Hey guys, my user name is glitchgamer12.

Here is the 'story' of me getting this game:

So, a while back I got a game called Fortesscraft Evolved. I loved it! It was all about mining deeper and deeper and also about reaserching technology, and the common factor that was in both games was the deeper you get, the more dangerous it got. But, the saddest thing happened. They upgraded there graphics and CPU usage, and whenerver I tried to play, even on minimal graphics and Rez, I got 10 frames per second. So for the longest time I was craving to play it, and then I found this! So that's the story. (Copyright gg12)
Now, so far I have done: generate a world, built a dirt house, killed a leaf thing and pigsie, built a home-ish home (I think 7X18), got freaked out by a night rocker thing, found the source of all the night rock scythe looking things and an alien thing that has like a power attack that gives me a white screen, found coal, built a rock gauntlet, made processors and a forge and finally found a wood chest.
So is this good for the first 3 (in game) days?
Oh and PS, I have a problem now with those night scythe things and alien dudes. They killed me already 4 times :(
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