open flames cannot set flammable materials on fire.

You can fully rotate Yellow Holiday Lights into all directions by pointing your cursor at them, then pressing and holding R (as the default key) and then moving the mouse while holding down the left mouse button.

The chosen rotation angle can be "locked" too by simply typing "r" while looking at an already rotated item, so that all items of the same stack in the chosen quickslot will then face the same direction when being placed.

Yellow Holiday Lights do not hinder player characters nor Creatures to walk over or stand in the exact same space that these small lamps "take up". That's why you can use lamps like these and torches of all kinds to create air bubbles under water that will help your player character to survive under water. However neither solid blocks nor liquids can take up the same space with these lamps.

Yellow Holiday Lights can be picked up without the need to equip any Power Cells. Of course you won't be able to pick up such objects on game worlds, on player claims or in Adventures where your Permission rank is not sufficient (mainly when you are merely a visitor), which can only be changed by the owner of the game world, claim owner or Adventure creator.

Yellow Holiday Lights can be put on display on Stone Wall Shelves, on Placemats, in Wood Planters, in Flower Pots, on Hidden Temple Altars, in Snow Buried Containers, in Frozen Containers, over/in front of Galactic Grav-Chambers, on Holiday Mantles, on Holiday Decorative Trees, in Cabernatious Cabinets and the like. They not illuminate the surrounding of the display container in this case and cannot be activated or rotated while on display. On the other hand, most display containers can be rotated with all the items "inside" them.

How to wire Yellow Holiday Lights[]

Yellow Holiday Lights are part of the Wiring-System in Creativerse. They are receivers (not senders though) and can be wired to activation devices (optionally with operating gates in between) so that they can be activated and deactivated from a distance.

After being placed into the game world, Yellow Holiday Lights can either be switched on or off when they receive a true or false input "event" that is sent to them by an activation device / operating gate even from a great distance up to the other corner of the same game world, or when are activated/deactivated manually by players (by clicking your right mouse button or typing "f" as the default key while pointing your cursor at a Yellow Holiday Light).

Wiring Input Icon.png
Yellow Holiday Lights can be wired to activation devices like Switches, Sensors, Number Pads or Pressure Plates etc., optionally with operating gates in between, like Number Comparison Gates, Delay Gates, Flip-Flop Gates, Inverter Gates, Logic Gates, etc. Yellow Holiday Lights can only serve as receivers and can then be switched on or off by using the activation device/s.

To wire these light sources, equip a Wiring Tool and point your cursor at a Yellow Holiday Light that you have placed into the world. Its "Receive" Hotspot will become visible then.

By clicking on the Hotspots when they are visible, you are able to connect the "Send" Hotspot of any activation devic/es to the Receive Hotspot of Yellow Holiday Lights. Lamps like this one and other receivers work best if you wire the activation device/s first and then connect the receivers to it/them.

Operating gates like Flip Flop Gates can be connected in between activation device(s) and Yellow Holiday Light(s) in order to define more exact (de)activation terms. For this purpose, connect the "Send" Hotspot of the activation device(s) to the left "Receive" Hotspot of the operating gate, and then connect the "Send" Hotspot of the operating gate to the "Receive" Hotspot of the Yellow Holiday Light(s).

Alternatively, you can type "n" (as the default key) to open the wiring window of Yellow Holiday Lights if you wish to type a code word into the receiving array instead that you can also use in the sending array of activation device/s and/or operating gate/s in order to connect them.

Change the setting of the operating gate/s to your liking. For Number Pads, it's advisable to connect the left Receive Hotspot (1) and to write the correct number code into the right input array (2) in their settings window, then to select "value" instead of "event" and of course to make sure that the equal(ity) sign is selected (by default).

Yellow Holiday Lights in Creativerse will light up immediately when they are wired to already activated activation devices.

The Interface (Menu) of Yellow Holiday Lights[]

To open the interface window of a Yellow Holiday Light, you will have to equip a Wiring Tool and then press "n" (as the default key) while pointing your cursor at a Yellow Holiday Light that has been placed into the game world.

Using this interface window, you can:

  • Edit Button.png click on this icon to rename a Yellow Holiday Light with another description up to 30 characters long. The new label will replace the word " Yellow Holiday Light" that is displayed by default when pointing at the light source with the cursor. Picking it up will reset its name to the default again though
  • Access Control Lock.png click on this icon in order to change the permission settings of a Yellow Holiday Light so that only other players with a specific or higher permission rank than this defined permission rank can change the settings of this Yellow Holiday Light or even take this seasonal light bulb away
  • toggle manual interaction - the Yellow Holiday Light can be "locked" by disabling the "can interact" button, so other players will not be able to switch on/off the Yellow Holiday Light directly - but they still can use activation devices that are wired to the Yellow Holiday Light
  • for easier wiring purposes, you can write a code word into the input array ("Receives") here, and then write that same code word into the output array ("Sends") of an activation device (or operating gate) that can even be placed as far away as in the opposite corner of the same game world

How to change the permission settings[]

Wireable objects like Yellow Holiday Lights can be activated/deactivated by players of all permission ranks, even by visitors, unless their interactivity is disabled for all players with a Wiring Tool.

For this purpose, you can lock your Yellow Holiday Lights by disabling the option "can interact". You can access this option when looking at the Yellow Holiday Lights with a Wiring Tool equipped and typing "n" (as the default key) to open the inspection window.

When disabling the option "can interact", other players cannot switch your Yellow Holiday Lights on or off, but only if their permission rank is lower than the minimum permission level of the according Yellow Holiday Lights. If players are either builders or even admins on your player claim or on the game world (if the Yellow Holiday Lights are not placed on any claimed land), then these players might not only activate/deactivate your Yellow Holiday Lights, but even pick them up and take them away.

The padlock symbol lets you define the minimum permission rank for your Yellow Holiday Lights that players will need to match or outrank in order to be able to see and change the settings of Yellow Holiday Lights with their own Wiring Tool. Equip a Wiring Tool and type "n" (as the default key) to open the wiring window of a Yellow Holiday Light. Look for the padlock symbol in the top right corner of the settings window.

Click on this padlock icon to check the permission setting that is currently selected. The permission level of these Yellow Holiday Lights will be set to "world builders" by default when placing the Yellow Holiday Lights, and on player claims the permission will automatically be set to "claim builders" when the Yellow Holiday Lights are placed.

Available world permission-settings: "just me", "world owner/admins", "world mods", "builders" or "everyone". On player claims the available settings are "just me", "claim admins", "claim interact only", "claim builders" and "everyone".

When raising the permission level of Yellow Holiday Lights with the padlock symbol, only their owner as well as players with a matching or even higher permission rank than the permission level of the Yellow Holiday Lights can use their Wiring Tool to change the settings (including "can interact") of the Yellow Holiday Lights, so that they can switch the Yellow Holiday Lights on/off directly, or even pick them up and take them away.

How to rename Yellow Holiday Lights[]

You can rename Yellow Holiday Lights like most other wireable objects by inspecting them and then clicking on the icon that looks like a square note with a "pen" on it in the top right corner. In order to inspect them, equip a Wiring Tool and type "n" (as the default key) while pointing your cursor at a Yellow Holiday Light that has been placed into the game world.

You can type up to 30 characters into the labelling array of each Yellow Holiday Light and confirm this with "enter"/"return". This name/label will then be displayed instead of "Yellow Holiday Light" when pointing your cursor at it. Picking it up (and placing it again) will reset the name of the Yellow Holiday Light to its default name label again.