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The Trog is a large horned, stone-like (earth troll-like) aggressive Creature; very strong and with a long reach that spawns in Canyons during the day and is able to occasionally heal itself.

Health: 400 health points
Time to tame: Becomes your friend in 5 seconds
Attack(s): Ground Smash: Trog will smash ground, creating a shockwave around it. The range is deceptively long, and will launch players airborne.

Fist Smash: Similar to ground smash, but less effective than ground smash. Seems to be its normal attack.

Strength Charge: Trog creates energy ball in front of it. It will deal a significant amount of damage.

Heal: Trogs can heal themselves if given the opportunity by hunkering down.

Location: Canyons during the day
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The mouth of Trogs has a yellow glow, their eyes have a white-green glow now. Additionally to that these creatures have characteristic greenish cracks running over their rock like skin (or shell).

You'll immediately know what it is when it's stomping towards you while making growling sounds. Also Trogs snore loudly when sleeping.

Biomes Edit

Trogs can mainly be found in Canyon biomes (and rarely in desert Dunes biomes), spawning during the day on Sandstone, Ruddy Canyonstone and other rocks that the Canyon-biomes are made of - also in player-created arenas/artifical biomes.

Some players have mentioned that it can be of help to add Mineral Water to artificial biomes to make more Trogs spawn, but this can also make other creatures spawn as well...

Special MovesEdit

  • Ground Smash - can knock back a player up to 8 blocks and deal a lot of damage
  • Fist Smash - can knock back players and deal damage too
  • Strength Charge - a green energy ball is formed in front of the Trog and absorbed. Stand back or you can get knocked out! This attack does triple the regular damage.

Trogs can also heal themselves. That's why their Horn is an ingredient for Healing potions and Healing Beacons.

According to Playful, Trogs have 400 health points and based on tests, they require 58 hits with a Twig, 40 hits with a Wood Sword, also 40 hits with a Stone Sword, 20 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 14 hits with an Iron Sword, 12 hits with a Diamond Sword or 7 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

It seems like Trogs have 85-90 armor points.


Pet Trogs Edit

After you have tamed a Trog (which can be quite tricky, best use Stun Bombs, as the "gap trick" might fail because of their reach) they can be fed and then harvested from, which will provide you with pretty much the same materials as they would drop (including rare Recipes!)

As Pets, Trogs prefer to eat either Melon Pies, common Pies or Wholesome Breads.