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Wheat Seeds are Seeds that can be obtained occasionally as an extra harvest when collecting Tallgrass or Savannah Tallgrass (no Power Cells are necessary to "pull" these grass plants that can be found on blocks of green Grass in Grassland, Woodlands, Foresta, Swamplands, valleys between Mountains or on Savannah Grass in Savannah biomes).

The same units of Tallgrass can then be placed again (take care to not place them "into" each other or one of the two will vanish) and pulled once more however often you like and will still randomly "drop" Wheat Seeds.

Wheat can also be processed in a Processor to receive 2 Wheat Seeds each.

Wheat Seeds planted on plowed soil will grow into Wheat after a while, which is the main ingredient for Bread and Pie to be made in a Cooking Station.

Like all crops Wheat Seed will need Water (or Mineral Water or Bog Water, but not too much of that) flanking the block of soil. Seeds will stay fallow and not grow into Wheat plants however in areas that are too cold (snowy, icy), too high (above ca. 150) or too hot (lava layer) environments as well as in Swamplands.

Wheat Seeds can be fertilized right after being planted or when still sprouts with Pigsy Droppings to grow into Wheat faster. For the best harvest, Wheat should be collected when "ripe" (not when "grown").