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Shores are a type of Biome in all current Creativerse gameworlds.

Pretty much every type of Biome connecting to Oceans is usually wrapped in Shorelines, except for Swamplands. Even lakes or rivers can sometimes be seamed with Shorelines, however not always adorned with Shorewood trees.

Shores most often consist of at least a narrow line of Sand, although sometimes covered with Water or with a thin layer of stompable Snow.

Occasionally palmlike Shorewood trees can be found on Shores, consisting of Shorewood, a frew blocks of Shorewood Husk near the top and Shorewood Leaves. Shorewood currently cannot be grown from Saplings, and no Flowers nor Fruit will grow on them, not even Beeswax.

During the day, peaceful Rocksters and Pebbles will often spawn on blocks of Sand close to Water, while common Chizzards will spawn on or close to Shorewood.

When hunting Rocksters for their Rockster Rocks, remember that 3 Pebble's Pebbles each can also be melted/merged into 1 Rockster Rock in the Forge. However, even though Pebbles seem to be easy prey, they are able to call other Creatures to their aid when they are attacked.

At night, aggressive Night Rocksters and Night Chizzards will often spawn on Shores instead.

Seashells can spawn on any block of Sand and will continue to do so over time. Artificial lighting does not seem to hinder Seashells from spawning. Seashells can also be obtained by hunting Pebbles.

Caves with entrances on Shores often feature some Stalactites closer to the surface than common Caves do. Shore-based Caves are also quite likely to have pools of Tar inside. Sometimes their entrances are not easy to spot as Water might flow inside and rarely can even cover all of the entrance.