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Common grey Stone, as one of the most common blocks on any Creativerse world, is to be found throughout the overworld and underworld of Creativerse.

Where to find Edit

Many Mountains consist mostly of it and therefore it can be easily obtained there without digging much. Also steep hillsides often present blocks of Stone visibly.

Other than that, the Fossil layer consists of Stone together with Bedrock, Limestone, patches of Fossils and the uncommon valuable Magnetite. Often the upper parts of the Fossil layer consist mainly or even solely of Stone.

Many Caves lead down into this stratum not far below and often present Stone blocks right at their entrances. You can also find Stone easily by digging into most types of grounds just through a few layers of Dirt.

Spawning Edit

Stone can be placed as is for building without worries. No Creatures are known to spawn on or near blocks of Stone alone, neither does any type of Treasure Chests. So artificial biomes built from Stone cannot be used as spawners.

Creatures that spawn on the Fossil layer require either Bedrock or Limestone to spawn, the same goes for Stone Treasure Chest.

Rambeaus that spawn on the Mountains during day and night require Peakstone nearby to do so, the same goes for Arctic Mirus in the dark that alternatively prefer Snow and/or Ice to spawn on.

Requirements to be mined Edit

Stone does not require any Power Cell to be mined/pulled anymore. The Wood Mining Cell was removed from the crafting tree with R39 on Febuary 2nd 2017, and was later on removed from loot tables of Treasure Chests and Keepas as well.

Another alternative to mine Stone would be to place Excavators (not to be confused with Extractors). Even the basic (and weakest) Excavator can now remove Fossil layer blocks like Stone, Bedrock, Limestone, Fossils and Magnetite in the size of 7x7x7 blocks maximum. Half of the removed blocks will be saved in Loot Bags.

You can also dig through Stone by destroying it. Common TNT can now even destroy blocks from the Fossil layer like Limestone and Bedrock, but it will procude a crater and will not leave any blocks to be collected.

Excavators and TNT-type Explosives will leave all Ore Nodes intact, also all storage containers, crafting stations and other objects that can contain blocks/items. However, they will remove or destroy all other types of crafted blocks and objects, even Corrupted Stone Walls...

Crafting Edit

Mining Stone is currently the only requirement to craft Stone Mining Cells, and it is also required to unlock several other crafting recipes.

1 Block of Stone can be cut into either 8 Stone Rods or 2 Stone Slabs by putting it into a Processor. This does not require any crafting recipes.

Unprocessed Stone is necessary to craft a Processor, a Stone Sword, a Taming Collar and a Plow. However Stone is a requirement for many other crafting recipes as well, like Natural Stone Paths, Stacked Stone Walls, Stone Boulder Walls or Stone Doors for example.

Corruption Edit

In the Corruption layer deep underground, Corrupted Stone is one of the most common corrupted blocks that the whole layer consist of. All corrupted blocks require at least Diamond Mining Cells to be mined.

Corrupted Stone blocks can be purified by placing Healing Beacons on them (will slowly purify a radius of 3 blocks all around or by throwing Purification Bombs, which will purify 7x7x7 blocks at max.

Blocks of Stone can be corrupted by throwing Corrupt Bombs at them, which will turn 5x5x4 (rarely more) Stone blocks into Corrupted Stone. In darkness all kinds of Corrupted Creatures and Diamond Treasure Chests can randomly spawn on Corrupted Stone blocks during day and night.