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Rocksters are peaceful but defensive Creatures that mainly spawn on or near blocks of Sand close to Water during the day.

Health 135 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 5 seconds (Rancher: 1 sec.)
Attack(s): Swipe: the Rockster swipes at players with its claws

Spinning attack: after ca. 4 seconds of blocking while covering itself with its claws, the Rockster jumps and spins, pushing player characters away


Shores during the day

Rocksters can be found on Shores near rivers, large lakes, or the Ocean. They will also spawn on artificial biomes made of Sand with any liquid nearby on the surface during the day, especially if Seashells are close by.

Occasionally, Rocksters can spawn in unusual places like on Elderwood trees or near Red Mushrooms in Tundras or Grasslands. This usually happens to players who have visited Shorelines before.

Rocksters can tuck in their claws and turn invulnerable and immobile for ~4 seconds, after which they'll perform a spinning attack that can send a player flying.

According to Playful, Rocksters have 135 health points and based on tests, to be killed they require :

Rockster Blocking.png

It seems like Rocksters have 10 armor points.

You cannot hurt Rocksters while they cover themselves with their claws. Every hit that you deal to Rocksters while they are blocking will only reduce the durability of your weapon, but not inflict any damage to the Rocksters.


Rocksters, when killed or dismissed, drop a few different items, just alike their brethren, the Night Rocksters:

and can also additionally drop (like many other Creatures):

As Pets, tamed Rocksters might prefer to eat Soup, Pie or Turnip Sandwiches.

You can harvest the same materials from them as Pets as would be in their loot-bag, just often in larger amounts, when you have fed them their exact favorite Food. 

You can "smelt" 3 Pebble's Pebbles to 1 Rockster Rock each in a Forge, but not vice versa.