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See Note.

Scrawled Journal Pages are rare informational snippets of hints referring to the background of Creativerse.

You can occasionally find one or two of these pages that seem to have been ripped from an old journal in randomly spawning Treasure Chests. Sometimes also Things or Keepas of any kind might provide you with them.

The tooltip of any Journal Page can be read by you as a player by moving your cursor over its icon in your inventory - and then it can only be stored away. Journal Page cannot be used in any way ingame at present. There is no "reading device" in Creativerse where you could insert Journal Pages to use them or anything like that.

Their sole purpose is to give you some hints about the background-story of Creativerse. They seem to have been written in a time-based order that can only be guessed, but is not really important anyways. Journal Page are not parts of an ongoing story nor coherent information, just snippets of hints that won't fit together clearly.

Journal Pages cannot be used for crafting, cannot be put into any quickslot, can't be placed into the world, cannot be consumed nor "learnt", but they can be traded between players on the same gameworld. Upon obtaining a new Journal Page a message window about its discovery will be displayed.

Please refer to the main article Note for more details.

Scrawled Journal Page Descriptions
-oke up disoriented and alone in a strange land. Survival is my first priority.
-drawn toward some sort of etched stone. Looks like I’m not alone here.
-ve been having weird dreams, ever since I tou-
-ight, it’s the same incoherent message. Something about ‘arc’ and great powe-
- stone can materialize my very thoughts! Not from nothing, though. It needs ingredien-
- more I use it, the more my mind feels like it’s expanding with new possibilit-
-eed something, some force, more powerful to feed the reaction. This could be my only hope.
-chitect’? I’m wary, but he/she/it might be my key to leaving this-