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The Wood Gravel Wall is a building block with light brown wooden floor-boards on four sides and dark-brown stucco with a wooden frame on two sides.

It can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "q") after the according crafting recipe has been unlocked by crafting (or obaining) Stucco Walls, which can also be crafted after mining Canyonstone, found high up in Canyons biomes, which will require a Stone Mining Cell or better to be equipped.

Like all other cubic building blocks, Wood Gravel Walls can be rotated by holding down r (as the default key) and moving the mouse while holding the left mouse button.

Crafting (or taking) Wood Gravel is one of the unlocking requirements of the crafting recipe for Rustic Wood Doors.

To craft 8 (blocks of) Wood Gravel Walls, you'll need:

Even though it is a wooden building block, the Wood Gravel Wall is fireproof. Even when throwing Fire Bombs at Wood Gravel Walls or placing them into liquid Lava, they will still not go up in flames.

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