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Taigas are quite common biomes of any Creativerse World. They can often be found close to snow-covered frozen Oceans and Tundra biomes.

A thin to thick layer of Snow covering most of the ground and trees of Taigas makes Blizzard Chizzards as well as green Leafies spawn during the day and Arctic Mirus during night-times.

From Cave entries common green Mirus, Night Pigsies and Night Rocksters can emerge as well and during the night Night Leafies and Night Chizzards can rarely be spotted.

Large and 4x4 blocks wide pine-like Elderwood trees adorned with Blue Flowers and often covered in a thick layer of Snow grow all over Taiga biomes, and despite the cold they can also spawn Queen Bees that will turn into Beeswax later on.

Blue Flowers can slowly but continually spawn over time on Elderwood Leaves, even on Snowy Elderwood Leaves that automatically turn into common Elderwood Leaves without any snow left in them as soon as they are plucked.

Under the snow the top layer of Taiga soil is made of Matted Needles - a rather unique kind of block that currently doesn't make any Creatures spawn if you build an artificial biome from it. Warmer regions of Taigas are void of Snow, so these decorative blocks shape the ground of Taiga forests visibly.

Snow Cap as an uncommon occurrence in Taigas combine Dirt and Snow in one block and will turn into common Dirt when placed into warmer biomes. These blocks do not seem to cause any Creatures to spawn either.

Around the borders of Taigas parts of the ground can sometimes be made of Dirt, especially where Taigas meet the Ocean. Weeds can grow on Dirt as well as on Matted Needles.

Under the Elderwood trees Rimecones can be found on the ground in large amounts after world "generation" in Taigas. However Rimecones currently do not "regrow" under Elderwood trees. Rimecones can be thrown just like explosives (put them into a quickslot, select it and fire by using your right mouse-button) as a rather weak weapon.

As there are currently no Elderwood Logs in the game, Cragwood Logs can be seen on the ground of Taigas instead, often covered with a thin layer of Snow. Turnips and Crisphead Lettuce are a rare finding in Taigas.

All blocks that Taigas are made of can be pulled (harvested/mined) even without requiring any Power Cells to be equipped.