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Chef Villager

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Logger Villager

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Miner Villager

Basic Information Edit

Villagers are NPCs that were added in the Build-a-Buddy update (R.2.73). They can be found wandering the world (location depends on the villager type), and interacting with them gives the player the option to start a combat event similar to Idol Events. Completing this event will reward the player with a Villager Upgrade Chip corresponding to the villager type, and 1-3 Programmable Villagers. Using the Villager Upgrade Chip will unlock the corresponding job so it can be used with any Programmable Villagers the player places.

Villager types and locations Edit

Logger Villager Edit

Logger Villagers spawn in Taigas, specifically on blocks of Matted Needles in areas that have at least 64 blocks of Elderwood, 4 Rimecones and no artificial lights. Their event consists of two waves, with 5 Bad Baby Leafis spawning in the first wave, and 3 Bad Baby Leafis and a boss Big Baby Leafi spawning in the second wave. Killing the boss will end the event.

Miner Villager Edit

Miner Villagers spawn in Stalactite layer caves near Mineral Water. Specifically, they spawn in areas that have at least 128 Stalactite layer blocks (Stalactite, Siltstone, Saltrock, Iron Node, Mold, Mineral Water), at least 16 Mineral Water and no artificial lights.

The Miner Villager event consists of three waves. The first wave will contain a Night Leafi, a Night Pigsy, a Night Hoglet and a Night Twiggy. The second wave consists of a Night Chizzard, a Night Rockster and a Miru. The third and final wave will contain the same mobs as the first wave and the boss Dark Foot. Killing the boss will complete the event.

Chef Villager Edit

Chef villagers will spawn in Dunes near oases. Specifically, they will spawn in areas that contain at least 32 Mineral Water, 8 Shorewood and 8 Sand blocks, and no artificial lights. Note that since the "area" is actually pretty large (seems to be around a 1-chunk-radius), it is also possible to see Chef Villagers spawn on Shores if there happens to be a cave with Mineral Water underneath.

The Chef Villager event consists of three waves. The first wave will contain three Peeved Pebbles, the second wave will contain three Raging Rocksters and the third wave will be the boss The Medium Kahuna.

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