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Hello :)

I became an admin and bureaucrat of this fan-Wiki on January 8th 2016. At that time the Creativerse Wikia founder Neonfrog had already been inactive for over a year. Before becoming an admin, I had already added hundreds of articles and thousands of images to the Wiki since August 2015, trying to my best to bring everything up-to-date in the same design style that the founder and other contributors had predetermined.

As an admin I am now in charge of fighting vandalism on this Wiki. I also try to reply to gameplay-related questions asked in comments. As for updating the Wiki - I've currently stopped doing this for several reasons:

  • ever since the cheat ... Creator Mode was thrown into the game, Creativerse became a builders-only-game. The basic "survival" progress through the game, all the quests and even the treasure hunt for rare recipes etc. have practically lost their meaning, because players can simply fetch everything including nearly all existing Creatures from their CM-inventory after buying the Pro DCL...
  • sadly this means that there is actually no need to explain most things any longer - how to craft, how to complete quests, how to find certain biomes, how to fight mobs, how to grow crops and cook, or how to survive in the game. Just turn on CM, take any block, object, cooked food, crafting ingredient, forged and processed item you want, including the rarest ones, many event-specific ones and even many store-exclusive ones that you never paid for, you can also spawn mobs instantly, like into a trap, and even instant-tame them there... Survival gameplay? Turn on CM and your character is now immortal and can even clip freely through the world...
  • ever since the "fresh start" button has stopped working many months ago, I cannot provide current crafting requirement images anymore without creating new Steam accounts just for this, which I really don't want to do anymore. Especially since crafting isn't even used much anymore since CM... I'm tired of reporting this years-old bug and other game-changing bugs over and over again, only to be staved off
  • some game mechanics still need explanations of course. Mainly because the ingame "help" files are sadly useless, even partly misleading. Also, things like the config file and chat commands are not further described ingame, but became very important lately. Unfortunately, the more complicated features are also the ones that now change very, very often - and to top it off; they do not always work like intended.... Game mechanics like machines (fans for example) tend to bug out and are still non-intuitive no matter how many bug reports and feedbacks have been sent in (like permission settings that do not let only the owner use devices like switches or teleporters, weird timer limitations, etc.).
  • bringing the Wiki up to speed and keeping it up-to-date unfortunately has become way too much to manage, especially since the Creator Mode update and (completely unnecessary) UI-revision that now requires every single Wiki-article to be updated with according images.
  • and any large new game patch is able to outdate dozens or hundreds of Wiki articles in one fell swoop again. Problem is that a fundamental revision of the game is badly needed ever since the Creator Mode was implemented. The whole crafting feature and the exclusivity of purchasable crafting recipes are in utter chaos, so a revision is to be expected, but nobody can say when it will take place or how it will look like.

The latest UI-rework would now require a thorough update of nearly ALL Wiki articles with new images of all the menus (including processors etc.), and the coloring option would now require to show additional examples of painted blocks and objects, at least black and white in order to illustrate the limits of colorization...

Please note that Wiki admins do not have the responsibility to keep all Wiki articles up-to-date at all times, especially not articles that were abandoned by their original creators. Moreover, Wiki admins also have no obligation whatsoever to build and design game Wikis in any specific way - there's no standard for this.

Who to ask about what

Please note that I am not a member of Playful Corp. (developers of Creativerse) nor official Wikia/Fandom staff. I am merely a Creativerse player since November 12th 2014 who maintains the Wiki since 2015.

If you want to suggest anything to the developers of Creativerse, then please use the official Creativerse-forums that they follow attentively:

If you should encounter any bugs or gameplay problems, please check the official bug forums:

You can also contact the volunteer moderators and the support contractor/s for Creativerse on Discord:

For any technical questions or issues with Wikia / Fandom, please use search engines like Google to find solutions to Wikia-related problems (this actually can help better and faster than anything else), or ask official Wikia/Fandom-staff; for example via

Want to become an admin for this Wiki too?

I'm keeping an eye peeled for possible new admins for this Creativerse Wiki :)

However, I'd only entrust contributors with rights on this Wiki who regularly help out with admin work:

  1. fighting vandalism (gibberish, spam, obscenities, deletion of useful information or images, etc.),
  2. updating outdated information that has become invalid & incorrect after updates (unworthy of a Wiki)
  3. adding articles about newest stuff whenever new content is patched into the game Creativerse.

Other types of Wiki improvements (like found in the article To Do) are also very appreciated of course:

  1. adding more helpful information about features of Creativerse to their according articles and updating outdated images, especially those that could be misleading or confusing to new players
  2. creating more articles about game features and most especially useful overview articles (every category of items is still in need of one actual article of the same name)
  3. helping Wiki users by replying to game-related questions
  4. correcting typos, misspelling or rephrasing sentences in order to improve poor grammar
  5. "beautifying" source codes is purely optional, so it's not considered actual Wiki work, unlike urgently necessary updates, corrections and/or vandalism-undoing.

Unfortunately, not everything that some users might consider "Wiki work" is helpful, but troublesome instead. Please consider that such "contributions" will very likely be made undone and deleted:

  1. first of all: deleting helpful (up-to-date) information and/or images from articles must be avoided! It can be considered vandalism and such can lead to a ban ( This also applies to all "surplus" info, like about how/where to find crafting ingredients or unlocking requirements and other general information paragraphs. These have been added to articles on purpose after beginner's-questions had piled up in comments and had to be replied to, which was a lot more work that I didn't want to do ever again
    Please also never simply delete outdated images, unless you'll upload appropriate up-to-date images to the article in exchange.
    If you find wrong or outdated (and such incorrect) information, please correct it instead of deleting it!
  2. please do not add icons to articles, and especially never ever replace existing text with icons. Lots of the newer icons have not been published by Playful yet, so newer articles cannot even be provided with icons. Also: icons need to be kept up to date just like everything else, especially whenever the UI of the game changes again. This only complicates the work of regular contributors. Moreover: not everybody loves a child-oriented look of articles with icons in them. I for example really hate the use of icons :p
  3. only admins and long-time regular Creativerse Wiki contributors are allowed to redesign ("beautify") articles - and not any less than a complete category of articles!
    Many articles are incomplete at this point, so redesigning half-finished work does not make any sense anyways. The game is in "public open Beta" since September 2018 and is still frequently going through major changes that might require a complete do-over. So any beautification will be undone soon anyways
    Morever, it's disrespectful to just play around with the actual work that others have contributed. Same goes for moving information and/or images into newly made templates, info-boxes, tables or galleries, etc.
    Please consider that any frills and furbelows that are complicated to work with will only hamper update-work that actual Wiki contributors need to take care of, which is happening very often.
    If articles are too complicated, the extra-time that updates will need because of that might also easily deter first-time Wiki-contributors from helping out.
    A Wiki is no bumptious art exhibition nor a cute picture-book for children, and there is no "standard" design for game Wikis whatsoever anyways (just quickly browse through Fandom/Wikia to see for yourself).
    Last but not least: regular contributors will always hold the privilege to decide about the Creativerse Wiki design before irregular or or first-time visitors, since this Wiki relies on constant update work and would be doomed without the hard-working regulars.
    This is why you will need to become at least a long-term contributor or admin if you want to have any say about how this Wiki is supposed to look like, by putting work and dedication into the Wiki at first. If you can't be bothered with that, than you also should not bother with queening it over those who actually do all the work in here
  4. creating articles that significantly differ from the standardized look of other articles of the same type is not very nice, since it forces others/admins to revise them thoroughly. Serious Wiki contributors will usually at least try to roughly match newly created articles to already existing ones, which shouldn't be hard at all, since the Creativerse Wiki sports an extremely simple and very-easy-to-recreate style for most articles.
  5. never add half-finished work like one-line articles, half-empty tables or templates, or only one "example" article of a whole series/category, which would force others/admins to complete this work.
    It's understandable that you might not want to spent a lot of time to properly write down everything that players should know about the topic of an article, and on top of that perhaps test a lot of stuff ingame in order to collect all the necessary data. But that is inconvenient and time-consuming for others just as well - so do not force others to do it in your stead!
    If you aren't capable of doing the job properly yourself, don't start it in the first place and do not inconsiderately create new work for others to do.
    Also do not add completely new categories to only a few articles of a kind, leaving the rest of this work to others/admins
  6. never redesign only a few "exemplary-articles" while expecting or asking of others/admins to create many more articles in the same style, or to even change dozens of existing articles to fit your personally preferred design.
    Not even new Wiki admins should be so rude as to start with only a little bit of redesign work and then leave the "rest" (actually the majority) to regular contributors/admins. In this case it's most likely that the "example article" will simply be undone to how it looked before
  7. "contributing" rumors that have not been tested properly beforehand or passing off coincidences as general game rules/occurrences should absolutely be avoided, since this is often misleading. As soon as these contributions turn out to be incorrect, they must urgently be corrected on the Wiki. Do not force others to clean up behind you.
    Kindly keep in mind that a Wiki is an encyclopedia that is supposed to collect facts and helpful information first of all. You can add any speculation or rumor as a comment, but do not insert anything but demonstrable re-creatable facts into articles.
  8. please take care not to phrase information about time-limited or new content (like seasonal events) in ways that will unavoidably force others/admins to update all of that right after the end of current events, or when more of the same type of "new" items will be implemented to the game, so please be a little foresighted.
  9. do not just add categories to articles before checking out the according category page itself (here's a list: to see if this category really fits the topic of the article.
    Do not just carelessly add new imaginative categories. And please be careful not to add categories that are based only on additional information or side notes instead of the main topic of the article.
  10. please refrain from inserting personal experience reports or personal remarks about game features into articles.
    Do not create articles for mere comments, nor especially for your questions about the game.
    Also do not create articles for your personal theories about the game (like about the background, combat calculations, stats, etc.).
    All of this will have to be deleted and undone, since it is inappropriate for a Wiki and should either be placed as a comment or on the Wiki forums.
  11. advertising your own Wiki in existing articles, adding links to localized/specialized Creativerse pages (like Creativerse blogs etc.) or to Creativerse-related services other than those provided by Playful Corp. to existing articles, or adding ads for anything non-Creativerse of course is not allowed on this Wiki, especially not on the main page. Spammed ads will be deleted even from comments too.
    You may create an article for any Creativerse-related websites or services though, but please keep this article constantly up-to-date as well in this case! If this article outdates too much or it turns out that links in it are broken, the article will be removed.
    Also praising words, even if they're about Creativerse, should be rephrased in articles since a Wiki is supposed to be a source of information, not a promotional campaign.
  12. leaving derogatory comments about the work or mistakes of helpful contributors (like in summaries for recent edits) is troll-like and has to be avoided, since this can prevent contributors from doing more Wiki work. You will not be considered a helpful Wiki contributor if you are causing bad blood needlessly.

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