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Creativerse Night Pigsy 2018-05-28 14-01-20-44.jpg
Creativerse Night Rockster 2018-05-28 14-02-34-82.jpg
Creativerse Miru 2018-06-01 01-09-15-15.jpg
Creativerse hot foot immune to burning 2018-11-23 15-00-58-77.jpg
Creativerse Warmworm 2018-05-21 15-32-08-46.jpg
Creativerse Corrupted Miru 2018-05-21 14-33-26-39.jpg
Creativerse Corrupted Leafi 2018-05-21 17-29-51-07.jpg
Creativerse Corrupted Chizzard 2018-05-21 14-30-16-49.jpg
Creativerse Corrupted Pigsy 2018-05-21 14-30-57-53.jpg
Creativerse Corrupted Rockster 2018-05-21 14-33-10-85.jpg
Creativerse Thing 2018-05-21 14-30-42-35.jpg
Creativerse ghost miru 2017-11-11 02-52-22-16.jpg

Basic Information[]

Underground Creatures are Creatures that can be encountered in the different underground layers of all Creativerse game worlds.

Corrupted Creatures spawn on Corrupted Blocks in dark areas. Since Corrupted Blocks are naturally "generated" (actually, part of template worlds) nearly solely on the Corruption layer underground, they can usually only be encountered there.

However, a few blocks of Corrupted Wood can be found on the surface. Players can also corrupt common surface blocks and can even create large artificial corrupted arenas overground. Corrupted Creatures will spawn there at night then (or also during the day if the arena has walls and a ceiling) and will not burn away in the sunlight.