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Shrewdshrews are peaceful, but defensive mouse-like creatures found in Savannahs during the day whose fire breath can set flammable parts of their environment and player characters ablaze.

Health 500 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 5 seconds (Rancher: 1 sec.)
Attack(s): Tail whip: the Shrewd Shrew can use its tail to hit in melee range by spinning around

Fire breath: after jumping in the air once, Shrewd Shrew will breath and swivel a long flame for 4 seconds that deals burning DoT for 3 seconds

Location: Savannahs during the day

Shrewdshrews can only be found in Savannah biomes as they spawn on Savannah Grass during the day (even on artificial biomes created by players) and will only very rarely wander into neighbouring biomes. They do not spawn at night.

Be careful when attacking them or attempting to tame Shrewdshrews, as they can inflict fire damage over time for 3 seconds, and will even be able to set flammable materials on fire, including Savannah Tallgrass, Shrubs and Parchwood-trees.

In hot areas of Savannahs, fire is able to spread (it can even jump across gaps of 1-2 blocks) and such can burn all adjacent flammable materials and blocks to nothingness, including wooden buildings.

Spreading fire can be turned off by changing the according world option (fire sim) or by claiming the area and disabling the setting for spreading fire on the player claim.

With practice, it is possible to predict the timing of the Shrewdshrew's fire breath that the Creature will activate after jumping in the air once. This allows the player to quickly run and attack the Shrewdshrew from behind while it is occupied.

In general it is adviced to keep moving and circling these (and most other) Creatures while fighting in Creativerse, or to use Explosives against them from a distance.

According to Playful, Shrewdshrews have 500 health points and based on tests, they require 46 hits with a Twig, 25 hits with a Wood Sword, 20 hits with a Stone Sword, 10 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 6 hits with an Iron Sword, 5 hits with a Diamond Sword or 4 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

It seems almost certain that Shrewdshrews do not have any armor points.

When killed, Shrewdshrews will drop Shrewdshrew Tails in their Loot Bags that can then be used to craft Fire Bombs and Freeze Resistance Potions. You can also obtain these valuable tails by taming Shrewdshrews, feeding them and then harvesting from them.

They will only provide players with the best possible pet harvest and up to 3 times more materials than they would drop in their Loot Bags when killed after they have been fed their favorite Food as can be seen in their Pet Window.

Other than that, you can also randomly obtain Bones, Sinews and/or Globs of Goo from Shrewdshrews, like from most other Creatures as well. Additionally, you can rarely(?) get Wildflowers as loot from killing Shrewdshrews.