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Smooth Sandstone is a building-block looking very much like Sand, that you can craft in your Crafting Menu (default key "q"), but only after finding the according Recipe Book, which is a rare content of many kinds of Treasure Chests.

Even more rarely, the crafting Recipe for this block can be obtained from Things or Keepas of any kind either as a loot or pet-harvest.

To be permanently added to the crafting menu (and to be carried over to all other Creativerse gameworlds like all rare and store-bought Recipes), this recipe has to be learnt at first by right-clicking on it in your inventory/bag or dragging it with the left mouse-button over your player character model on the right side of the inventory.

To craft 8 blocks of Smooth Sandstone you'll need (as of R44 in June 2017):

The block can be rotated by pressing and holding R and moving the mouse while holding the left mouse button.