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Character with equipped rocket pack in the bottom right

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Basic Information[]

The Rocket Pack is an equippable item that functions as a jetpack, allowing your character to use Stamina to jump higher, functioning much like Bat Juice or similar potions, but being limited by the durability of the Rocket Pack instead of a buff timer. They were added to the game on May 1st 2020 with the Arrival update.

When equipped, the Rocket Pack is shown attached to the player character's back, with flames coming out of the jets when jumping. The color of the Rocket Pack is influenced by the player character's shirt color.

Rocket Packs do not stack in chests or inventory, and cannot be put into any displays.

How to obtain[]

Rocket Packs can be obtained from some of the rarer Login Chests or bought as item packs from the Store. They cannot be crafted or obtained any other way in-game, not even in Creator Mode.

How to use[]

After claiming a Login Chest or Item Pack that contains Rocket Packs, you can equip it by clicking on the Rocket Pack in your inventory. It will then be automatically used whenever you use the jump key ("space" by default), using up your Stamina and granting a flight motion that is similar to how you use a jetpack in many other games. Additionally to that it completely negates falling damage. It is very similar to the effects of some seasonal potions like Bat Juice or Blizzard Potion.

When a Rocket Pack is equipped, whenever you type and hold the key for jumping ("Space key" as the default key), your player character will fly upwards, even if s/he is already in mid-air. The jumping motion is replaced by this upwards flying movement and you cannot jump like usual while a Rocket Pack is equipped.

You can combine this with a forward-motion, or backwards or sideways too. You can fly very far if you just slightly tip the jump key repeatedly and hold down the key for forward walking ("w" is the default key) or type "NumLock" (as the default key) for AutoRun.

As long as the "jump" key is pressed, Stamina will be used up for the straight upwards flying movement, and when the Stamina has run out, you can't fly any further.

Players who have bought the "Pro"-DLC have advantages when using a Rocket Pack: they have twice as much Stamina (granted together with the Glider) and such can fly much longer. Additionally, they can activate the option "low gravity" for their game worlds which allows even longer flight movements because of the slower sinking motion. Moreover, on game worlds with low gravity, Stamina will regenerate while sinking, and the upwards motion will last a little longer after letting go of the "jump" key.

With Foods that grant Stamina and stamina regeneration, like Bone Broth, it is possible to stay airborne indefinitely by tapping the jump key.

Rocket Packs have durability like most other equippable items, which is used up while jumping. You can view the durability-state of the Rocket Pack on its icon to the right side of your character "doll" in the equipment-window of your inventory. The durability is displayed as a green bar overlaying the icon that will only start to appear when the Rocket Pack is damaged for the first time. Then the bar will shrink until the Rocket Pack is destroyed and will vanish. Undamaged Rocket Packs will not have any bar at all. You can also see the durability of your Rocket Pack with the color of the small backpack icon next to your gauntlet, with green indicating a lot of durability, yellow when the durability is about halfway gone, and red when there is not much durability left. Note that if the durability of the Rocket Pack runs out while you are up high, you will take fall damage coming down.

Like all other items in the game that have durability, Rocket Packs do not stack in the inventory or storage chests.