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Woodlands are usually the first biome encountered in Creativerse, as the initial spawn-points for player-characters will most often be in Woodlands. These Biomes between Forests and Grasslands aren't very large areas though.

Woodlands will provide everything needed for starting a new game, especially Wood, Moss, Red Mushrooms, Vines, Flowers and Beeswax, also every kind of material needed to build a Janky House, including Cragwood Logs that can be found lying on the ground.

Woodlands consist of hills, some low, some higher, mostly covered with green Grass and some mid-height to larger trees, mostly Cragwood trees and Ashenwood trees, with only rare occurrences of pine-like Elderwood trees with Rimecones underneath, mostly close to Mountains.

Caves can often be found at the feet of hills and large trees and such can easily be overlooked. Small lakes can also be discovered occasionally in Woodlands, while rivers are rare in this biome.

Below the upper Grass-layer there's usually Dirt that is forms the hills, then Stone and further down the Fossil layer begins, where Caves will often lead to. Dirt that is placed on the surface and touches green grass will turn into grass after a short while (as long as player-characters are nearby).

Tallgrass (providing you with Wheat Seeds randomly) can grow on grass blocks occasionally (not as often as in Grassland though), as well as patches of 5 Red Mushrooms each. These mushrooms will even regrow - very slowly - in time. Brown Mushrooms can be found embedded in Dirt right under the thin layer of Grass and at cave-entries.

Yellow Flowers are hidden in a quite large amount amongst the leaves of Cragwood trees, and Red Flowers can be found among the leaves of the birch-like Ashenwood trees. Vines will often cover the larger Cragwood tree trunks and Moss can often be found on Ashenwood trunks, just like Beeswax forming hives can be discovered on many tree-tops amongst the leaves. Blue Flowers growing on Elderwood trees will be rather rare.

Turnips and/or Lettuce can rarely be found in Woodlands too - however the longer you play, the more of those will spawn.

Woodands are peaceful biomes during the (ingame-)day. You will most likely see some yellow Pigsies roaming around that will often spawn on Grass, perhaps a Chizzard here or there, and Leafies of course, as they are the most common inhabitant of Woodlands. Rarely Autumn Leafies might show up under Ashenwood, even though they prefer Autumnwood.

At night Night Pigsies will pop up on the Grass in darkness, also Night Leafies - and some of those can be encountered on top of trees too. Night Rocksters and Night Pigsies might come out of Caves additionally; occasionally even Mirus. Of course creatures from nearby biomes might intrude into Woodland biomes as well.

Wood Treasure Chests can occasionally pop up during (ingame-)night-times in dark places in range of view of player-characters in this biome. Mind that these valuable findings can also spawn on tree-tops and at cave entrances.