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Sulfur is one of the blocks/rocks that the Lava layer is made of. On blocks of Sulfur Warmworms and occasionally Hot Feet can spawn in darkness; it's also possible that Iron Treasure Chests might rarely spawn on these blocks. The natural glow of Hardened Lava blocks or liquid Lava will not prevent Creatures nor Treasure Chests from spawning.

Sulfur can only be mined by using an Iron Mining Cell or better.

Sulfur is an ingredient for crafting-recipes like Hardened Lava Floor or Freeze Resistance Potions (as of R26 in December 2015).

Sulfur can also be used as a rather powerful Fuel for the Forge, not as quickly burning as all Food types made from Tar though.

Blocks of Sulfur are only a little warm, so they can bring up the heat meter, but they are currently not hot enough to fill the heat meater and make the player character catch fire.

Trivia: Edit

- In real life, sulfur is one of the vital ingredients in gunpowder. Currently sulfur cannot be made into Gunpowder (R26 in December 2015).

- In accordance with the block description, in real life, sulfur really does actually reek of rotten eggs.

Please note that the Creativerse Universe is supposed to be a fantasy-SF world where a human scientist has stranded and named all elements according to what he remembered from Earth.