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Sand is a block found on Shores near Oceans and broader rivers (also river mouths), some lakes and oases (for example in Canyons or Savannahs) as well as in Dunes (often close to Canyon biomes), Frozen Deserts and under a layer of thin snow around Frozen Oceans made of Ice.

Blocks of Sand can be foraged without requiring any Power Cells to be equipped.

On blocks of Sand, even when placed by players, Seashells will spawn over time. If Sand is placed into Wood Planters, Flower Pots, Placemats or on Stone Wall Shelves, no Seashells are going to appear though.

If Water or other liquids are nearby, Rocksters and/or Pebbles will spawn on or close to blocks of Sand during the day, and Night Rocksters will spawn during the night.

Sand can be forged into Glass in the Forge together with some Fuel.

Blocks of Sand can be changed into Salt when Fire Bombs are thrown at them or when placed into liquid Lava.

Since R40, blocks of Sand can be transformed to Seashells (1 unit each) by using an equipped Plow.

During Haunted Nights (Halloween seasonal event) Ghost Chizzards, Ghost Rocksters and even Ghost Leafies are capable of spawning on sandy Shores at night time.

In earlier versions of Creativerse, Sand could be corrupted by Corrupted Water or Corrupt Bombs. Corrupted Rockster would spawn on Corrupted Sand, which now spawn on all types of corrupted blocks since R38 in January 2017.

Sand is also an ingredient to craft Sand Castle Walls.