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Patch notes for Creativerse in reverse order - Latest at the top

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Lunar Update (Date: 2021-02-16)[]

New features:

    • Arms: Bracers of the Crane: Provides action grip. Weapons Sold Separately.
    • Legs: Pants of the Viper: Super comfy and surprisingly roomy.
    • Body: Robes of the Tiger. Made from 100% silk.
    • Head: Helmet of the Mantis: Keep your head down kid!
    • With a flash of your blade, end the creatures of the night with this stylish, and functional, sword!
    • Take this new friend along with you on your adventures through the rolling hills, the tallest mountains, vast deserts and deepest caves of Creativerse! We like to think he is a sassy little dragon.
    • In celebration of the Lunar New Year enjoy the warm light of this Ox Lantern in your world!
    • These blocks are sure to spruce up your temples, castles, keeps, fortresses and every other build you players can imagine!

New Villager Roles: Winter Wonderland Update (Date: 2020-12-18)[]

New Villager roles:

Four new roles for villagers have been added to the Creativerse! The new Gardener, Machinist, Repairer, and Rancher roles will allow you to get even more out of your villagers and get a helping hand in your world.

  • Blacksmith
    • Improve your arsenal with the Blacksmith! Utilize their craftsmanship to make swords to help protect your lands!
  • Outfitter
    • Upgrade your Armory with the Outfitter! They will help you suit up to defend against the creatures of the night!
  • Toolmaker
    • With the Toolmaker, you can create the expansive mine of your dreams with their mining cells!
  • Explosives Expert
    • You will definitely have a blast with the Explosives Expert's TNT and other explosives at your disposal!


  • Halloween items are now in Creator mode
  • Villagers now provide a message as to whether or not they are content
  • Repairer no longer displays rocket packs and properly repairs items
  • Villagers do not provide loot immediately after placement

New Villager Update (Date: 2020-11-25)[]

New Villager jobs:

  • Gardener
    • Allow your gardener to do the dirty work...errr...dirt work? Send them out to collect plant resources for you within your world.
  • Machinist
    • Is your build missing some well-needed contraptions? Sounds like you need a machinist!
  • Repairer
    • Is your gear looking worse for wear? The repairer’s got you back!
  • Rancher
    • Howdy there! Looks like you could use a hand wranglin’ up some resources from creatures!


  • Bundles not being claimable should now be fixed
  • Whack-a-worm idol no longer spawning worms in the air
  • Villager unlock chip descriptions fixed
  • Fixed some typos on Villagers
  • Fixed naming of potion maker/apocethary
  • Villager names can now only be one line
  • All mushrooms should now count for contentments
  • "Ice Spy" event should be happening less frequently
  • Villager now have a pop up when interacted with and not ready for reward
  • Lumite treasure chests no longer floating

The Great “Toil and Trouble” Halloween Update (Date: 2020-10-22)[]

New features:


  • Buried Machine Mob Spawner now spawning correctly
  • Stone Wall Shelf and other blocks now occluding correctly
  • Pro-only options should now display correctly
  • NPC events no longer spawning floating enemys

The After Party Hotfix (Date: 2020-09-25)[]

Bugfixes & Improvements

  • Villagers can no longer be looted by players without permissions
  • Logger Villager now provides loot from Ashenwood
  • Toggles for “Disable Arc Vault Access” and “Disable Villager Spawning” are now saved and applied correctly
  • Grass Slabs can now be processed from Grass
  • Math Gate “mulitply” typo fixed
  • Ornamental Stone Wall names fixed (it used to read “Natural Stone Wall” in some instances)
  • Item Sorter and Feeding Trough items snuck in (sneaky, sneaky) before their final development and have been deactivated
  • Adding phrases to NPCs shouldn’t lose unsaved changes anymore

Update R.2.73 The Build-a-Buddy Update (Date: 2020-09-11)[]

New Features and Content:

  • Villagers have arrived!
    • Villagers are helpful, customizable, interactable NPC friends-in-waiting.
    • Villagers have jobs that define their behavior.
      • You'll have one villager job unlocked by default: Talker
      • Additional jobs, like Miner or Logger, can be permanently unlocked by:
        • Collecting Villager Upgrade Chips from treasure chests.
        • Finding villagers in the wild and helping them.
          • Villagers will spawn in various locations, depending on their assigned job.
          • Villagers will ask you for help with a certain task. If you can complete their task, you'll permanently unlock that villager's job, and receive a Programmable Villager to use anywhere!
    • New item: Programmable Villager
      • Programmable Villagers can be placed anywhere and assigned a job to perform.
      • Point your wiring tool at a Programmable Villager's base and press your View Details shortcut ('n' by default) to customize the villager's settings.
        • Name them!
        • Customize their look!
        • Assign their job!
      • Depending on their assigned job, a villager can give you loot if their specific needs and wants are met.
        • Each job has its own set of conditions - interact with a villager and select a job from the dropdown menu to learn about the likes and/or dislikes associated with that job.
        • Depending on how well their needs are met, villagers will do their job extremely well (and give you lots of loot), do it just well enough (some loot), or, if they're totally in a bad mood, they won't do it at all!
    • 5 new villager jobs
      • Talker - Give your talker villager numbered lines of dialogue. Then, when the talker receives a numerical input, it will output the associated line of dialogue. Great for interactive builds and adventures!
        • Unlocked by default - select 'None' from the job dropdown menu on your Programmable Villager.
      • Miner - Gathers ore from nearby nodes (without depleting them) and shares it with you.
        • Spawns in stalactite caves.
      • Logger - Gathers wood, leaves, saplings, and more from nearby trees (without destroying them) and shares it with you.
        • Spawns in elderwood forests.
      • Chef - Cooks delicious dishes for you.
        • Spawns by desert oases.
      • Researcher - Shares wisdom with you via lore items like notes and chips.
        • This job can only be unlocked via Villager Upgrade Chips.
  • Updated Treasure Chests
    • Added Lumite and Iron treasure chests. There is now one treasure chest corresponding with each material tier.
    • Loot has been updated for each chest, including Villager Upgrade Chips (to unlock jobs), and new lore items.
  • New Block
    • Full Grass Slab - By special request of our sneak preview players! It's got grass on every side. Process grass to craft some.
  • New Items in the Store
    • Trainer Suit Costume - super-comfy and FREE for a limited time!
    • Villager Hat Combo - Includes a chef hat, logger hat, and researcher hat!
    • Alphi Companion - An early version of QB to float alongside you!
    • Packs of Programmable Villagers - Find these in the wild or grab 'em from the store!


  • Several new special creatures added to support Villager tasks. Have you met Big Baby Leafi yet?
  • QuickTM potion is now craftable
  • Recipe found in treasure chests
  • Speed Potion did the same thing as QuickTM, so we changed it to a Stamina Regeneration Potion

Update R.2.72 The Tidying Up Update (Date: 2020-07-15)[]

New Features and Content:

The “Pardon our Dust” is a free item bundle, courtesy of QBits Construction Co. (They're probably trying to sell you something.) Redeem in-store with promo code: TIDY. Valid until August 31st.


  • Rocket Pack no long consumes stamina in Creative Mode
  • Crafting search has been optimized when filtering


  • Pressure plate unable to detect players, drops, or blocks, fixed
  • Parroki and Baby Leafi pets turning white when dirty, fixed
  • Parroki pets cannot be washed, fixed
  • Inventory Sensor only taking items that can go to hotbar, fixed
  • Glowing Mushroom lost collision and aim boxes, fixed
  • Turnips losing texture, fixed
  • Cooked Products having generic “Recipe name” text in Cooking Station, fixed
  • Food buffs double checking, fixed
  • World Visitors unable to open Automated Chests, fixed
  • Incorrect “Used in” Label on Better Home Cabinet, fixed
  • Painting inconsistencies on Better Home items (i.e. Knobs and faucet on Better Home Sink), fixed

Update R.2.71 Petey’s Eggsquisite Kitchen Kraze Update (Date: 2020-07-01)[]

New Features and Content:

New Cooking Category: Dishes: not everything needs to be a Bread, Sandwich, Soup, or Pie any longer

New Dish Recipes:

New Dropped Items:

Even Better Home Bundle: free in the Store for a limited time

New Costumes:

  • Petey the Parroki (companion & flashlight)
  • Egghead Outfit
    • Egghead Egg Head
    • Egghead Arms
    • Egghead Egg Body
    • Egghead Egg Legs
  • Slammin' Skillet (weapon skin)
  • Unicorn Wings - Added to the Unicorn Cosplay Outfit!

New Mob:

  • Parroki (rhymes with 'parakeet') - A feathered foe that enjoys warm biomes like savannah and jungle. Parroki loves to eat seeds, and it might share its seed stash with you when defeated or tamed.

New World Template for Creation Mode:

  • Snow Biome (flat)


  • Claim Revert option no longer requires Creative Mode
  • Inventory Text Searches improved for better responsiveness
  • Arc Portals show amount of paired Portals


  • Fences linking improved, still corner cases to tweak
  • Collecting player drops in Creative Mode no longer trashes everything
  • Counter Interface not updating “Subtract” signal slot properly, fixed
  • Character customization defaulting to male model when female model is picked, fixed
  • Picture frames being too dark, fixed
  • Crops hitbox follows their model
  • In-world Character Customization not saving Avatar PNG, fixed
  • Arc Vault can no longer catch fire
  • Memory Gate and RNGs’ “Trigger On” settings, fixed
  • Bunny Hat not adjusting to every head type, fixed
  • Glider costumes cannot be previewed before purchased, fixed
  • Fences reacting weirdly to distance, fixed
  • Placeable versions of new plants not appearing in “Crop” Inventory category, fixed
  • Main Screen and in-world character customization overusing GPU, fixed
  • Desert Succulent Plant not fitting in wood planter, fixed
  • Enabling a cornerstone in a specific area of a world causes chunks to fail rendering, fixed
  • Arc Portals cannot be captured by Blueprints, fixed
  • New plants spawning issues, fixed
  • Autobuild warning now mentions that no blocks will be cleaned/overwritten/ replaced on AutoBuild Popup
  • "Ingredient" category inconsistent between different cooking recipe types, fixed
  • Incorrect usage text on some machines, fixed
  • All new crops can now be rotated freely
  • Lil' Pigsy Planter paintable masking customization, fixed (Planter now keeps brown base and pink nose and ears)
  • Wings of the Phoenix render behind Avatar when in Character customization, fixed

Update R.2.70.01 The Garden Party Update (Date: 2020-06-12)[]

New Features and Content:

  • New Machines
    • Inventory Sensor - A sensor that checks if a player is carrying a particular item
    • Automated Chest - A wireable chest that locks and unlocks with machines
    • Math Gate - An advanced machine that performs basic math operations
    • Arc Portal - A wireable teleporter that uses numeric destination codes
    • Arc Beacon - An advanced beacon with customizable beam length
  • New Costumes
    • Wings of the Phoenix (Glider Wings Skin)
    • Buzzkill Companion (Flashlight Skin)
    • Garden Gear
    • Gardener’s Hat
    • Dirtslayer (Weapon Skin, Shovel)
    • Cozy Combo
    • Knit Cap (Hat)
    • Cozy Mitten (Gauntlet)
    • Bunny Suit (Full Body Outfit)
    • Danger Pop (Weapon Skin)


  • Improved flow and simplified main menu options on first session for new players
  • Improved Blueprint cornerstone UI
  • Gliders can now be previewed in character customization UI


  • Typo on Product Purchase QB pop up, fixed
  • Limited Edition Bronze Trophy Gauntlet is bronze again!
  • Sensors not transmitting output signals on Arc Signs, LEDS, various lights, fixed
  • Cornerstone preview failing to render painted blocks (in both Blueprint hologram preview and interactive preview), fixed
  • Fence-like blocks (Iron Gate, etc.) not connecting to top half of doors, fixed
  • Pending Mac graphical issues, fixed
  • Graduation Cap head to hat ratio, fixed

Update R.2.69.01 QBits Construction Co. Update (Date: 2020-05-26)[]

New Features and Content:


  • QBits are tiny but hard working bots/drones that can build Blueprints for you and/or will help you by providing blueprint kits. You can buy QBits in the Store, or collect them for free from specific daily login reward chests. Blueprint cornerstones now feature the options to buy the blueprint kit (now to be paid with QBits instead of Coins) and build the blueprint yourself, or to have QBits build the blueprint for you


  • King Companion
  • Graduation Cap (for free for a limited time)
  • Construction Combo Costume
    • Hard Hat
    • "The Fixer" (Weapon)

New Recipe bundle:

  • New Machines
    • Memory Gate - Store a number that can be sent to other machines.
    • Random Number Generator - Sends a randomized number to other machines.
    • Counter - Counts up or down, and sends the current number to other machines.


  • The Flashlight costume slot has been renamed to "Companion". Your Companion cosmetic will be used as the visual for your QBit builders, and maybe other things in the future.
  • Costume pricing has been revisited to be more consistent, with most costumes ending up a little cheaper than before.
  • Blueprint kits are now purchased with QBits instead of coins. Overall, the prices of blueprint kits have been greatly reduced.
  • While flying in Creator Mode you character now animates in a similar fashion to the Rocket Pack.
  • Your character's hair now adapts to hat costumes, allowing for hats that fit a little more snuggly and fashionably.


  • Snowball Turret not showing up on display, fixed
  • Pressure Plate hard-to-hit hitbox, fixed
  • Logic Gate incorrect description, fixed
  • Arc Signs and Plaques showing jumbled text/incorrect output on Mac, fixed
  • Losing Rocket Packs when trying to move them from a chest to your inventory while in Creator Mode.
  • Shading oddities in several stairs, roof, and slope variants, fixed for Atlantis Set, Retro Set, Iron Roof, Forbidden Red Roof, Lumite Stairs, Snow Stairs, Goo Stairs, Limestone Stairs

Known bugs:

  • "Fresh Start" still does not work - so currently every unlocked Recipe stays unlocked on all worlds
  • most Store Bundles and event blocks/objects are availabe for free for "Pro" players in their Creator Mode inventory, while the according Recipe packs and Item packs are for sale for Coins in the Store
  • many Store-exclusive blocks/objects will unlock for free for everyone (including F2P players) in the crafting menu when crafting or obtaining certain other blocks/objects, even though the according Recipe bundles are for sale for Coins in the Store
  • Creator Mode enables players to complete all quests extremely quickly

Update R2.68 The Medieval Medley Update (Date: 2020-05-08)[]

New Features and Content:

Medieval Accessory Bundle

Free in the store for a limited time!

New Weapon Costume:

  • Ye Olde Hammer
  • Don’t want to be the nail on the other end of this formidable hammer!


  • Option to disable Flashlight / Companion follow mode
  • Baby Leafi green light reverted to normal light
  • Camera Settings split into 3 options:
    • Invert Camera Y-Axis
    • Invert Glider Y-Axis
    • Invert Drone Cam Y-Axis
  • Two new chat preferences to control rendering distances

/pref SmallObjectCullDistance 150

Defaults to 150, min 100, max 256

/pref HighDetailCullDistance 100

Defaults to 100, min 100, max 256

Plus the already existing one:

/pref LodBias 2

Defaults to 2, min 2, max 8


  • Profile Screen not reacting to ESC key, fixed
  • Returning to last world from Main Screen prompting for password again for password protected worlds, fixed
  • Baby Leafi Pets can now be washed and show the bell and the accessories properly
  • Baby Leafi Summoner not showing up when placed on displays, fixed
  • Arc Vault option in world settings no longer missing readable text
  • Crates placed in Arc Vault no longer become empty when pulled from other worlds
  • Interaction box for Arc Vault no longer smaller than visible model
  • Incorrect spelling on Medium Trog Trap description, fixed
  • Several UI leftovers, fixed
  • Serif font leftovers on Capture Block interface and World cards, fixed
  • Active items, especially when on displays, disappearing at close range, fixed
  • Industrial Chimney secondary transparent affecting smoke color, fixed
  • Holiday lights reverted to full white, losing original color, fixed
  • Jetpack failing to work or disabling after taking hover potion (i.e. Bat Potion), fixed
  • Goo Cauldrons not taking paint effects properly, fixed
  • Antlers Costume placed too low on avatar’s head, fixed
  • Worn out items no longer “repaired” when passed through vault
  • Arctek and Industrial Number Pads losing reset time when built in BP, fixed
  • Incoherent Beacon sounds, fixed
  • Angel wings disappearing randomly, fixed
  • Industrial LED mask overlap and RGB functionality, fixed
  • LED Tree Block RGB functionality restored
  • Beam of Orion Sword color overriding in first person view, fixed
  • Invisible Atlantis Chest fixed

Update R2.67.1 The Arrival Update(Date: 2020-05-01)[]

New Features and Content:

Account-bound inventory system that you can access in any world!

  • New Costumes:
    • Galactic Hunter Outfit (featuring Baby Leafi Flashlight)
    • Beam of Orion Sword

Slurp some for extra Stamina and faster Stamina regeneration

Blast off to new heights with an extra boost!

  • New equipment slot!


  • QB with its Flashlight Cosmetics/Costumes now follows you around visibly when equipped


  • Fixed Claim Rewards UI still having old UI skin

Update R2.66.1 The Cozy Care Package Update (Date: 2020-04-23)[]

New Features and Content:

Gamer Bundle

Better Home Bundle


  • Ambient music no longers gets clipped/stuck while following player
  • Various fixes on Menu and In-game UI
  • Atlantis Cup/ Atlantis Goblet discrepancy in world versus hotbar/inventory, fixed
  • Adventure Gate Bug Fixed
  • Beacons no longer give off incoherent sounds when aimed at

Update R2.65.1 4/2/2020 - The Super Block Hero Update (Date: 2020-04-07)[]

New Features and Content:

The Retro Block Set includes 11 new blocks

And 7 new-but-also-very-retro-feeling decorative items

You can find the Super Block Hero Costume in the Store, along with necessary Super Block goodies...

Take your Super Block Hero above and beyond with these new weapons:

Super Retro Pickaxe (Sword skin)

Super Retro Hammer (Sword skin)

Power Gauntlet (Gauntlet skin)


Foliage Bombs and Defoliage Bombs are now craftable and were renamed:

UI background and contrast improved

  • Use `/pref UiBackgroundColorScalar` in the game chat to darken the background:
  • 0 = full black
  • 0.5 = 50% darker blue
  • 1 = default blue
  • Example: `/pref UiBackgroundColorScalar 0.6`


  • Map transparency fixed
  • Atlantis Chair can now be crafted
  • Atlantis Lamp can now be wired
  • Enabling the drone camera while sleeping, sitting or gliding doesn’t break interaction anymore
  • Angel and Bat wings descriptions, fixed
  • Placing Painted blocks no longer stops working near activated cornerstones
  • Blueprint Interface updates coin costs properly
  • Disabling Spawning no longer disables regrowth of flowers, queen bees and crops
  • Crouching to swim down now works in low gravity too
  • Offset of Wood Planter contents adjusted
  • Gauntlets and costumes no longer show blue hue in first person view

Hotfix 3/26/2020 (Date: 2020-03-26)[]

New Features and Content:

  • New custom world option: No more foggy days, ever!
  • Pressing the "Safe Walk" key (customizable) while swimming now causes descent
  • KarrotFish scales are now placeable
  • Paint can now be omitted while rebuilding BPs


  • Inability to empty chests in Creative Mode without free slots, fixed
  • Inability to remove "non-hotbar" items from chests and displays in Creative Mode, fixed
  • Advanced Options buttons in Adventure gate menu, fixed
  • Hidden Temple Alter no longer ignores player orientation
  • Atlantis Altar is now aligned with Hidden Temple Altar, orientation of contents fixed
  • Saplings and Queen Bees can now be fertilized and should grow now
  • Keepas can no longer be pulled with gauntlet in Creative Mode
  • Speed potion and Turnip sandwich effects, fixed
  • Washer can be used on dirty pets again
  • Lettuce, Turnips, and Wheat can now be placed on displays
  • Atlantis Roof masks and texture fixed
  • Hitting escape while customizing colors in capture blocks causing interface exit, fixed
  • Costume interface occasionally showing costumes as locked even if purchased, fixed
  • Costumes appearing twice, unlocked costumes not showing, fixed
  • Tracked recipes being hidden in Creative Mode and not appearing after leaving Mode, fixed
  • Various Graphics and text fixes
  • QB glitch on store popup, fixed
  • Loot spawner interface issues, fixed
  • Mob spawner interface issues, fixed
  • Block Phaser interface issues, fixed

Update R2.64.1 - The Next Wave Update (Date: 2020-03-23)[]

New Features and Content:

Atlantis Bonus Bundle available for FREE to all Creativerse Pro members! Claim the Store bundle to add them to your crafting menu.

  • These Glider costumes will sweep you off your feet - NEW in the store!
    • Angel Wings
    • Hot Rod Glider
    • Bat Wings
  • Slay in style with these new weapon costumes
    • Miru's Hammer (sword skin)
    • Rockstar Claw (sword skin)


  • Mob Summoners: all summons can now be placed into containers. Try adding a Pigsy to a Placemat
  • Updated UI for a slicker and more intuitive look and feel
    • Main Menu
    • Store
    • Character Customization
    • In-game UI panels


Update R2.63.15 (Date: 2020-03-12)[]

New Features and Content:

  • Mob Summoners added to Creator Mode, the #1 most requested Creation Mode feature on our recent survey. Thank you for your feedback! When in Creator Mode, add any Creature to your quickbar and spawn them into existence. Make yourself some new friends!


  • Jingle Juice and Love Potion have been removed from Creator Mode inventory
  • Fallen Leaves removed from Armor category in Creative Mode inventory
  • Cornerstone Info message missing colors fixed
  • Spawns enabled option on claims
  • Corruption spreading on claim overriding world fixed
  • Mob spawning in wrong areas fixed
  • Mud available again in crafting
  • User created screenshots for non-Pro member players fixed
  • Magic Snow Globe overt brightness in full darkness fixed
  • Typo in Non-Pro menu overlay fixed
  • Snow Blower now uses both primary and secondary colors when painted
  • Primary/Secondary mismatch in painted lights fixed
  • Masked Fix:

Hotfix 2/27/2020 for Update 2.63.11 (Date: 2020-02-27)[]

New Features and Content:

  • Year of the Rat Lantern (unlocks on Forbidden Red Wood Wall)
  • Option to toggle paint mode added
  • Added separate "Copy" action that applies to both Copy blocks in Creator Mode and Paint Color Copy (no longer identical with the crouch/safe walk key)
  • Added Eye Adaptation to graphics options (gradient smoothing between colors/contrast)
  • Added auto-focus on item search bar option for Creator Mode inventory
  • Defoliage Bomb and Foliage Bomb are now visible on/in display containers
  • All throwables can now be used in Creator Mode on Creative Worlds


Hotfix for Update 2.63.11 (Date: 2020-02-21)[]

New Features and Content:

  • All Recipe Packs are currently for free for players who bought the Pro DLC. This is also the reason why "Pro" players can find nearly all of the Store-exclusive blocks in their Creator Mode inventory

Bug Fixes:

  • Easels don't spawn Robert anymore. If you see a giant snake-like artifact on your game world, please remove all Easels that you have placed and relog (!) before placing them again
  • Fallen Leaves, Red Mushrooms and Brown Mushrooms can be taken from the Creator Mode inventory and then placed directly into the game world
  • filled storage chests cannot be pulled anymore when in Creator Mode
  • game worlds should load faster, but will still inevitably load slower than before the large update R65 (officially called R63) (mainly due to PostProcessing)
  • flickering of display containers and activation bugs of display containers were fixed
  • Premium section/category is back in the "All" TAB of the crafting menu
  • brought back Golden Sword, Poinsettias, all the Spooky items, Figured Obsidian Wall and other blocks/objects that were in the "Premium" section/category of the crafting menu
  • F2P players won't find their all-items-selection window in Creator Mode empty anymore
  • F2P players can now properly paint, except when the painting key is costumized in the options - in this case, copying paint will activate crouch/safe walk instead (known bug). Bug can be avoided if you can use Creator Mode - while in Creator Mode, copying paint works
  • Fallen Leaves icons fixed
  • some of the mistakenly unlocked recipes are locked again in the crafting menu. Please note that a few Store-bought recipes are still unlocked even though you haven't bought the according bundles, this will be fixed in an upcoming patch
  • Ore Nodes that have been removed in Creator Mode should not re-appear again
  • Sensors enabled in Creator Mode
  • Glider does not appear when it shouldn't.
  • Various dirt / grass variants masking inconsistencies fixed
  • The per-player "creator" permission should now override world settings properly
  • Snowy the Blockman (Blocky the Snowman) had part of the texture borked / black
  • Provided proper explanations about the new graphics settings and better ways to deal with them
  • Users should not get authentication errors and be able to join the game again
  • Missing options in the template selector on world creation were fixed
  • In rare circumstances, a cornerstone entity could be removed but the cornerstone info remained, resulting in a baked blueprint with no cornerstone
  • Extractors are working again
  • Can't allow Touchstone menu to be opened even if you don't have one placed, so even if you dig it up in Creator Mode now you can always get it back!
  • The player list in claims interface should now react to clicking again (prevented changing privileges of players in a claim)

Known Bugs:

  • F2P players might still find too many items right now in their all-item selection window in Creator Mode and also unlocked in their crafting menu
  • Better do not press "ESC" while using the camera drone, this might still be able to crash the game
  • Industrial LEDs and LED Tree Blocks ignore the colors that are set/defined in their wiring options windows. On the other hand, they can be painted
  • standard LED blocks cannot be painted (but can be colored by defining their color in their wiring options windows)
  • Galactic LEDs can be partly painted only - their frame accepts the primary color, while their lamp/light stripes keep the color that were set/defined in their wiring options windows and will not be overwritten with painting
  • The colors that you set/define in the wiring option windows of Candy Skull Banners and Candy Skull Statues will be "overwritten" if you paint them though, which is the expected correct behaviour
  • Some lamps as well as Candy Skull Banners appear bright now even when deactivated / turned off
  • A few lamps do not spend light anymore when painted. However, please note that the light of most lamps will inevitably be dimmer when the lights of lamps are being painted. Due to new PostProcessing settings, the light of Flashlights is now also dimmer
  • Blueprint override might not work anymore, especially if you customize your keys
  • "Fresh start" still doesn't work

Update R63 - Creativity: Evolved (Date: 2020-02-19)[]

Creativerse Pro members have repeatedly asked us to add more features to the Pro version. In this update we are increasing the value of Pro in two ways:

1) While anyone can join a Creative World, only owners of the Pro DLC can create and customize them.

2) Pro members now get discounts on everything in the Store. In fact, many of the premium recipe blocks are currently FREE for Pro members for a limited time!

New Features and Content:

Creative Worlds

  • Flat worlds: At world creation, choose “Flat Grass” or “Flat Sand” in the template drop down for a blank canvas experience. You can now also select one of the template game worlds RW1 - RW8 directly.
  • Turn your "Pro" game world into a Creative World by pressing "ESC" and selecting "Edit World" below your game world picture. In this window, search for "Creative Mode Permission" on the right side. Click the box that says "No Creative Mode" and select the Creative Mode that you prefer
  • Turn on Creator Mode while in a Creative World by pressing “ESC” and selecting “Enable Creator Mode” just above Game Settings (and repeat the process to toggle back to “adventure” mode)
  • While in Creator Mode...
    • Your inventory and “adventure” quickbar are replaced by an all-item selection menu and a “creative” quickbar
    • You cannot equip a Weapon in Creator Mode; however Creatures will ignore you anyways in this Mode regardless of world settings. Your player character is immortal while Creator Mode is enabled
    • Toggle back to “Survival” Mode to do things like moving your Touchstone, unequipping equipment, removing filled storage/display containers or attacking Creatures
    • World owners can decide whether to grant Creator Mode to all players, specific players, or tie its access to a permissions level (e.g. world admins only)
    • Everyone who is allowed to use Creator Mode by the World Owner can enable and disable it independently. You cannot alter anything on other players' claims in Creator Mode though (but only on your own claims), no matter your claim permissions
    • You can move items from the Creator Mode all-item selection window into storage containers and take them out in order to use them after disabling Creator Mode. Everyone has their own all-item selection window with an assortment of items depending on their recipe "collection" unlocked in their crafting menu so far
    • You can "pull" and such remove all blocks and objects in Creator Mode. This includes Ore Nodes and filled Storage Containers and Display Containers - please note that you will not "receive" them, they will be gone instead. You cannot remove End of the World blocks and (as mentioned above), you cannot remove or place anything within other players' claims when in Creator Mode
    • Careful: if you remove any part of your equipment while in Creator Mode, this equipment (Armor, Weapon, Tool) will simply vanish!
    • Flying a Glider in Creator Mode doesn't use up Stamina
    • By tapping your "Jump" key twice (default key: Space) you can walk in the air (Hover Mode). This is not just a camera setting. Type "Jump" twice to toggle back
    • Tapping your "Safe Walk" (Crouch, default key "c") key while pointing at any block, object or liquid that you can obtain in Creator Mode will put 999 units of this item into your quickbar, except for a few that will only grant you 1 item (Adventure Gate, Checkpoint)
    • You can still use the Safe Walk by toggling it on before you enable Creator Mode (make sure to set Safe Walk to toggleable in your Settings in order to make this work!)
    • Not a Pro member? You can still access the Creator Mode features by playing in someone else’s Creative World as long as the World Owner grants you Creator Mode permission

Paintable Blocks

  • Change the color of nearly every block, object and liquid that can be placed in the world, including lights and smoke, seeds of crops and growable mushrooms, grown crops and player-grown mushrooms (these will revert into seeds at first, but will then grow into colored crops/shrooms)
  • Press “.” (customizable key) to open swatch builder (Painting/Color Palette window). Build customized swatches, with the option to designate a primary and secondary color
  • The thin sliders/bars to the left and right of the Swatch selection block will define the glow of your primary and secondary paint. Drag the dots inside the sliders with your left mouse button
  • Bottom right "color" is named "white", but it's actually "transparent"
  • Add your swatches to the paint quickbar to quickly switch between colors while playing (left mouse drag)
  • In the game world, hold left “Ctrl” (customizable key) to see your painting quickbar
  • With a swatch selected, blocks/objects/liquids will be painted as you place them; or you can hold left “Ctrl” (customizable in your keysettings options) and left mouse click to paint already placed or found blocks/objects/liquids
  • You can copy colors of already painted blocks/objects/liquids by holding left “Ctrl” and tapping your "crouch/safe walk" key (default "c", customizable) while pointing your cursor at any block/object/liquid
  • Click your right mouse button in order to undo the painting of a painted block/object/liquid (you cannot remove the colors of blocks, objects or liquids that have not been painted with the painting feature though)
  • You can switch the secondary and primary color by holding left “Ctrl” and tapping the "Show Wiring" key (customizable)
  • You can either "copy" the "unpainted" setting of a non-painted block/object/liquid or hold left “Ctrl” and tap the "Codex" key (customizable) in order to clear the Swatch
  • Blueprint capture blocks will retain your custom paint settings when you capture your colored builds
  • You can now select paint in your Blueprint customization. Old Blueprints can only be painted as a whole. For Blueprints made after February 19th 2020, you can set the colors for every block type used in the Blueprint individually. When building the Blueprint, the blocks will be colored accordingly when placed
  • Please note that dark blocks/objects cannot be painted bright white or any other bright color, they will appear a little greyed instead

Creative Camera

  • Capture epic screenshots with new visual tools and filters (press “~” to toggle)
    • Color settings (brightness, contrast, saturation)
    • Fog control
    • Bloom sliders
    • Tilt shift
    • Vignette effects
    • And much more!
  • Player movement is possible in camera mode (press left “Alt” to toggle)
  • Detachable drone camera (press “O” while in camera mode to toggle)
  • Separate from your player character to get at impossible angles, clip through terrain, and channel your inner Roger Deakins
  • Keyframe animation! While in drone mode, toggle back to Creative Camera (press left “Alt”) to access keyframe animation buttons

New Costumes:

  • Monkey King Costume Set
    • Monkey King Head (Head Skin)
    • Monkey King Arms (Armor Skin for the left arm and right shoulder)
    • Monkey King Torso (Upper Body Armor)
    • Monkey King Legs (Leg Armor Skin, including belt and shoes)
  • Rainbow Unicorn Costume Set
    • Unicorn Head (Helmet, Head Skin)
    • Unicorn Arms (Armor Skin for the left arm and right shoulder)
    • Unicorn Torso (Upper Body Armor)
    • Unicorn Legs (Leg Armor Skin, including belt and shoes)
  • Rainbownator 5000 Costume ("Unicorn Sword" Weapon Skin, a cosmetic version of the elusive Rainbownator 5000)
  • Emperor's Blade (Jadeblade, Weapon Skin)


  • World Management and Search Menu expanded
  • Post processing filters and block art retouches
  • If the colors are too loud for you, type " /pref PostProcessing 0 " into the chat and confirm with Enter. This will also disable bloom effects though. You can re-do this setting by typing " /pref PostProcessing 1 "
  • Please note that the PostProcessing must be on for the Camera mode to work properly!

Bug Fixes:

  • Canvas Flower Icon fixed
  • Trailer stuttering during first world intro fixed
  • Friendzilla quest spawn instruction fixed
  • Glowing and Brown mushrooms texture changes in Planters fixed
  • Dustevils and Troggington can now drown (yikes). Pebbles, being crab-like animals, are immune. WEEE.
  • Ritzy Pigsy Hotel Couch corner misalignment fixed
  • Grass color is lighter throughout worlds
  • Player no longer floats on Halloween Spooky Bench
  • Block Phasers deleting blocks when player walks too far away resolved
  • Framerate drops when returning to previously built world fixed
  • Excavator's yield fixed
  • Trog traps’ glitches, drops, and gameplay fixed
  • Loud sounds from gates and trap doors fixed
  • A ton of under the hood bug fixes

New items and features not mentioned in the official patch notes:

  • Foliage Bomb (only available via creator mode, disable Creator Mode for proper use)
  • Defoliage Bomb (only available via creator mode, disable Creator Mode for proper use)
  • Coal Nodes can be obtained in infinite amounts in Creator Mode and placed freely
  • Easel (decorative object only available via Creator Mode)
  • Spooky Cauldron and Spooky Pedestal are now display containers

Known Bugs:

  • Slow world loading is being addressed by the devs right now and should be a lot faster in the next build
  • Flickering of display containers can cause a severe FPS-drop (lag) when you're close to the containers. This too is already in revision right now
  • The loud default colors of the game world are a bit over the top and will be dulled (one day we'll get a gamma/color saturation setting in the graphic options so we can choose for ourselves)
  • Display containers can be bugged, especially if you activate them after using any storage container. Might also be related to incomplete loading of chunks. When activating display containers, their windows might have the wrong description and no slots showing up. After this bug happens, no storage container or display container might react to opening attempts. Relogging can fix this - better activate the display containers right away before using storage containers
  • The Premium section/category is gone from the "All" TAB of the crafting menu. Most premium blocks can now only be found in the "build" TAB of the crafting menu
  • Some items are now missing from the crafting menu entirely though, like the Golden Sword, Poinsettias, all the Spooky items, Figured Obsidian Wall and several other blocks/objects that were in the "Premium" section/category of the crafting menu in the "All" TAB before this update R65
  • F2P players will find their all-items-selection window in Creator Mode empty right now (they should be able to access all the natural blocks and freely craftable stuff)
  • F2P players can only use part of the painting feature. The "Modifier1"-key does not react and such does not allow them to color blocks in the game world directly. The painting window can be opened, but only by double-tapping the Painting/Color Palette key (default key: Period). After selecting a color-combination there, any block and object that is placed will be colored accordingly. Colors cannot be removed from painted blocks/objects in the game world, but only by picking the blocks/objects up, disabling the colors (right-click) in the painting window and placing the blocks/objects again. Tapping the Painting/Color Palette key one time only brings up the Painting Info about the blocks/objects that you point your cursor at, which also is not supposed to happen
  • Do not press "ESC" while using the camera drone, this can crash the game
  • Industrial LEDs, LED Tree Blocks and Candy Skull Statues ignore the colors that were set/defined in their wiring option windows for them
  • Candy Skull Banners, LEDs and Galactic LEDs cannot be painted
  • The patterns on Candy Skull Statues and Candy Skull Banners are black instead of colorful
  • Fallen Leaves as items in the all-items selection window of Creator Mode have a missing icon
  • Galactic LEDs have a much paler light now, this is addressed by the devs too
  • Some lamps do not spend light anymore when painted. However, please note that the light of most lamps will dim when the lamps and such their lights are being painted - this is not a bug
  • Some lamps as well as Candy Skull Statues and Candy Skull Banners appear bright now even when deactivated / turned off
  • "Pro" players can find too many items right now in their all-item selection window in Creator Mode
  • Players can also craft rare and store-exclusive blocks without having obtained the according recipes
  • Ore Nodes that have been removed by using Creator Mode will re-appear after relog or after you leave the area and return to it
  • Robert

Christmas Event 2019 - Elfi's Toy Drive returns (Date: 2019-12-03)[]

The annual Christmas event Elfi's Toy Drive is back! It seems that Troggington the Feared Snow Trog has stolen the toys early this year and it is up to you, Creators, to help Elfi take back those presents and save Creaticheer! But things aren't all coal and dreary... There's a merry helping of festive items Elfi has gifted to the community to brighten up your worlds! What are you waiting for? Save the toys!


Free Store-bundles with Christmas-themed recipes and items as a thank you from Playful:

  • Elfi's Wonderland 2018 recipes and items can be claimed for free in the Creativerse Store for those who just want all the things right away. Grab your Elfi's Wonderland Bundle 2018 while it's available! Yes, the bundle can be claimed several times, not just once. This is not a bug, but intended.

These Recipes do not come in the shape of Recipe pages or Recipe books. Instead, when claiming the Elfi's Wonderland Furniture 2018 Bundle, these account-bound and not shareable Recipes are immediately added to your crafting menu - and from then on should be available on all game worlds, even on those with "Fresh Start" (no common unlockable recipes will carry over from other worlds) enabled.

This bundle can only be claimed once because Costumes are account-bound. Please note that Costumes are not items, but can be found as a selection in your Costumes window instead (on the main game screen, click on "Customize Character" below your player character's feet before entering a game world; or when ingame, click on "Costume" over your character's equipment paper-doll in the inventory).

  • More Reinbeaus spawn all over the game worlds on ice and snow during day and night. They do not drop Small Trog Traps nor Rescued Toys this year though, but the rare Reaudolphs that appear amongst the Reinbeaus still drop Traps, Toys and random Christmas-related goodies, mostly Christmas-themed blocks and objects from 2017
  • The randomly spawning Holiday Gift boxes on Snow and Ice now contain Small Trog Traps in place of Rescued Toys once in a while additionally to their usual content
  • The same event creatures as last year can be tamed, not any more than last year, and yes, the ice spies, snowball targets and ice spy pets are still bugged - since the beginning of 2019 actually

The event Elfi's Toy Drive 2019 ends on Friday January 10th 2020, 10 pm CST.

Halloween Event 2019 - Pumpkiru returns (Date: 2019-10-17)[]

The annual Halloween event Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign is back!

New Items:

These items and their rare Recipes can be traded together with other Halloween-themed items and Costumes from the Pumpkirus by giving them Pumpkiru Candy


The Halloween Event will end November 19th (Tuesday) at 12 pm CST.

Update R62 - The Under the Hood Update (Date: 2019-04-19)[]

Updates, Additions, and Tweaks:

  • Major Engine upgrade to Unity 2018
  • Assorted bug fixes related to engine upgrade
  • New graphics quality settings - Ambient Occlusion, Anti Aliasing (off, TAA, FXAA, SMAA) and /pref commands for more detailed setting options)
  • Mud is now craftable using Water and Dirt (recipe unlocks on taking water)
  • Water no longer requires any mining cell to be pulled
  • Max view radius has been increased (from 13 to 16 possible maximum)
  • Lava and Corrupted Water can now be pulled by Diamond Mining Cell (also Super Excavators will scoop up these liquids now, and Super TNT can evaporate them)
  • Hidden Temple Chests and Medieval Chests no longer require Stone mining cell to pull
  • Selection highlight in Action Bar is a little wider and easier to see
  • Gift Boxes (Blue Gift Box, Green Gift Box and Red Gift Box) are rotatable in any direction
  • Pet information window is simultaneously dismissed with its associated pet
  • Lily Pads can now be put in (display) containers
  • Automatic text censoring logic has been improved to try and help reduce the number of false positives, i.e “Grass” ("Magnetite" or "Stalactite" and the like are still considered bad words though)
  • Plowing is now done in only 1,5 seconds instead of 4 seconds (no Badge is required)
  • Corruption meter/scale fills more quickly, also Heat meter/scale
  • Textures of Glowing Mushrooms and Mosaic Moroccan Wall were changed (in an attempt to fix the psychedelic way Glowing Mushrooms looked on display they now look like Brown Mushrooms though, which will be fixed in a near future update)
  • If you want fire to spread, the fire spreading option has to be enabled on both game world and claims (might not be intended though - only claim options should be required for this, since they are supposed to override game world options)
  • Throwable bombs that can transform environment will now respect world options and claim options
  • Goo blots created by smashing green Blocks of Goo, Orange Blocks of Goo, Purple Blocks of Goo, Green Goo Stairs, Orange Goo Stairs, Purple Goo Stairs or any shapes (slabs, columns, slopes, corners) processed from these Goo blocks can now be removed by performing another Gauntlet Smash with at least a Diamond Mining Cell (and the required permission rank on claim and/or game world)

Bug Fixes:

  • Pet bubbles render on top of water correctly (and also in front of other transparent liquids)
  • Glowing Mushrooms are glowing again (and they look different too now)
  • Pets are properly dirty after harvesting (get the soap ready!)
  • New Adventures show up under the New category
  • Fixed a few issues with Pets disappearing (i.e in some instances, pets that were told to “Stay” would either disappear or wind up clumped together)
  • Fixed a few issues related to player names (such as when a user is banned)
  • Decorgeous Door disappears at the same distance as other doors (and Rustic Wood Door too, which was the one type of doors that disappeared at the lowest/nearest distance)
  • Blocky the Snowman is now visible when placed in a container (and looks very cute)
  • Fixed snow caps spreading and showing up inconsistently (how rude!)
  • Fixed issues related to recipes not carrying over between worlds properly (which has caused a new bug: now ALL recipes are unlocked on game worlds with the option "recipes don't carry over" ("fresh start") enabled, meaning that this "Pro" option is now inadvertently disabled on all game worlds)
  • (note: unfortunately not fixed) Magic Snow Globe should no longer create snow when placed in displays (another note: even worse, Magic Snow Globes refuse to be properly deactivated now)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented purchase of block kits for a moss block-customized blueprint (please note that moss-covered weepwood and mossy weepwood logs still cannot be captured, since they look different from moss blocks that are in actual fact moss-covered white ashenwood blocks)
  • All firework types give off sound effects
  • Sleeping in a Bed for the first time no longer triggers a “New Area Discovered” message / reveals a grid on the map
  • Mobs can now be attacked while they are in a Teleporter
  • Customazing Curtains no longer create error blocks around them
  • Frozen Container no longer mysteriously hides itself after leaving and returning to an area (on the other hand, these containers are really, really bright now, it's hard to spot what's inside)
  • /setspawn should work again
  • @ and other symbols can now be correctly used in text fields regardless of the keyboard layout
  • Safe walk now prevents players from walking off slopes
  • Player preferences are now tied to your Steam account instead of the client
  • Temperature fix: full blocks can be heated by hot rocks/objects underneath again (Snow Blowers on the other hand are "weaker" than before. In order to be of use on the Lava layer, you'll have to place a Slab over a Snow Blower and stand on it)

From Jeremy: "Small easter egg, when you save your costume customization in the menu, a high res screen of your character is saved to C:\Users\your user\AppData\LocalLow\PlayfulCorp\Creativerse\avatar

(Another easter egg: when in "ViewMode", you can now zoom in by pressing Ctrl & rolling the mouse wheel. Also: did you try changing any of your equipment while flying a glider, like any piece of armor, gauntlet, tool or weapon? And did you try changing into ViewMode afterwards?)

Update R61 - My Ritzy Pigsy Valentine! (Date: 2019-02-14)[]

Features and Content

The Ritzy Pigsy's Superbulous Hotel Set is in the Store with 18 new recipes:

Year of the Pigsy

This update is all about Pigsy! All pigsy and pigsy-like mobs (i.e BossHog, Feral Pigsy, Night Pigsy, Night Hoglet, Polturpigsy, Clarice, Ghost Pigsy) have a chance to give the plum blossom and pig lantern recipes. There is a small chance from drops, a better chance if you feed and harvest your pets, and an even better chance if you feed them their favorites!

New Forbidden Red Wood variations:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed harvesting Mushrooms to give more than 1
  • Fixed lighting issue with Lumite Slabs
  • Improved world filter

Hotfix for R61 (Date: 2019-02-15)[]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed texture alignment on top of Jauntstounding Jabot
  • Fixed interaction bug when putting Decorgeous Doors into Cabernatious Cabinets
  • Fixed drop rates for the Year of the Pigsy Lantern recipe (hotfix did not solve this problem)
  • Fixed bug with Plum Blossom and Lantern not showing in the craft menu (Plum Blossom shows, but only in the "build" TAB)
  • Fixed z fighting issue on the back of the Majestifying Mattress
  • Made the Elongracing Luxurousity Lamps align better when rotated
  • Fixed player offset (floating) when sitting on Cushceptional Couches

Hotfix 2 for R61 (Date: 2019-02-20)[]


  • Harvested items will now properly go to existing stacks or prioritize quickbar
  • Minor tweaks to Ritzy Pigsy Super Bundle blocks
  • Banned names visible to world admins


  • Plum Blossom and Pigsy Lantern recipes now showing in craft list, not only in the "build" TAB anymore
  • Pigsy Lantern item now has an icon
  • Feeding items like Mushrooms or Pumpkiru Candy to tamed Pets no longer triggers the cool down on the item
  • Adjusted placemat selection bounds to prevent selection issues (for example when loot bags drop on them)
  • Missing items from chest (after purchasing Ritzy Pigsy Super Bundle) bug fixed
  • Reinbeaus now washable (Good thing too- they stink!)
  • Looted items should now properly go to the inventory
  • All blocks should now properly be added to the inventory when pulled
  • Players should no longer be decapitated when sitting down
  • Bombs can be thrown in protected claims, but to no effect
  • Containers should now not lose items
  • Players have proven their core strength enough, they can now sit down without floating
  • Armorer badge now properly mitigates 15% damage
  • Taming Collar has the correct texture after harvesting your pets

Known bugs:

  • Pets can be (over)fed even when they are satisfied, so be careful to wait for their "hungry" thought bubble and pet window icon
  • Pets do not get "dirty" anymore (some never did though)

Update R60 - More Fixes (Date: 2019-02-08)[]


  • Improved resolution of time displayed on inventory transfer history
  • Improved mob collision functions reduce mobs launching if a block is placed next to them
  • When a player is banned from a world, the world player log now shows their name as BANNED_XXXX so that the name can be reused in the world. This is not retroactive. If you want to do this to existing banned users, unban and then re-ban them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed holiday recipes (cauldrons, etc.) carrying over to other worlds (You will have to join the world that you unlocked the recipes on to update your account)
  • Fixed extractors/explosives ability to modify a claim when placed > 1 block away from the claim
  • Fixed thrown bombs ability to modify blocks within a claim
  • Fixed "Fresh Start" world option on new worlds (and then it bugged out again)
  • Fixed temporary blocks with bad expiration times from sticking around seemingly forever (flares)
  • Fix graphics options not saving
  • Fixed harvesting mushrooms to give more than 1
  • Fixed issues with some login chests not working
  • Fixed all known issues around disappearing items

Performance improvements (more to come)

  • Reduced cpu costs of rendering wooden book case
  • Reduced cpu costs of rendering Arctek Chests
  • Sounds now load in the background, reducing frame rate hitching

Update R59 - Stuff and Things (Date: 2019-01-31)[]

Performance is ongoing work. You may see Playful pushing weekly builds to ensure performance improvements and bug fixes. (In addition to larger features).

New Features and Content


  • Delete confirmation dialog box will now popup prior to deleting items of any stack size
  • Reaudolph Flashlight less red and overpowering
  • QB voice now optional
  • Reinbeaus permanent and tameable in winter biomes
  • Moss is now a placeable block
  • Improved first time user flow with touchstone and extractor popups
  • Better filtering options for player, world, and adventure names


  • Inventory loss bug fixed
  • Fixed holiday recipes not carrying over to other worlds (you will have to join the world that you unlocked the recipes on to update your account)
  • Gingerbread Slabs and goo slabs now allow light to pass through
  • Fixed keybinding text on tutorial popups
  • All globs of goo variants are now placeable in decorative containers
  • World and Adventure buttons work from within the World’s menus
  • Frosted Snow Globe no longer accumulates snow in the world when inactive
  • Glider trail renders properly around water
  • Fixed drop and/or delete confirmations to show correct stack count
  • Fixed weird alignment on item craft trackers
  • Holiday Mantle now in the Container craft category
  • The Rancher badge now decreases taming time
  • Potential fix for quests not progressively unlocking

Performance improvements (more to come)

  • 4:3 aspect ratio removed from resolution list
  • Added addition of full screen window mode
  • Fixed the mouse lock bug
  • Fixed bug causing entities not to save within regions (such as pets)
  • Various backend performance updates to correct some lag and hitching

Update R58 - Elfi's Wonderland (Date: 2018-12-19)[]

Troggington the Abominable Snow Trog stole all Elfi’s toys! Creators, we need your help to take back those presents and save Elfi's Wonderland.

For the first time in Playful’s history, we are donating a portion of proceeds from the event’s duration to charity, specifically The Make-A-Wish Foundation. That essentially makes this update a fundraiser to support making kids’ life-changing wishes come true.

There are two ways you can contribute....

  • Purchase our any of our new Elfi's Wonderland bundles from the Creativerse store. Each one comes with the same festive gift wrap block recipes, plus a ton of bonus toys and crafted blocks. Buy one or buy a bunch! 100% of the funds we receive from these bundles will go to Make-A-Wish!
  • Donate directly to our Make-A-Wish campaign. And to make things interesting, we’re reserving a portion of this update’s new goodies for specific donation goals. Once we reach each goal, all items in that tier unlock for everyone. You can make a donation right now on our fundraising page.

New Features and Content:


  • Pets now give THREE times the amount of loot from harvesting
    • (Pro tip: Better feed them their favorite foods!)
  • Interface changes: UI changes to main screen and costume screen
  • Compass and Weather HUD elements updated
  • Questing and crafting trackers HUD elements updated
  • Time and weather added to the Map
  • Removed full screen tutorial pop-ups
  • Loading screen updated for holiday event


  • Fix for water and other blocks randomly freezing in warm areas
  • QB’s audio has currently been disabled while we discuss QB's most fitting role
  • Fixed text clipping in the badge menu
  • Temperature fix for eighth snow blocks (they still emit cold and can still melt)

Hotfix #1 for R58 (Date: 2018-12-21)[]

  • New recipes from the Monetary Event Donations will unlock after logging back in
  • Donation Bundles will now preview what items you'll receive
  • Badge progress bars and text fixed
  • Rancher Quest - Credit given for throwing Corrupt Bombs
  • Rancher Quest - Placing Ice block will not auto complete '50 ice block' task
  • Leafi/Elfi/Trog/Reaudolph Snow Globes will no longer incorrectly state that they come from crafting
  • The Magic Snow Globe remains craftable
  • Art added for the Rancher Badge
  • Streamer exclusive mittens now properly show up in 1st person view
  • Blocks no longer off color at a distance
  • MOTD now visable to Mac users
  • Red and Blue Snowflake Blocks have been added to Make-a-wish Tier 2 bundle and unlocked

Update R57 - The Great Pumpkiru Returns (Date: 2018-10-24)[]

New Features and Content:

The return of the Great Pumpkiru!

  • Hunt ghosts at night and collect candy and idols
  • Place idols and complete events for more candy and higher-level idols
  • Search for the Great Pumpkiru and trade candy for seasonal recipes, items, and costumes!

The Great Pumpkin has new wares for trade!


  • Sulfur icon more accurately represents the block
  • Ghost mobs now tame-able
  • Ghost mobs now spawnable from monster spawner
  • Pro purchase screen updated with new character models
  • /hud now hides buff countdown indicators


  • Service improvements to automatically clean up worlds that get in a stuck state
  • Fixed promo code redemption panel scrolling improperly
  • Fixed air animation resettling during jumping/floating
  • Fixed liquid flood fill in blueprints

Update R56 - The Medium Update (Date: 2018-09-27)[]

New Features and Content


Costumes are now visible and equipped from the main menu, enabling you to adjust and preview your character customization and costume settings in-game, side by side.

  • Unified costume & customization interfaces
    • You can preview your character customizations and equipped costumes at the same time!
    • Costumes can now be equipped on the main menu
    • Character customization settings can now be adjusted in game
  • The incredible power of your Gauntlet Smash now transforms some blocks!
    • Some transformations require stronger Mining Cells to be equipped
    • Only works where you have at least builder permissions (claim or world) or higher
  • Savannah Grass now regrows on exposed rocky dirt
  • Snowcubes now a craftable recipe rather than processed
  • Sinew can be processed into twine. Ew.
  • Rebalanced blueprint kit prices (prices slightly reduced overall)
  • Improved icon art for several codex Help entries
  • UI tweak to change location of quickbar action text


  • Fix for lumite pulling speed getting overridden with a slower speed for surface blocks
  • Fix for accidentally too-dark nighttime in 1st person mode
  • Additional performance fixes
  • Reduced hitching caused by mobs spawning in to the world

Update R55 - The Big Update (Date: 2018-08-22)[]

New Features and Content

  • New & improved player character models!

Overhaul and improvements for all character models

  • Extensive animation polish, including facial movement
  • More customization options

The appearance of your in-game character is no longer tied to equipped armor. This means you have freedom to wear whatever you want without having to look like every other player because you want the gear with the best stats. Visuals and item stats are independent so there is no constraint.

  • Five new costume sets inspired by the classic armor are now available — these five costumes are being given away free in the store for current players!

Check in anytime in the next two weeks and you can get them immediately. You can mix and max pieces from different sets or use other costume pieces in the game. Future players will be able to purchase these costumes in the store with coins, including the free coins that we provide at the start of the game.

  • The five new costumes are:
  • Improved combat!
    • New 3rd-person combat camera!
    • Equip your weapon to switch to a third-person perspective.
    • 3rd-person combat is enabled by default but can be toggled on the Settings menu.
    • You can see everything around you and land your swords with impressive accuracy!
  • New roll move
    • Roll by pressing the left-side alt or ctrl button and any directional key. Usable in 3rd-person combat mode.
    • Note: The “mouse unbind” hotkey is moved to right-side alt button There’s an optional advanced setting for double-tapping any direction to roll
    • You have two roll charges that replenish over time.
    • The roll icons to the right of your quickbar on the HUD reflect how many rolls you currently have available
  • New AOE Gauntlet Smash attack
    • Use your gauntlet smash attack by pressing the middle mouse button (default). Usable in 3rd-person combat mode.
    • Deal incredible damage to creatures and players around you! BAM!
    • Gauntlet smash damage scales with your weapon’s power
    • Use Gauntlet Smash any time you have 75% or more stamina.
  • Improved Stamina Regeneration
    • Stamina regeneration now percentage-based, based on your maximum stamina, so players with tons of stamina will recover it just as fast as players without stamina bonuses.
  • Improved combat targeting
    • Combat targeting is much more accurate and intuitive
    • Using a cone-based targeting system, with an optional aim-assist feature.
    • Creatures glow red when targeted in melee range.
  • Improved player and creature animations
    • A wide range of player animation improvements and polish
    • New player and creature death, bomb throwing, swimming, and sprint attack animations
  • New intro cinematic when creating a world!
  • New Help feature
    • Visit the Help tab in the codex for descriptions of game items and systems.
  • More QB! QB now welcomes you back to the game and generally shows love for you.
  • Goo blocks can now be processed into globs of goo (try processing orange or purple goo blocks…


  • Major storage boosts!
  • Gauntlet pull speed improvements
    • Most surface-level blocks pull faster regardless of equipped mining cell
    • Lower-tier mining cells (base, stone, obsidian) pull a little faster overall
    • This change is for newer players to make pulling speed feel crisper and more responsive. ** Higher-tier mining cells are unchanged.
  • Crouch more aptly renamed to “Safe Walk”
  • Added Codex keybinding option
  • Claim pricing rebalanced
    • Individual claim prices reduced by up to 50%.
    • Players can acquire four additional claims per world with in-game resources.
    • Max claims per player in a world increased from 24 to 40.
  • Crafting station animations are a bit more responsive
  • Most items can now be placed underwater without a visible “air box” around them
    • We are looking into some weird visuals when placing on top-level water, but this change allows for a much better underwater building experience
  • Audio improvements for weapon swings and improved positional sound effects for other players


  • Performance fixes to reduce frame hitching and stuttering
  • Fire spread performance optimizations
    • Burns out twice as fast now and only shows a glow from farther away
  • Networking fix to improve connections, particularly for players on EU and Asia servers
  • Fixed some bad default configuration values for new users to fix reported issues
  • Fixed cases where items end up in incorrect quickbar slots
  • Quest rewards can now be fully claimed even with full inventory
  • Fixed only being able to take one photo ever for adventure checkpoints
  • Newly-placed adventure checkpoints should no longer show debug text
  • Fixed sign text not displaying properly (z-fighting) on signs in some cases
  • Unlearned seasonal crafting recipes now properly removed from the crafting menu outside of seasonal events
  • Minor quest text and objective fixes
  • Minor block description text and categorization fixes

Hotfix for R53 (Date: 2018-08-23)[]


  • Fix for 3rd person combat mode toggle not sticking
  • Minor data tweak for the stone mining cell (removed unlock requirements so it automatically shows on the crafting panel for new players)
  • Disabled cinematic subtitles, since they were mostly just mirroring the text on the screen. :)

Update R54 - Questing with QB (Date: 2018-05-01)[]

New Features and Content

Introducing QB!

QB is so excited to be your new mentor, advisor, and very best Creati-friend. There’s more QB fun to come, but for now QB will be your guide to the...

  • New - optional - questing and badges system!
  • Complete Quests in the new Codex to earn loot and unlock Badges.
  • Quest progress is tracked across worlds; complete your quests in any game world you like! Quests do not progress on adventures though.
  • Badges grant permanent upgrades to your character, like critical melee hits and auto-healing.
  • You can select one of your unlocked badges on the inventory screen to proudly display it in the world.
  • New players will now earn their free Coins by completing quests. The number has been raised from 300 to 350 total.
  • As a little bonus, current players can also earn those 350 coins by questing, too. Thanks, QB!
  • You voted. We added eight new variants for the “Block Madness” tournament champion: Asphalt! Asphalt Slab, Asphalt Slope, Asphalt Slope Outer Corner, Asphalt Slope Inner Corner, Asphalt Stairs, Asphalt Stairs Outer Corner, Asphalt Stairs Inner Corner, Asphalt Column
  • We loved this community event so much that we’re planning to run it again later this year.
  • New free recipe: Stone Lattice Window
  • New login reward: Quick™ Potion!
  • New Playful Blueprint: Cozy Cottage
  • Marvelous new Costume: The Finite Gauntlet. We appreciate everyone who picks up this item, as it helps us pay our hard-working developers so they can afford more keyboards, rainbow sherbet, and movie tickets.
  • To be fair to new players, we’re going to start calling Creativerse a “live open beta” until we’re finished adding all the new stuff we have planned. This label won’t change anything about your play experience or how we add content the game; it’s simply a way to convey to our newest players how much new stuff is still coming along the pipeline and that the game is far from finished.


  • Fixed the busted “no gliders” setting for adventures
  • Added some missing characters to the Creativerse font used on signs and loading screens, and made the '<' and '>' characters face the correct way.
  • Fix for the weapon tutorial firing at inappropriate times
  • Fixed cornerstones not being granted with blueprint kit purchases
  • Minor fix to make Tab key more responsive and consistent in menus
  • Fix for Arc Signs using icons or non-default fonts always appearing “on” when first loaded
  • “Slanted Straw Roof” corners now properly named “Thatched Roof” corners

Hotfix for R54 (Date: 2018-05-24)[]


  • Several nonfunctional badge perks should now work beautifully
  • Fix for adventures not properly completing
  • Fix for the first "touchstone" quest not auto-accepting & tracking for new players
  • Replaced stub codex tab icons with stunningly beautiful real ones
  • Added a keybinding option for the codex
  • Fix for excavators sometimes creating visual “holes” in the world
  • Partial fix for framerate hitching

Update R53 - loading screens update (Date: 2018-03-28)[]


  • Ten new loading screens
    • These were the winning entries from the "Take Your Best Shot" [] community contest!


  • Fix for sounds playing on some models (like Haunted Idols) inside decorative containers
  • Fix for case where an announcement that world owner activated a seasonal encounter would appear, but the encounter itself wouldn’t
  • Fix bug where Machine hotspots sometimes wouldn’t show up with the Wiring Tool equipped
  • Fix for “Reject All” on the map claim screen actually accepting all instead
  • Fences no longer connect to Placemats, just like in real life

Update R52,5 - The Forbidden City Update Continues (Date: 2018-03-07)[]


  • 32-bit block support
  • Improved messaging when claim limits are reached
  • Increased world claim limit to 5000


  • Bugfix for Keepas spawned from Mob Spawners dropping Keepa loot

Valentine’s Alert: The Heart-Shaped Box recipe and Love Potion login rewards are still available for one more week! Be sure you’ve claimed ‘em before Wednesday, March 14 -- after that you’ll need to wait until they return next year! 💖

The Forbidden City Update R52 (Date: 2018-02-14)[]

New Features and Content


Bug Fixes:

Hotfix for R52[]

  • Fix for blueprint hint blocks not showing up when the cornerstone is activated
    Fix for arc sign text not turning off properly
    Fix for that random "60 seconds starts.... NOW!" message that would sometimes greet you
    Fix for weapon costume equip sounds not firing properly

Update R51 - A Pebble-Sized Update (Date: 2018-01-24)[]

New Features and Content

  • New decorative & weapon display item: Blocky the Snowman! Blocky the Snowman, a leftover brand new holiday decoration, has been a little cranky since he missed out on all the holiday festivities. Give him some sharp weapons to hold so he can fully express his surly brand of holiday spirit!


  • Pet taming, washing, and harvesting times cut in half
  • Added opt-out option for newsletters when validating e-mail

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed recent issues with Creativerse Pro occasionally vanishing for a bit
  • Costume icons now unified to face the same way. Finally!
  • End of World blocks can no longer be phased and replaced
  • Fix for other players with female characters playing male voices
  • Fix for multiple music box sounds not starting if they started on the same frame (via machine activation for example)
  • Sent the Holiday Hat costume to the dry cleaners - it came back cleaner and brighter
  • Fix for blueprints extending higher than world height causing lag
  • Very large blueprints now show up in-world preview (but may still show as incomplete depending on the size)
  • Fixed broken email and help buttons on main menu
  • Fix for that 1-pixel UI gap on Message of the Day panel that was driving everyone crazy
  • Fix for loot chests in decorative containers causing the container UI to open repeatedly
  • Fix for certain block types (like holiday lights) to correctly show random variants

Update R50 - Elfi’s Toy Drive (Date: 2017-12-13)[]

New Features and Content

  • New Holiday Event: Community Toy Drive
    • Collect Trog Traps from your free login reward chests, then place them in your world to get toys back from Troggington.
    • Troggington has all kinds of shenanigans to throw at you! Don’t let him get the best of you, or he’ll get away!
    • Trade the recovered toys to the Holiday Elfis for even greater treasures!
    • Trade as many toys to elfis as you can to help the entire Creativerse community unlock special rewards!


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare inventory loss issue

Update R49 - The Column Craze (Date: 2017-11-15)[]

An overwhelming majority of our players are running 64-bit operating systems and won't have to do anything but enjoy a more stable gameplay experience. However, a very small subset of players are still running 32-bit versions of Windows, which are no longer supported.

If you're one of those players, we've put together this FAQ to help:

New Features and Content

18 new column blocks - free for everyone!


Creativerse is now built using the 64-bit Unity platform

  • This will improve stability and reduce crashing.

Various performance improvements

  • Improved occlusion culling
  • Improved sound loading
  • Reduced entity unloading cost

Other minor improvements

  • Elevation indicator added to death statue compass UI element
  • Creativerse sprites added to the Arc Sign!
    • Use this new tag
    • Format: <sprite="icons_00" index=0>
    • Try different index values and sprite=”icons_01”, too!


  • Refitted Pumpkiru’s Top Hat so it fits better on the Calavera Cabeza costume
  • Fixed issue where multiple flashlight sources could be allocated (degrading performance and requiring multiple toggles to switch them off)
  • Adjusted Creature positions so they aren’t floating above the terrain, which was weird
  • “Server draining” messages now appear properly
  • Fixed incorrect “stick” weapon sometimes appearing on the character equipment screen
  • Fix for invisible textures on slabs and slopes in certain placement configurations
  • Fix for some discontinued item bundles not being properly claimable
  • Fix for sign text sometimes not rendering correctly
  • Fix for some machine hotspot text not showing

Update R48 - Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign Continues (Date: 2017-10-26)[]

New Features and Content

Costumes - just in time for Halloween! Costumes are premium, account-bound cosmetic swaps that can be worn in any world. Heads, hats, gauntlets, weapons, and the flashlight are currently supported. We’ll unlock more costume slots and add many more costumes in the future!


  • Added visual indicator icons for claim settings when passing a claim boundary
  • Chat icon indicators for world owners and admins
  • Your weapon now gets put away during glider flight. So much safer!


  • Fix for collision bug introduced in previous hotfix that caused more frequent launches into the air for players and creatures
  • Claim admins can now adjust advanced options properly
  • Taming bell and washer no longer show up incorrectly in third-person
  • Beacons are now visible on shelves and in other containers

Update R47 - Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign (Date: 2017-10-18)[]

New Features and Content


  • Rebalanced coin prices on blueprint kits
  • Price and contents adjusted for some Item Packs
  • Minor AI behavior improvements
  • Go long! Flares can now be tossed further
  • Screenshots taken in game now save as {timestamp}_screenshot.png to the Creativerse folder on your desktop
  • Players can now aim through one another when PvP is disabled
  • New, more informative player compass indicator icons
  • Wood Treasure Chests now contain rare Recipes more often, especially on "Pro" player game worlds where the world option "More Treasure" is enabled (this was not mentioned in the original patch notes)
  • The timespan that player characters still have breath left under water or other liquids has been increased (this was not mentioned in the original patch notes)
  • Elemental meters look a little different now (this was not mentioned in the original patch notes)


  • Fixes for aggressive creatures not targeting all players in multiplayer
  • Fixed broken mouse sensitivity option
  • Sensor text no longer improperly overlays blueprint capture screen
  • Sensor text now captured in Blueprints
  • Fix for rare issues where unlocalized text or incorrect languages would sometimes appear
  • Fix for some memory crashes on OS X
  • Flashlight promises to correctly remember its on/off state when you log in
  • Effects from creatures (like fire, and freeze) can no longer be removed by clicking the icon on the HUD
  • “Hold LMB to Attack” tutorial message properly cleared when switching between mining and melee mode
  • Blueprint tags menu scroll bar now appears automatically
  • Slider thumbs for LED color sliders can now be selected correctly

We've been monitoring reports of excessive crashing over the last couple releases, and we're working actively to reduce crashing and improve the gameplay experience. One major step towards eliminating memory-related crashes will be for us to upgrade Creativerse to a 64-bit version. A very small subset of our players are currently running 32-bit versions Windows, which will cease to be supported when Creativerse becomes 64-bit. We're announcing this change now so everyone has plenty of time to make sure they're 64-bit compatible. We'll absolutely post again with a more definite timeframe as we get closer to making the switch to 64-bit.

Update R46 - The Galactic Update (Date: 2017-09-06)[]

New Features and Content


  • Item stack size increased to 300!
  • Advanced Blueprint Capture
    • Capture blocks now save machine connections and object settings (like sign text or that lamp you left ON even though you were the last one to leave the room)
    • Teleporters, shelves, and other decorative containers are captured with the items they contain
    • Note: these special captured items can’t be removed by the blueprint builder, but they can be overwritten with real items
  • Creatures got smarter: improved combat pathing and more accurate creature targeting
  • Fences got smarter: they now only link to flat sides of slopes, stairs, corners, and slabs
  • Added copy/paste buttons for LED block settings
  • Holiday event recipes (Haunted Nights, Holiday Gift) can no longer be learned on Adventures. But is that a spooky sensation we detect in the air...?


  • Fix for messed-up medieval stairs texture
  • Teleporters and placemats properly render in blueprint previews
  • Pressure plate now can be properly targeted by wiring tool
  • Fix for missing message when dragging ore onto quickbar
  • Minor localization fixes
  • Fix for swords & crowbars appearing giant in decorative containers
  • Fix for some block phaser exploits (no more auto Farming)
  • Memory management improvements (which may help prevent some crashes)

Update R45 - The Blueprint Revolution (Date: 2017-07-25)[]

New Features and Content

  • Steam workshop support for player blueprints
  • Craft capture stones (consumable item) to capture small, medium, and large player-built blueprints
  • Publish blueprints directly to the steam workshop from within Creativerse
  • Publish blueprints directly to the Steam workshop from within the game
  • Blueprint system overhaul
  • New blueprint placement visualizations
  • New simplified flow for blueprint activation and kit purchase
  • New advanced options for blueprints (under Settings / Controls)
  • Allow blueprint override placement - allow placement of incorrect blocks in blueprints (also works by holding shift on placement)
  • Show all blueprint previews - shows previews for the unactivated cornerstones of other players
  • All blueprint cornerstones now free to craft
  • Cornerstones no longer included with blueprint kits


  • Minor improvements to inventory scrolling
  • Camera UI reskinned to match other UI elements


  • “Last Online” time / date for player lists now correct
  • Fix for broken sound on industrial switch
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow Pet Bow Ties now correctly have a chance to drop
  • Several minor fixes for text

Update R44 - The Industrial Update (Date: 2017 - 06 - 22)[]

New Features and Content

  • Customizeable Cursor visual options (in game settings screen)
  • Windows and Fences are now fully rotatable
  • New item sheen indicators

New blueprints

New store content

  • Hover Jet Blueprint Pack

(corner stone and block kit with 233 blocks & items for free for a limited time)

  • Industrial Recipe Mini Bundle (5 crafting recipes free for a limited time)


  • Claim player management UI improvements (especially for worlds with lots of players)
  • Added visual highlights to ore nodes
  • Arctek Chest costs reduced by 1 arcstone each
  • Iron decoratives textures revisited to unify material types


  • Fix for “pushing” of pets at the end of harvesting from them
  • Fixed visual corner icons for Medieval Carpeted Stairs
  • Fix for Block Phaser area display sometimes being visible without the Wiring Tool equipped
  • Improved block placement in Blueprints to prevent some cases of accidental placement behind solid walls
  • Fixed hint block highlight in Blueprints getting offset on certain entity types
  • Clamped long text inputs to prevent breaking the UI
  • Wiring UI can now be brought up with hotkey on logic gate & number comparison
  • Minor store visual fix (mis-sized underline on “Items” header)

Update R43 - The Welcome Update (Date: 2017 - 05 - 24)[]

New Features and Content


  • Warmworm and Hotfoot now sometimes drop iron ore
  • Added store hotkey to remap list
  • Pets default to follow when tamed
  • Basic bed now has unique color
  • Added basic option to disable corruption (both global for world, and for individual claims, defaults to off in both cases)
  • Corruption balance adjustments
  • Reduced radius of Corrupt Bomb
  • Corrupted forests of different wood types can now be purified
  • Increased corruption resistance of all wood types
  • Added break effect / animation when tool breaks
  • Additional protection against many cheats
  • “Bundles” header in store now called “Items”
  • Block kits and bundles now auto-sort to the top of the inventory
  • Existing lumite-strength Gold Sword renamed Legendary Golden Sword
  • Tweaks to craft description UI


  • Fixes for pets mysteriously vanishing when wandering
  • Fixed many cases of visual sparkling, especially in first cave layer
  • World chats that incorrectly attributed TNT detonations fixed
  • Fix for machine connection hotspot issues when rotating some machines
  • Screenshots now work for 4K resolutions
  • Menu of resolution options now scrolls for monitors that support lots of resolutions
  • Fixes for some alt-tab issues where Creativerse loses focus
  • Fixed math errors resulting in errors in some loot tables

Update R42 - Launch Update (Date: 2017 - 05 - 08)[]

New Features and Content

  • The Early Access for Creativerse is over, the game is now released.
  • New corner blocks for all stairs and roofs
    • Process crafted stairs and roofs in the processor to make inside and outside corners
  • New placemat item
    • Used to place and arrange decorative items on most flat surfaces
  • New block bundles
    • Medieval Pack
    • Hidden Temple Pack


  • Memory usage & performance improvements
  • Added teleporter tutorial screen
  • Additional protection against some exploits

Balance adjustments

  • Super extractor now returns 3.5x base ore value (up from 3)
  • Forge time for iron ore is 20 seconds (down from 30)


  • Fixed most cases of missing visual chunks
  • Fix for visual “missing block” when half-pulling other blocks
  • Fix for broken block outlines when building blueprints
  • Fixed low light level of medieval torches
  • Purchased bundles now show up properly when inventory page first opened
  • Fixed bad shader on medieval throne
  • Medieval door can now be wired
  • Tweaked loadscreen to fix minor visual issue
  • Fixed minor issues with missing text strings for some items

Update R41 - Colossal Castle (Date: 2017 - 05 - 01)[]

New Features and Content

Major balance pass


  • Coal can now be processed into Gunpowder (1:1 exchange)
  • TNT can blow up fossil layer at 4 radius
  • TNT now unlocks on collecting coal
  • Large TNT is now Strong TNT
  • Strong TNT can blow up stalactite layer with 5 radius
  • Strong TNT unlocks on crafting TNT
  • Advanced TNT now blows up lava layer at 6 radius
  • Advanced TNT unlocks on crafting Strong TNT
  • Super TNT now blows up corruption layer at 7 radius
  • Super TNT unlocks on crafting advanced TNT


  • Basic Excavators now blow up fossil layer
  • Advanced Excavators now blow up stalactite layer
  • Advanced Excavators no longer requires diamond to unlock
  • Super Excavators now blow up lava and corruption layer
  • Super Excavators no longer require Lumite to unlock


  • Pigsy, Night Pigsy & Corrupted Pigsy regular attack damage reduced
  • Pigsy, Night Pigsy & Corrupted Pigsy charge attack damage increased
  • Pigsy hitpoints reduced
  • Leafi hitpoints reduced
  • Rockster and Night Rockster hitpoints reduced
  • Night Rockster armor increased
  • Night Rockster, Corrupted Rockster regular attack damage reduced
  • Rockster, Night Rockster, and Corrupted Rockster charge attack damage increased
  • Chizzard, Night Chizzard, and Blizzard Chizzard charge attack damage increased
  • Night Chizzard and Blizzard Chizzard hitpoints reduced
  • Corrupted Chizzard regular attack damage reduced
  • Blizzard Chizzard armor increased
  • Blizzard Chizzard freezing debuff duration increased

Potions & Healing

  • Basic Healing Potion reduced healing amount
  • Basic Healing Potion cooldown added
  • Advanced Healing Potion increased healing amount
  • Advanced Healing Potion cooldown added
  • Regenerate health effects on player doubled
  • Mushroom healing duration decreased
  • Mushroom cooldown increased
  • Health Regeneration Potion duration set to 120 seconds
  • Health Regeneration Potion now unlocks on basic healing potion
  • Stamina Regeneration Potion is now Speed Potion
  • Speed Potion increases movement speed for 300 seconds



  • Breath duration now 40 seconds
  • Freeze meter rate increases 2X faster
  • Freezing damage doubled
  • Heat rate increases 25% faster
  • Placed tar blocks spreads +1 distance
  • Iron nodes now produce more iron

Recipes adjusted

Adventure Picture Frame changes

  • No longer uses completed adventure pictures
  • Now provides a large selection of preset images
  • This system will be revisited in the future

New Premium Block Set: Colossal Castle Super Bundle

  • Overhauled ingame tutorial
    • Type “/tutorial reset” if you’d like to try these from the beginning. Type “/tutorial off” if you’d like to shut them off.
  • Sleeping in beds now restores health to full
    • New sleeping animations
  • Hold shift and click to process or forge five things at a time


  • Overhauled store UI
  • Revised and improved ingame HUD
  • Tweaks to world / adventure browser UI
  • New Creativerse logo applied ingame
  • Creature “push” animations and effects improved
  • Added warning when trying to publish an adventure without a screenshot or description
  • Sword art overhaul
  • Gauntlet art overhaul
  • Keepa ascend / descend animations added
  • Tweaks to creature and player animations
  • Taking a picture from an adventure gate or checkpoint UI returns you to that UI after the picture is taken
  • Exiting to main menu from an adventure or world will take you to the adventure (or world) browser
  • Improved creature selection for Mob Spawner
  • Health and stamina bars now show value
  • Better default name and description for unassigned adventure gates
  • Improved store surfacing ingame
  • Player’s first world now has “Default to Visitor” basic option on by default
  • Various new sounds and music fixes
  • Add tabbing through fields in machine UIs
  • Significant improvements to ‘picking’ detection so it better matches what you are are visually aiming at


  • Substantial memory usage and performance fixes
  • Lighting fixes
  • Fixed ladder animations
  • Fixed ladder top dismount
  • Added feedback for attempting to purchase Pro when the Steam overlay is off
  • Fix for shadows jittering the further from the center of the map the player goes
  • Fix for occlusion culling to account for shadow casting direction
  • Fixed a bug that caused sign text to stop showing up when leaving area and returning
  • Add missing PVP setting to claims, so PVP can be enabled within a claim. Claim PVP setting overrides world PVP settings, like fire and TNT.
  • Client can recover from some temporary file write access issues, generally from anti-virus or anti-malware programs scanning files that the game downloads to the user temp directory before moving them to the game directory. This would cause the changes in a world not to be reflected by that client.

Update 40 - Mob Makeover Mayhem (Warmworm) (Date: 2017 - 03 - 29)[]

New Features and Content


  • Engine upgrade - performance improvements, other related bugfixes
  • Adventures with no screenshot or description will no longer be surfaced on the New and Popular pages
  • Claim borders for adjacent claims belonging to the same player no longer display
  • Double-clicking on a player name in touchstone list will teleport to that touchstone
  • Map no longer available in adventures
  • Improved TNT and stun bomb art


  • Fix for lighting flickering issues on certain video cards
  • Flashlight can no longer be turned on via the character screen UI element in adventures where the flashlight is disallowed
  • Fix for block phaser boundaries appearing sometimes when it should not
  • Resolution dropdown no longer resets when changing other visual options.
  • Deprecated wood mining cell no longer appears in loot tables
  • Fixed minor UI visual glitch when shift-click crafting
  • Arc sign text limit of 10K characters imposed
  • Store now can be closed with ESC key on main menu
  • Various stability and crash fixes

Update 39 - Adventures are here! (Date: 2017 - 02 - 22)[]

New Features and Content

  • New support for adventure publishing!
    • New craftable item: Gate - used for publishing an adventure
    • New craftable item: Checkpoint - used to add a checkpoint quest to an adventure
    • Playable adventures coming soon to the main menu!
  • Player visual overhaul
    • Improved models
    • Improved color palette selections
    • Hairstyle improvements and additions
  • One special new rare Recipe drop


  • General UI improvements and tweaks
  • Significant player character lighting improvements
  • Minor audio tweaks
  • Banning a player also removes their touchstone from the teleport list
  • Containers track a history of adds/removes
  • Prevent mobs from spawner from sleeping when using ForcedAggressive
  • Base power cell now pulls more things
  • Wood power cell removed from crafting tree
  • Charged wood power cell recipe no longer drops
  • Our artists snuck in some icon improvements


  • Fixed a bug that could cause toggleables to stop changing state(fans stuck on/off, etc)
  • Fixed fire enable world option
  • Fix for sensor sound always playing
  • Fix for claim text overlapping with “F to interact”
  • Fix for crash when placing a blueprint kit on a shelf
  • Minor fix for male character shoulder geometry
  • Fan sized down slightly so it does not go outside of a block

Update 38 - Machines Evolved (Date: 2017 - 01 - 25)[]

New Features and Content

New machines!

  • Block Phaser - make a column of up to eight blocks vanish and reappear!
  • Mob Spawner - spawn any creature in the game (minus loot) and
    • Add loot to the first creature spawned!
  • Loot Spawner - spawn treasure chests with items of your choice
  • Sensor - trigger for when players enter a custom defined space
  • Arc Sign - project a text message at a size of your choice!
    • Special formatting tags:
    • {1}, {2}, {3}, {4} - subsitute input from a sensor or number pad
    • {PlayerName} - substitue the local player's name
    • offset=x.xx - Pushes sign text up or down (can be negative)
    • width=x.xx - Control the width of the text region
  • Creatures can now be pushed with the gauntlet
  • New audio, including new cave music & glider sound


  • UI overhaul - all user interfaces now reworked to match main menu aesthetic
  • Glider no longer cancels if you touch something on the side or top
  • Fireworks can now be hooked to switches / pressure plates / sensors!
  • Changes to auto-population of machine trigger names to reduce cases of accidentally overwriting triggers
  • Fixed item pickup to fill quickslot, then inventory, then make stacks in the same order
  • Wiring Tool inspection(default N key) can be brought up even if the wiring tool isn’t selected(must still be equipped)
  • Flare can now be thrown further


  • Fixed nonfunctional character swimming animations
  • Fix for gauntlet animation pop in some cases when UI screens are closed
  • Warmworms now spawn in correct locations
  • Fixed player map icon so it tracks moving player


  • Holiday content (both ghost creatures and holiday presents) disabled
  • New “bonus coins” timed Pro upgrade offer for new players

Update 37 - Haunted Holidays (Date: 2016 - 12 - 16)[]

New Features and Content


  • Improved player character visuals
  • Improved sword visuals
  • New graphics commands:
    • /pulleffect 0/1
    • Toggles the visual block pulling effect - 0 for off, 1 for on
    • /placeeffect 0/1
    • Toggles the visual block placing effect
  • New main menu music track


  • Fix for incorrect flashlight lighting when using the glider
  • Fix for incorrect facing adjustments when landing the glider
  • Fixes for targeting some doors and gates
  • Fixed music volume slider in main menu

Update 36 - The “You” Update, Blocksplosion (Date: 2016 - 11 - 15)[]

New Features and Content

  • NEW Main Menu
  • Polished and simplified layout
  • Public Worlds page - Gallery of worlds open for anyone to join
  • “Public” option for world owners to join to the public gallery
  • World “tags” to improve discoverability
  • Option to “Like” public worlds
  • Video and audio options now available on main menu
  • New “Slab, Stairs, & Slopes” block sets, voted on by YOU!
  • Glass set
  • Dirt set
  • Grass set
  • Limestone set
  • Bedrock set
  • Peakstone set
  • Blue Adobe set
  • Red Adobe set
  • White Adobe set
  • Yellow Adobe set
  • New creature: Corrupted Rockster
  • New spawn effects on creatures


  • Improved effects for pulling and placing items
  • Better sword swing and hit visuals
  • Improved visual explosion for bombs
  • Additional effects improvements
  • Improved skybox with animated clouds
  • World search improvements
  • Use ‘@’ to search by player (eg ‘@PlayerName’)
  • Use ‘#’ to search by world tag (eg ‘#PvP’)
  • Adjustments to generic ingredient sorting
  • Improved responsiveness of melee attacks


  • Health bar no longer visible on pets
  • Fix for minor animation glitch on female character
  • Machine update order more deterministic (controllable by distance)
  • Fix for visual noise on edge of tar blocks


Update 35 - The Halloween Update is Here (Date: 2016 - 10 - 13)[]

New Features and Content


  • Field of View options slider added
  • UI visual improvements
  • Improved combat indicators
  • Added hitpoint bar to targeted creature
  • Targeted creature name color-coded for difficulty based on current weapon
  • Pet harvest icon now displays proper art


  • WASD no longer moves the map while player is in chat
  • Obsidian floor was missing from the 'Build' tab.
  • Fire pit was missing from the 'Build' tab
  • Changed 'Carved Wood Floor Recipe' to 'Decorative Wood Floor Recipe' to prevent recipe unlock requirement confusion.
  • Error message in world settings can now be closed
  • Fix for death statue tutorial advancing on collection from any container
  • Fix for seams on brown mushroom block
  • /hud command no longer hides flashlight
  • Scroll position of storage UI now saves properly
  • Fix for too many characters being added to signs
  • Fix for screenshot mode not being escapable

Hotfix for R33 (Date: 2016 - 09 -22)[]

  • Holiday recipes are now hidden by default unless currently available.
  • Additional crafting data fixes
  • Fix for entities (like pets) defaulting to face north (we actually fixed this a while back, but never called it out)
  • Fix for liquids being able to delete legitimate blocks
  • Additional chunk rendering fixes
  • Fix for entities not loading when you quickly teleport to and from an area (aka the "lockdown bug")

Update 34 - Crafting Revamp and Even More Bugfixes (Date: 2016 - 09 - 14)[]

New Features and Content

  • Revised crafting system (replacing old prerequisite system)!
  • UI visual overhaul for crafting panel
  • Search and categories added to crafting panel
  • New unlock requirements for all ingame blocks and items
  • Improved information and hints about how to get certain items


  • Added “shift-click” shortcut to crafting screen to craft five items at once
  • Dropped bags now properly land on pressure plates
  • The Thing now path-finds as a 2 block tall mob
  • Mud is now a tier 1 block
  • Load times improved when teleporting


  • Substantial improvements for problems with missing chunks in the world
  • Additional bugfixes for liquid simulations destroying terrain
  • Fixed nonfunctional /ignore, /ignoreall, and /unignore commands
  • Fixed bombs exploding immediately when thrown if player is standing on slabs
  • Stunned mobs no longer freeze in midair
  • Spawning system fixes

Update 33 2/3 - Pro DLC and fire option (Date: 2016 - 08 - 24)[]

New Features and Content

  • New advanced claim option: Fire Enabled (off per default)
  • Unchecking this option prevents fire from spreading into the claim, and also prevents anything within the claim from catching fire


  • Pro membership now can be bought as Steam DLC (as well as in the game).
  • Existing pro memberships will have the DLC version automatically granted


  • Fix for players with too many Steam friends being unable to join worlds
  • Fixes for liquid simulation destroying blocks
  • Lighting bugfixes and improvements
  • Fixes for non-surface blocks sometimes not mining properly

Update 33 1/2 - Surprise items (Date: 2016 - 08 - 10)[]

New Features and Content

  • Campfire - unlocks on Coal Torch (works with machines!)
  • Iron Fire Pit - unlocks on Iron Wall
  • Wood Trap Door - unlocks on Wood Door (works with machines!)
  • Wood Plaque - unlocks on Wood Sign
  • Stone Sign - unlocks on Wood Sign
  • Hanging Stone Sign - unlocks on Stone Sign
  • Stone Plaque - unlocks on Stone Sign
  • Corrupt Obelisk - unlocks on Corrupted Stone Wall (works with machines!)
  • New /ignoreall command - ignores all chat
    • Added name option to admin commands (examples: “/ban Jimmy”, “/kick 5 Jim”)
    • Includes partial matching (“/kick Jim” will bring up both Jimmy and Jim)


  • Lots of fixes to make permissions work more intuitively and give claim owners more control over blocks within their claims, even if they didn’t place them
  • Permissions fixes to allow machine interaction access inside claims for non-builders


  • Significant lighting bugfixes for areas with lots of lights
  • Fix for large number of teleporters causing major unexplained problems in worlds
  • Fix for missing Hidden Temple chest recipe
  • Fix for incorrect charge for coin-unlocked claims
  • Fix for incorrect map view while in chairs
  • Fix for builder requests approvals not always being sent
  • Fixed placement of fertilizer onto seedlings
  • Fix for saving name if you press save while editing the name on the wiring UI.
  • Fixed issue preventing players who haven’t played in 60 days from being sent to clients (and not showing up in admin panels, etc.)
  • Fixed items falling through pressure plates and LEDs if you drop them with the hotkey (default z)

Update 33 - Creativerse Pro and machines (Date: 2016 - 08 - 02)[]

New Features and Content

  • New “Creativerse Pro” membership now available for purchase
  • Includes new character abilities like the glider and flashlight, new world customization options, and more
  • Non-Pro players are now limited to creating one world with default settings; however, all players will keep all previously created worlds with their customized settings if they were created prior to R33
  • We are giving Pro membership free to all players who purchased the game prior it becoming free-to-play, as well as all players who purchased any coin package!
  • New machines feature
  • Wiring Tool - Unlocked on Coal
  • Switch - Unlocked on Wiring Tool
  • Pressure Plate - Unlocked on Wiring tool
  • Delay Gate - Unlocked on Switch
  • Inverter Gate - Unlocked on Switch
  • Flip-Flop Gate - Unlocked on Switch
  • Logic Gate - Unlocked on Inverter Gate
  • Number Pad - Unlocked on Logic Gate
  • Number Comparison Gate - Unlocked on Logic Gate
  • LED - Unlocked on Wiring Tool
  • Added wiring connection support for many existing items:
  • All doors
  • All lamps
  • All beacons (including healing beacon)
  • Arctek lanterns & torches
  • Holiday lights
  • Fire Pit
  • Fan
  • Gates
  • Additional character customization options (hair and head swaps)


  • Increased capacity for most ingame storage (NOTE: only affects newly-placed chests or chests that are pulled up and replaced)
  • Wood Chest increased from 16 to 24 slots
  • Stone Chest increased from 20 to 28 slots
  • Arctek Chest increased from 24 to 36 slots
  • Grand Arctek Chest increased from 24 to 40 slots
  • Mayan Chest increased from 20 to 32 slots
  • Gift Box increased from 20 to 32 slots
  • Added player option to turn off claim border visuals
  • Increased fertilizer output from tamed Pigsy
  • Increased tourmaline drops on loot rolls
  • Character customization colors improved
  • Added scroll bar to store screen


  • Third person sleeping animation now properly lit by ambient light
  • Ready-to-harvest pets now properly show new mining cell icon
  • Fix for slow scroll speed in store
  • Fix for super-slow admin user lists when lots of users have joined a world

Known Issues

  • Some machines, like switches, may only be interactable if builder permission is granted (will be fixed in a future update).

With "Creativerse Pro", you can use a glider, create worlds with custom options like low gravity or an alternate skybox, enjoy a larger inventory and double stamina. "Pro" is available for $19.99 for new players, but if you bought Creativerse before it was free, or if you've ever purchased coins from our store, your account has been upgraded with this R33 to Pro for free.

Update 32 - and the Raiders of the Hidden Temple (Date: 2016 - 06 - 16)[]

New Features and Content

  • Lots of new Hidden Temple accessories and content -- check the store for details!
  • Two new blueprints: Hidden Temple and Majestic Hidden Temple!
  • NOTE: the default versions of these blueprints require premium blocks to complete, though you may customize them just like any other blueprint
  • NOTE 2: up until now (June 2016) a number of these recipes were for free
  • Added help button to main menu leading to new external website content


  • All crafted blocks can now be pulled with any gauntlet
  • All recipe packs in the store now include free stacks of sample blocks, so players can start building right away
  • Vines and Moss can now be used as Fuel in the Forge
  • Revised mining cell icon artwork
  • Pet icons added to local map
  • Improved messaging when attempting to purchase something in the store when coins are low
  • Improved UI for world admin commands like /ban and /kick
  • Admin command UI now shows time and date players were last online


  • Fix for blueprint hint blocks not rendering along certain chunk boundaries
  • Fix for enemies attacking through doors and walls
  • Fixed some issues with AI pathing over fences
  • Fix for players with ‘visitor’ permissions being able to interact with some objects
  • Using the ‘/party invite’ menu no longer disables settings menu buttons
  • Adobe bricks now work in decorative containers and blueprints

Update 31 - Character Customization, Blueprint Bonanza (Date: 2016 - 05 - 18)[]

New Features and Content

  • New blueprint content and system changes
    • New blueprints available!
    • Blueprints moved out of the store
    • New blueprints crafting tab added to the crafting / inventory UI
    • Blueprint cornerstones are now craftable items with different recipes per cornerstone
    • All blueprints are now free
    • Blueprint Kit purchasing now available - get all blocks for a blueprint and start building immediately
  • New main character models, armor models & icons, and animations
  • Character color customization! Change your character’s look in the account settings on the main menu
  • Major audio pass, especially for UI screens
  • /ignore <username> command added to mute chat from specific players
  • /setspawn command added for world owners and admins to set a specific spawning location for new players that enter a world


  • Main HUD UI improvement pass
  • Creature behavior
    • Pathing data adjusted to prevent deep-cave creatures from travelling so far upwards
    • Enemy aggro ranges generally reduced
  • Door improvements
    • Doors now open in both directions
    • Doors now place smartly when placed adjacent to each other
    • Double doors will now open together when either is activated
  • Revised and improved pet hotkey commands
    • “Y” orders nearby pets to follow; can also highlight one pet and hit Y to have just that pet follow
    • “U” orders following pets to wander again, starting from the targeted block
    • “I” orders pets to stay at the target block
    • These hotkeys are all reassignable
  • Pets will stay within fence enclosures if set to wander
  • AI improvements
    • AI paths better through small openings and gates
    • AI less likely to get stuck in doorways
  • Death statues now default to owner-only permission (anti-griefing measure)
  • Scrollbar added to crafting panel
  • Helmets replaced with shoulder pads (to support additional future customization options)


  • Fix for falling through the world sometimes when entering a new world
  • Fix for thrown goo and flares destroying other entities (like chests)
  • Fixed issue where taming warmworms would change other nearby pet commands
  • Fixed issues where warmworms would sink into the ground when coming back to the area
  • Sound effects volume slider now properly saves when changed
  • On claimed land, can no longer ask for builder permission if you already have it
  • Fixed bug that would cause AI to jump through parts of the world
  • Door states now properly persist
  • Touchstone now claimable to the quickbar(fixes being unable to reclaim in certain situations)

Update 30 - Social Worlds, Creatures swim (Date: 2016 - 04 - 06)[]

New Features and Content

  • Social worlds!
  • New “Join Public World” button added to main menu
  • Social worlds automatically created and load-balanced on an as-needed basis
  • Social worlds support up to 20 players at a time / 100 players total
  • Social worlds are unowned and unmoderated, but have claims active and have PvP turned off
  • Revised quickbar and tool / weapon system
  • Quickbar layout streamlined and rearranged
  • Stick no longer needs to be equipped - it’s back to the default weapon
  • Swords and tools (plows, taming collar, etc.) no longer go on the quickbar
  • Equip tools and swords on the paper doll in the inventory screen
  • Tab now cycles between gauntlet and weapon (if no tool equipped)
  • If a tool is equipped, Tab becomes a three-way cycle between gauntlet, weapon, and tool
  • Added “favorites” button to recipe list


  • Significant AI improvements
  • AI can now pursue into water and other liquids
  • AI generally better at pathfinding
  • Fix for AI frequently getting stuck inside blocks
  • Fix for AI pursuit behavior getting stuck in a loop of canceling itself
  • Overhauled path selection and weighting for creatures
  • Dying does not clear enemy targeting
  • Improved world and user searching
  • Improved loading screen with additional world information
  • Claims can now be purchased with coins
  • Added UI element to show players what rights they have while within a claim
  • Admin-level users in a claim can now do everything except unclaim
  • Minor recipe balance adjustments
  • Stone sword now requires bones instead of rockster rock
  • Rockster rock requirements for leather armor pieces reduced
  • Leaving a party using “/party leave” now notifies the player that they have left the party
  • Quickbar mousewheel scroll direction now reversed by default (and option added)
  • Confirmation added when reclaiming a touchstone
  • Improved error messaging for some server issues
  • Splash effects added to players & creatures when entering liquids
  • Surface effect when in liquids


  • Fix for occlusion bug when looking through doors in some cases
  • Creatures can no longer be tamed while the taming player is dead
  • Creatures that are stunned in midair will no longer freeze in midair
  • Obsidian table now highlights properly when targeted (like other tables)
  • Player is now correctly popped out of the map view upon death
  • Multiple visited worlds with the same name now all show up in the “Recents” list
  • Fix for sleeping creatures “bouncing” higher when blocks dug out underneath them
  • Fix for “/help” command changing the text color
  • Damage no longer auto-closes the inventory / crafting windows
  • Targeting a block after targeting a station no longer displays the station’s name
  • Extractors no longer an option for customizing blueprints
  • Fix for player status effects (like burning or corrupted) not rendering correctly for female character model
  • Fix for rare issue where spawning on or near a touchstone would prevent teleporting to other touchstones
  • Fix for bug that made item descriptions appear behind the inventory window
  • Fix for missing localized text in Rockzilla system message
  • Fix for missing TNT visual explosion effects
  • Twig no longer says it is “made in the crafting menu”
  • “(Creation only)” text added to the Claims option in the advanced options menu
  • Minor text fixes

Update 29 - Stake your claim, map (Date: 2016 - 02 - 24)[]

New Features and Content

  • Claim system
  • Claims are a new world option -- on by default for new worlds
  • Invest resources to claim 64x64 areas of the world as your own
  • Local permissions, naming, and description options for claims
  • World map
  • Two levels of zoom -- local and world map
  • Regional fog of war for world map
  • Revised terrain generation for new worlds
  • Improved ore distribution
  • Minor generation bugs fixed
  • New chat features
  • “/w (playername) (message)” -- send a whisper message to another player
  • “/r (message)” -- whisper back (reply) to a player that just sent you a whisper
  • “/party invite (playername)” -- invite a player to a party
  • “/party accept” or “/party decline” -- accept or decline a party invitation
  • “/party kick (playername)” -- kick a player out of the party
  • “/party leave” -- leave your current party
  • “/p (message)” -- chat to only members of your party
  • NOTE: parties are temporary and world-specific -- you do not stay in a party if you exit a world
  • New server presence messages
  • Automated alerts highlight interesting things happening in the world
  • New spawn system
  • New players in a world will now not always spawn at the same location
  • Spawn locations should still be “safe” and near starting resources (e.g. in the woodlands, and toward the center of the map)


  • Improved touchstone mechanics
  • When a touchstone is placed, it is removed from a player’s inventory
  • Players can pull their own touchstones up, as if they were a block
  • In the teleport menu, players can now “Reclaim” their touchstone, which will put the item back in their inventory and remove the touchstone from the world
  • If a world owner removes a player’s touchstone, the item will be added back to the player’s inventory
  • KNOWN ISSUE: when you initially place and reclaim a touchstone in existing worlds after this patch, there may temporarily be two “visual” touchstones in the world. Only the last one placed is valid. The next time a touchstone is moved, the second touchstone will be cleaned up.
  • Significant AI improvements
  • Creatures should now attack properly in multiplayer worlds
  • Improved pursuit logic (e.g. less of this:
  • Several fixes for bugs involving creatures abandoning a chase and getting stuck in a bad state
  • Boss Hog rally ability now works properly
  • AI abilities now properly complete in most cases, preventing AI from going motionless indefinitely
  • Improved blueprint user interface and flow, including completion effects
  • Improved error indicators (UI pulse and sound effect) when unable to craft an item due to missing items
  • Doors now interactable regardless of permissions
  • Blueprint tracking removed for now
  • If you have a previously-tracked blueprint still on your screen, press “Alt” to free the mouse cursor, then close the tracked blueprint information by clicking the close button


  • Additional fixes for world chunks not rendering (especially in multiplayer)
  • Force bombs throw creatures and players once again
  • Fences no longer attach to chairs, beds, and tables
  • Incorrect ingredients can no longer be placed in slots in the cooking station
  • Fix for shelf and weapon rack inventory UI problems
  • Rockzilla’s hitbox and loot table fixed (Rockzilla???)
  • Minor tutorial tip and task bugfixes
  • Minor text and typo fixes


  • Limited-time sale on Moroccan block recipe pack!

Creativerse R29 -- STAKE YOUR CLAIM!

Hey Creatifriendos!

Have you ever wanted the freedom to invite people to your world without worrying about them stealing your stuff? Do you wish you could participate on public worlds but are leery of TNT-wielding griefers? Then this update is for you! Our new claim system* is designed to give you complete control over a small plot of land. Anyone can swing by and admire your building prowess, but only those you deem worthy can touch your stuff.

Now claims are just like cookies -- they go better with milk -- and in this case the milk is our other exciting new feature: MAPS! Press M to open your very own world map and see where others are milling about, where all the popular claims are and where that pesky jungle is hiding.

And this is just the beginning of what ended up being a much larger update than we initially planned -- e.g. extra chat features, world alerts, better terrain generation*, AI improvements, more intuitive blueprints and more. So come on in and claim your steak stake your claim!

The new claim system and the revised ore distribution in worlds are only supported for worlds created after this update World v2 worlds (all worlds created after April 8, 2015) DO support the new map feature

Update 28 - Tutorial System and Free Blocks (Date: 2016 - 02 - 03)[]

New Features and Content

  • Mayan block set!
  • Visit the store for three free Mayan-themed blocks
  • Additional pack of three blocks for sale
  • Dynamic tutorial help content system
  • New pop-up messages and tips guide players through the early game
  • Console commands to allow control over tutorial (soon to be added to options page)
  • /tutorial on - turn tutorial events on (default)
  • /tutorial off - turn tutorial events off
  • /tutorial reset - resets tutorial, forcing events to fire again


  • Server stability improvements


  • Fix for most significant cases of world chunks not rendering (especially in multiplayer)
  • Seeds and crops no longer connect to fences
  • Tamed night hoglets show accessories and taming collar
  • Tamed night twiggy now gives proper loot when harvested
  • Kick timer now displays correct time
  • Cooking station recipe now carries over properly to new worlds
  • Fixed missing text for disconnect.server_full message
  • Store button color fix (no longer gray by default)
  • Item duplication bug squashed
  • Various sound fixes


  • Block pack sale! For a limited time, the new Mayan block set and the Decorative Stone pack are 300 coins in the recipe store
  • Store now defaults to recipe page

P.S. Big things are happening behind the scenes. Can’t wait to share with you guys all the stuff we have planned over the next several months!

Update 27 - The Quality of Life Update (Date: 2016 - 01 - 13)[]


  • More detail in UI item description
  • Better block placement behaviour
  • Added a player “nudge” when placing a nearby block (allows for placing blocks closer to your feet)
  • Improved messaging when blocks can’t be placed
  • Night-time in forest, woodland, and plains biomes less dangerous
  • Feedback when trying to learn recipes that are already known
  • Compass death skull now pings upon respawning
  • Art - flames added to torch icons
  • Art - Janky House icon now properly a blueprint
  • Rimecones and snow cubes show up when placed on shelves
  • Fences no longer connect to wildflowers
  • Added Hotfoot harvesting sounds
  • Server improvements


  • Fix for fluid faces not rendering when adjacent to glass
  • Fix for iron gate rapidly opening and closing when in open state
  • Beeswax now an option in custom blueprint block swaps
  • “Ghost block” pulling fixed
  • Lily pads can now be targeted
  • Beams & torches sort properly behind liquids
  • Fix for Rockster & Pigsy sliding while “powering up”
  • Lighting fixes while underneath large surface structures
  • Fix for world list visual hiccups on main menu
  • Fix for rare bug that would not grant coins on coin pack purchase


  • Holiday recipe drops disabled
  • Janky House no longer granted to new players

UI be a little more helpful. Night be a little less dangerous. Bugs be a little less buggy. That’s R27 in a nutshell. Behind the scenes, we moved to a new office, took time off for the holidays and have been laying the groundwork for features that won’t be ready for a while. In other words, we acknowledge R27 isn’t as meaty as you’re used to. R28 will have more stuff!

Update 26 - Holiday Surprise! (Date: 2015 - 12 - 14)[]

New Features and Content

  • All existing players granted 450 free coins
  • New players also receive 450 free coins (for a limited time)

Holiday Recipes! Explore to find special holiday packages (available for a limited time)

New craftable items


  • Ladder movement overhaul
  • Major changes to make ladder movement more intuitive
  • Ladders can be climbed in one-block-wide spaces
  • Easier to get on ladders from the side
  • Ladders much easier to climb / descend
  • Purchased blueprints are permanent purchases that can now be claimed once per world
  • Store now only allows a single purchase of each blueprint
  • Applies retroactively to old blueprint purchases
  • World owners / admins can now ban, promote, and demote offline players (anyone that has logged into the world after this update)
  • Cornerstone ownership defaults to the person that placed it
  • Beacon indicates location of player-owned blueprints when nearby
  • Store button and coin display added to inventory screen
  • Permissions added to extractors, preventing anyone from claiming the ore besides you
  • Balance - Over-generous treasure chests & enemy drops from R25 rebalanced
  • Balance - Keepa spawning tuned down


  • Store music no longer continues to play when closing ingame store
  • Fix for cornerstone and touchstone noises playing everywhere in multiplayer
  • Jumping / skipping on water dampened
  • Igneous roof recipe now properly carries over to new worlds with Recipes Carryover option on
  • Top hats and other accessories now show up on all Keepa
  • Iron door no longer appears in the “open” state when placed on a shelf
  • Right-clicking items on shelves will return them to your inventory
  • Attack value for equipped sword will show correctly even if the sword is not currently selected
  • Fix for incorrect text when picking up Super Extractors
  • Fix for selected blocks getting “stuck” to cursor in certain circumstances (notably when interacting with the store)
  • Interaction prompt appears correctly and at the proper distances now
  • Typo fix for “hootfot” in Aztec Furnace Wall (though it was pretty funny)

(P.S. When hunting for holiday goodies, focus on cold and "arctic" mobs/areas.)

Update 25 - Freeeeedooooom! (F2P) (Date: 2015 - 11 - 11)[]

Creativerse is now free to play!

New in R25 is the ability to purchase coins through your Steam wallet. There’s also four new block packs in the store to spend those coins on. But remember, all you early supporters just received a big coin bonus. P.S. all coins – your existing and new ones – have been spiked with a 10x multiplier, ‘cause bigger is better (it’s a tradition here in Texas).

New Features and Content

  • Creativerse is now FREE for all players!
  • Coin store enabled – purchase coins through Steam wallet
  • Four new decorative premium recipe packs available in the store
  • Obsidian
  • Furnace
  • Diamond
  • Lumite
  • Additional rare (gold) and uncommon (silver) Keepa spawns
  • Additional sound effects
  • Special “Gold Pack” award and final drop of bonus coins granted to existing early access customers!


  • Newly placed blueprint cornerstones accessible only to its owner and world owners/admins by default
  • Overhauled treasure chest loot tables to be more meaningful
  • Coin quantities and prices multiplied by 10
  • General server robustification


  • Fix for too-rare Keepa spawns
  • Fix for errors in certain displayed recipe results in cooking station
  • Fix for quantities not displaying when items dragged into cooking station
  • Fix for minor visual occlusion issues in certain cases
  • Certain food buffs are no longer permanent
  • Pebble attack sound now plays

Update 24 - Leafi’s lumite lunchery (Date: 2015 - 10 - 28)[]

Great news for all you builders and collectors out there. We’ve added 10 new pieces of furniture and 22 new food recipes! We figured the game just wouldn’t be complete without the ability to lounge in style on a Lumite chair while munching on a Tar sandwich. (P.S. your pets just called...they can haz some?)

This update also contains the start of a better experience for new players. Our goal is to strike a balance between being mysterious enough that there’s still plenty of discovery, while also gently encouraging new players not familiar with the genre. So there's better item descriptions, a clearer quickbar, and things like that, as well as a new “Janky House” starter blueprint you’ll receive upon creating a world.

We appreciate all the feedback you guys had on the recipe tweaks from R23 and have further refined the balance based on it. Finally, we’ve removed the daily coin button. You can read more about that here.

New Features and Content


  • Additional first-time user help
  • Description tips for stations, extractors, torches
  • Highlight quickbar slots when selecting things that can be placed into the quickbar
  • Clarified error messaging for several messages
  • Balance adjustments
  • Reduced difficulty (health) of night creatures
  • Increased durability for weapons and power-cells
  • Reduced costs for power cells
  • Increased seashell drop rate from Pebbles
  • Added seashell re-growth to spawn table
  • Improved creature pathing on pursuit
  • Single left-click will move items to and from the quickbar (just like right-click and double-click)
  • World admins as well as world owners can now remove player touchstones
  • Player’s worlds on main menu now sorted from most recent to oldest
  • Mushroom healing effect now lasts 30 seconds (up from 10)
  • Additional sound effects


  • Fix for collision bug that would launch players and creatures into the air
  • Fix for nonfunctional damage resistances on potions and food
  • Ice and fan data tweaks to restore slippery-ness
  • Flowers now can be swapped into blueprints
  • Limestone roof rotates properly on placement
  • Tamed Leafis now give the correct loot
  • Fix for Block of Goo bouncing maintaining too much sideways momentum
  • Decorative and Carved Stone Floor recipes now appear in correct inventory categories
  • Lighting improvements for connected glass panes
  • Multiple droppings can no longer be used on the same unfertilized seed
  • Sound fix for third sword swing in player attack sequence
  • Hotkeys ‘-’ and ‘=’ now properly supported in storage container UI
  • Reject player login if the world is shutting down
  • Default name for a new player is now “Player”
  • Heat added back to fire pit


  • Removed 10 Free Coins a Day button

Update 23 - Bloktoberfest (Date: 2015 - 10 - 07)[]

The biggest change you’ll notice in this one is our refined hotbar UI, which aims to make equipping the new farming and ranching tools more intuitive. (...)

Good news for anyone playing in Europe -- you can now select servers closer to your crib. We're hoping it helps improve lag in multiplayer (e.g. less delay when friends are pulling blocks). It will only apply to new worlds you create after making the switch. Let us know how it feels if you try it.

A couple noteworthy improvements:

1) We spent a good amount of time refining player movement. Jump around, run up some stairs, walk on some slabs and feel the difference.

2) We've overhauled recipes for power cells, armor, and weapons. Our goal was to better encourage surface exploration in the adventurer progression.

As always, we welcome your insightful feedback on this update!

New Features and Content

Worlds created will be located on a server in that region

  • Currently supporting North America and European regions; more coming soon
  • Selecting a regionally closer server may slightly improve performance and lag issues, especially in multiplayer
  • Two new blueprints!
  • Floating Island
  • Tree House
  • (Stilt House and Modern House temporarily removed from store)


  • Movement overhaul
  • Significant improvements in player movement
  • Ability to walk up slabs without jumping
  • Balance overhaul
  • Surface treasure chests now only spawn at night
  • Recipes adjusted for power cells, armor, and weapons
  • Minor stat adjustments to some creatures
  • Loot table adjustments
  • Plowed dirt reverts to regular dirt more slowly
  • Tall grass and weeds can now be used as (not very good) fuel
  • Improved pet-washing visual effects
  • Server-side optimizations and bugfixes


  • Multiple stat-boosting food now just tops off timer, rather than increasing health multiple times
  • Fix for accessories reverting to old accessories and associated duplication bug
  • Tamed Keepa no longer triggers the UI “Keepa ping”
  • Fix for “infinite sprint” under certain conditions (it was fun while it lasted!)
  • Fix for tamed night creatures burning in the sun
  • Fix for water spraying sound getting “stuck”
  • Gear, bombs, and other non-food items can no longer be fed to pets
  • Dirt blocks in blueprints no longer turn to grass
  • Fix for missing corrupted sandwich description
  • Interact (F) key will now properly exit the pet menu
  • Fix for being unable to jump when directly below a blueprint box
  • Mouse wheel will no longer move the quickbar selection while in menus with a scroll bar
  • “New recipe” stars now properly clear once items are crafted
  • Store menu volume now controlled by music slider
  • Ice Slopes properly auto-rotate on placement

Spoiler for Update 23[]

Update 22 - Home, Home on the Range (Date: 2015 - 09 - 16)[]

It’s been a while! We're making up for the fact that we missed our usual 2-3 week cadence by bringing you our biggest update in a long time. We’re excited to introduce Homesteading, a big awesomesauce system where you farm, cook, tame, and harvest to your heart’s content. (...)

We also reworked crafting. There’s no need to track stations down in the wild -- just craft from your inventory or by tapping Q.Older crafting stations will stick around but new ones will no longer spawn. Pigsy beat cop was getting tired of writing littering tickets.

Lastly, we’ve got a new toy for you mega builders that’ll help clear big areas: Excavators. Safer than bombs, plus they collect half of the blocks cleared in loot bags. (...)

New Features and Content

  • Farming
  • Work the land and grow all sorts of crops
  • Growth system works in real-time
  • No need to be in-game for nature to nurture
  • Same now goes for saplings and queen bees
  • Fertilizer -- it’s stinky, but it’ll jumpstart your crop growth time
  • Farming path unlocks on obsidian powercell
  • Cooking
  • New Cooking Station
  • Turn your crops into delicious food!
  • Eating food grants you a variety of effects
  • Cooking path unlocks on the plow
  • Ranching
  • Tame creatures into house-pets for your amusement
  • Adorn your creatures with various accessories
  • Feed and bathe pets and they’ll reward you with resources!
  • Ranching path unlocks on stone powercell
  • Stationless crafting
  • Access crafting through a tab in your inventory
  • Crafting stations will no longer spawn randomly
  • Quickly access crafting with the “Q” hotkey
  • New Decorative Containers
  • Stone Weapon Rack
  • Stone Wall Shelf
  • Excavators
  • This craftable explosive device clears a rectangular area in the direction it’s pointed
  • It drops 50% of the the removed blocks in loot bags
  • Basic version unlocks on diamond powercell
  • Unlock them all: Basic, Advanced, and Super Excavators
  • UPDATE: They won't work if you have explosions disabled in your world


  • Performance and memory usage improvements
  • Cornerstone UI improvements
  • Including: full inventory available for customizing blueprints
  • Store UI visual tweaks
  • Stack-splitting improvements
  • Left shift + left drag to move half a stack (formerly one item)
  • Left shift + right click to move five items
  • Left ctrl + right click to move one item
  • Recipes requiring basic wood now support more wood types


  • Fix for creatures sometimes randomly attacking players, even in peaceful worlds
  • Fix for “sleepwalking” creatures
  • Missing rotation on various blocks fixed (death statues, corrupted blocks, glass, and more)
  • Fix for “x-ray slab” bug reintroduced in R21
  • Movement fixes for getting stuck on edge of ice blocks / snow blocks
  • Minor lighting fixes

Celebrate Creativerse's 1 Year Anniversary[]

Happy Birthday, Creativerse!

A BIG thank you to all our early access players who’ve given us feedback, helped stress test our servers and stuck with us over the past year. It’s been a great ride and yet we still feel like we’re just getting started.

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re offering everyone a brand new, rare recipe pack: The Decorative Lava set. It’s only available for free for a limited time, so claim yours today with this code in our store: 1YEARLATER.

We’re swiftly approaching some historic moments for Creativerse: we’ll be showing the game at PAX later this month, and we expect to go free later this year. All that while continuing our constant updates with cool new features and polish/improvements!

Community Announcements - PlayfulDavid

Update 21 - Welcome to the Customization Nation (Date: 2015 - 08 - 11)[]

New Features and Content

  • Customize your blueprints
  • Change any blueprint’s building materials
  • Swap in your favorite blocks by interacting with a deactivated cornerstone and dragging in items from your quickbar
  • Advanced block rotation
  • Hold R and LMB while targeting a block and move the mouse to rotate it
  • Tap R while pointing at a rotated block to “lock rotation”
  • While rotation is locked, additional blocks that are placed will be placed in the same rotation
  • Tap R again to unlock rotation
  • Permission settings for chests and other interactables
  • If you placed an object, you are its owner
  • Interact with the object and press the Lock button to set object permissions
  • Note: World Owners and Admins can access any object, regardless of permissions settings
  • Decorative item containers - the flower pots and planters can now have an item placed inside of it that changes the external visual
  • New blueprint: Wood Fort
  • Coupon Support
  • Redeem Coupon Button added to the store page
  • Will allow us to give away various products, special items, or anything else with a unique coupon code


  • Blueprint improvements
  • Blueprint pre-visualization - Ghost image of your blueprint is now visible when placing a deactivated cornerstone
  • Blueprint hint blocks passthrough option
  • An option to have your blueprint blocks show through all other blocks
  • This will make it much easier to find that one hidden block keeping your from completing your blueprint
  • Recipe and processor / forge timing balance pass
  • Improved glass texture (we found some windex and made then squeaky clean!)
  • Performance improvements (more to come!)


  • Fix for visual glitch introduced in R20 when digging at the bottom of a chunk boundary
  • Store music bugfixes

Known Issues

  • Existing in-progress blueprints may need to be deactivated and activated again to properly set rotation
  • Custom changes to blueprint blocks are not reflected in the blueprint tracker
  • Flower pots and planters already placed do need to be picked up and put back down to activate their container ability.

Update 20 - Block rotation, linked windows & fences (Date: 2015 - 07 - 22)[]

New Features and Content

  • Block rotation!
  • Auto-rotation for slopes, stairs, and slabs placed on surfaces above or below
  • Linked fences and windows
  • Fences now connect and have corners
  • Windows placed next to each other will merge into larger windows
  • Blueprint tracker
  • Like the recipe tracker, but for blueprints
  • Track blueprints from the cornerstone interface
  • New craftable items
  • Iron Chair
  • Iron Table
  • Iron Fence
  • Iron Gate
  • New blueprint: Tower Castle
  • Additional audio content


  • Recipe (and blueprint) tracking is per world rather than a global preference
  • Asphalt recipe rebalanced to require less fossils


  • Death statue beacons fixed
  • Logs now visible from a greater distance
  • Vines now climbable again
  • Visual tweak for recipe pack gradients in store UI
  • Loot chests will no longer spawn on foliage and other stompable blocks

Edit: Known Issues

  • Existing fans will be turned upside down (an effect of the block rotation feature). You'll need to pick them up and place them back down to fix.

Update 19 - Let’s Go Shopping (Date: 2015 - 07 - 08)[]

New Features and Content

  • New store - blueprints and recipes
  • Recipe packs are permanent additions to your library once purchased.
  • Three old recipe packs from the original store, and four new ones.
  • Blueprints are a new feature - see explanation below.
  • Purchase blueprints for step-by-step instructions for large builds.
  • Blueprint purchases contain a cornerstone that can be claimed in a single world.
  • Place the cornerstone, then interact with it and activate it to begin building the structure.
  • Place the correct blocks and watch the structure expand.
  • NOTE: blueprints do not include the necessary blocks. The cornerstone UI lists all the blocks necessary to construct the structure.
  • Sleeping
  • Interact with a bed to sleep and advance time to dawn or dusk.
  • All players in a world must sleep at the same time to advance time.

NOTE: beds placed in an old world must be pulled up and replaced before you will be able to interact with them.

  • Dropping items
  • Drag items to the loot bag on your inventory to drop it on the ground
  • Highlight an existing dropped bag and press Z to add items to the bag from the quickbar.
  • Any player may pick up items in a dropped loot bag.
  • NOTE: dropped loot bags are not permanent. For permanent storage, use chests. When you leave the region or log out, dropped loot bags will vanish.
  • New selection animations on character select screen


  • Additional movement tweaks


  • Fix for liquid simulation deleting placed blocks

Update 18 - A Ton of Tiny Tweaks (Date: 2015 - 06 - 16)[]

New Features and Content

  • Time of day, temperature, and biome now display on the UI
  • Recipe Tracker!
  • Use the “Track” button on the station UI with a recipe selected to track a recipe
  • Tracked recipes display an ingredient list on the UI
  • To cancel tracking, unlock the cursor (with left-Alt) and close the tracked recipe, or “untrack” the recipe at a crafting station
  • Maximum of five tracked recipes at a time
  • New “Recipes Don’t Carryover” option (world creation only)
  • On by default
  • With the option turned off, players will not have to work through the recipe tree again in that world (i.e., recipes are account-bound)
  • Randomly-dropped recipes and purchased recipes are unlocked regardless of option setting
  • New random drop recipes!
  • Ornamental Log
  • Bracketed Ornamental Log
  • Barred Wood Window
  • World owners can now remove touchstones of other players
  • Interact with a touchstone to remove it
  • Players whose touchstones have been removed will spawn at the world’s starting location


  • Simulation adjustments
  • Players are more tolerant to temperature changes (and longer “time until damage” from temperature effects)
  • Temperature thresholds for blocks and players unified (temps that affect players are the same ones that can affect block states)
  • Adjustments to temperature thresholds
  • Water freezes at slightly higher temperatures
  • Processing and forging now prioritizes smallest stacks in inventory
  • Screenshots taken for the main menu now appear more quickly
  • Improved icons for fireworks items


  • Fix for temperature issues that were preventing regrowth
  • Fixes for view radius slider not properly accepting certain values
  • Improved logic for playing music tracks and ambience in underground biomes
  • Fix for sound and music “clicking”
  • Doors now have proper names when highlighted ingame
  • Wind sound effects and ambience do not play as far underground
  • Bog water has correct icon
  • Sand to salt conversion bug fixed
  • Fix for Peaceful world option getting reset when other world options were changed
  • Sign UI no longer shows (unsupported) controller buttons
  • Minor tweaks to text entry on main menu

Update 17 - Life, uh, finds a way (Date: 2015 - 05 - 26)[]

R17 was just going to be a bugfix patch. Life had other plans.

New Features and Content

  • New “Peaceful” mode option (set on world creation only)
  • In Peaceful worlds, creatures will not attack you unless attacked first
  • New liquid collection mechanics!
  • Pull and place liquid sources
  • Requires high-end power cell (diamond or better)
  • Fear and Attraction
  • Actions performed by the player may cause surface creatures to react in interesting ways
  • The start of a larger system
  • New craftable blocks
  • Green Goo
  • Orange Goo
  • Purple Goo
  • Wood Gravel Wall
  • Stucco Window
  • Dark Stucco Window
  • Ruddy Stucco Window
  • Rustic Wood Door
  • New dropped items (in treasure chests) - What might they do?
  • Eau De Pigsy
  • Arome Chizzard
  • L’Rockster
  • Fantasia De Leafi
  • Goo can now be thrown (with interesting results)
  • /hud in chat window hides interface (for screenshots) - will reappear automatically if a station or inventory UI is opened, or can be toggled on again with a second /hud


  • Resistance potions now resist 100% of environmental effects
  • Liquids still directly cause EOTs
  • Environmental meters do not instantly max out when entering lava / corruption (though it’s still very fast)
  • Player movement adjustments
  • Night creatures now burn with blue fire during daytime, rather than normal fire
  • Can no longer eat additional mushrooms of the same type if currently regenerating from one
  • Cactus flowers can now regrow
  • Jungle flowers can now regrow
  • Death statues can now be placed with different facings
  • Visual improvements to blooming objects when bloom is turned off
  • Improvements to “underground” fogging logic
  • Visual improvements to extractor effects
  • Main menu music track fades out rather than cutting out
  • Torch flame draw distance increased
  • Forging time balance adjustments
  • Ice block icon now matches ingame block
  • Revised icon for glob of goo
  • Dirt now becomes grass more slowly
  • Treasure chest spawning balance adjustments


  • Fix for overspawning of creatures too close to the player (introduced in R16)
  • Changes to world options (like explosions) now take effect immediately
  • Death statues no longer get embedded in the ground when players fall to their death
  • Fix for self-illuminated vines
  • Load screen blocks now properly lit
  • Heat, cold, corruption, etc. meters now reset on death
  • Driftwood can now be processed
  • Bungalow torches now properly give off heat
  • Sign text changes update faster in multiplayer
  • Fix for certain colors of text distorting in chat window
  • Minor text and typo fixes
  • Minor sound effect fixes

Update 16 - the simulation mechanics of DOOOOM (Date: 2015 - 05 - 13)[]

New Features and Content

  • New simulation mechanics!
  • New cold, heat, and toxicity meters (players now take damage when meters are full)
  • Grass regrows on bare dirt in sunlight
  • New “Canyon” craftable block set
  • Stucco Wall - unlocks on Canyon Stone
  • Ruddy Stucco Wall - unlocks on Stucco Wall
  • Dark Stucco Wall - unlocks on Stucco Wall
  • Copper Wall - unlocks on Stucco Wall
  • Patina Wall - unlocks on Ruddy Stucco Wall
  • Tin Wall - unlocks on Dark Stucco Wall
  • Copper Roof - unlocks on Stucco Wall
  • Patina Roof - unlocks on Ruddy Stucco Wall
  • Tin Roof - unlocks on Dark Stucco Wall
  • Other new craftable items
  • Fan
  • Ice Slope
  • Many new sound effects


  • Collision and movement improvements and fixes
  • Player movement more consistent and smooth
  • Getting out of water easier
  • Player jump less “floaty” and more reliable
  • Stair and slope movement significantly improved
  • Crouching re-enabled on stairs
  • No more getting stuck on ice blocks
  • No more “jitter!”
  • Added bloom to many objects
  • Touchstones now show owner’s name
  • Optimizations and fixes for fluid mechanics and simulations
  • Cave darkness is now darker
  • /hud chat command to hide HUD for screenshots
  • Performance improvements
  • Upgrade to Unity 5


  • Main menu transition polish
  • Extra “steps” taken when passing through teleporters fixed
  • Over spawning in beach areas tweaked
  • Fix for mipmap issues (greenish lines on block edges, etc.)
  • Fix for Keepas sometimes not spawning
  • Audio bugfixes
  • /kill and /stuck commands work again
  • Removed walking-up on slabs (was causing problems)

Update 15 - Fancy new menu, collision refractor (Date: 2015 - 04 - 29) []

New Features and Content

  • New main menu!
  • More informative world details
  • Owner-controlled screenshots for worlds
  • Delete world functionality
  • Community screenshot call-outs
  • Improved presentation
  • Improved world searching
  • Overhauled collision and movement system
  • Improves and adds consistency to player movement
  • Fixes most known bugs with falling through the world
  • New craftable item - Bungalow Torch


  • Creature improvements
  • AI improvements to ability choices
  • AI improvements to chase distances
  • Polished several enemy abilities
  • Trog only heals when health reaches a specific threshold
  • Trog only heals twice maximum per encounter
  • Improved animations and visual effects for: Dustevil, Trog, Bosshog
  • Audio improvements
  • Sounds for water / lava
  • Modified touchstone sound effect
  • Glowing mushrooms now give off faint light
  • Improved mushroom art and icons
  • Improved some block textures
  • Larger variety of loadscreen rotating blocks


  • Corruption no longer spreads forever in water
  • Fix for “red line” visual glitch when facing east and west
  • Memory usage improvements
  • Minor occlusion fixes
  • Audio bugfixes
  • Fixed missing text on leaves_jungle_flower_2

Update 14 - World v2, The Biome Update (Date: 2015 - 04 - 08)[]

This is it! This is the update you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve crammed as many new biomes, creatures and cool things as we could fit into this update. Then we threw in a few more for good measure. Rather than give you a wall of text summarizing everything, we’ll just make three points before diving into the patch notes...

1) We’re not joking -- this release is massive. Normally we prefer to pace things out more, but World v2 requires you create a new world to get the new content. We want to keep to an absolute minimum occasions where we ask players to restart. On that note, you can still access and play on your old worlds, though there are a few items you’ll no longer be able to craft.

2) As big as this update is, it doesn’t quite have everything we were hoping it would. For instance, the new mobs’ attacks aren’t up to snuff compared to the usual suspects. They will get better in future updates. And we’ll likely continue to refine some of the textures and other art elements.

3) In addition to World v2, there are several changes you’ll enjoy no matter what world you’re in. For example, real flames on torches, bloom lighting effects, bigger chests, performance improvements / network optimizations for better gameplay overall and a bunch of bugfixes.

Patch notes are below. If you don’t have a chance to play this very moment, get a taste for what’s new in this teaser video. If you do have time, slap a power cell on, grab some torches and get lost!

New Features and Content

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of the new features in R14 are only available if you generate a new world! Your old worlds will still be accessible, but will be missing new content and not all recipes will be craftable.

New biomes[]






Autumn Forest





New terrain generation features

Foliage system

River generation and simulation

Improved and more varied cave generation

Temperate and climate simulation for unique biome variants

Natural tree architect and generation

Revised ore seeding and ore vein generation

Continent-based world generation

Larger, more sprawling biomes

Balance overhaul[]

Ore extraction amount rebalance (less produced from higher-level ores)

Durability adjustments

Armor adjustments

Weapon adjustments

Creature difficulty rebalance

New creature abilities and effects

Medium and large potions removed

58 new blocks[]

6 new creatures[]







6 new creature variants[]

Feral Pigsy

Mossy, Dried, and Autumn Leafi

Arctic Miru

Blizzard Chizzard

12 new crafting materials[]

10 new craftables[]

Poison Resistance Potion

Poison Bomb

Bungalow Wall

Bungalow Accent Wall

Bungalow Accent Fur Wall

Bungalow Support

Bungalow Window

Bungalow Roof

Bungalow Stairs

Bungalow Window


  • Day / night tweaks
  • Chests (except grand arctek chests) have more space
  • Lighting and z-fighting fixes near world chunk boundaries
  • Performance improvements
  • AI improvements
  • Network and server optimizations
  • Bloom effects
  • Flame visuals for torches


  • Slab and rod order made consistent in processor for different raw materials
  • Basic extractor now properly account-bound
  • Spawning fixes for creatures and treasure chests
  • Fix for green flare getting “stuck” on player avatar in inventory screen
  • Keybindings for missing game features removed

Update 13 - Drago blocks and sim improvements (Date: 2015 - 03 - 18)[]

New Features and Content

  • New blocks

Igneous Wall (unlocks on Igneous Rock)

Igneous Roof (unlocks on Igneous Wall)

Hardened Lava Floor (unlocks on Hardened Lava)

  • Added visual effect to health bar when player heals


  • Significant performance improvements to water, corruption, and other simulations
  • TNT explosion performance improvements
  • Minor AI adjustments


  • Fix for Keepa not running away until attacked
  • Fix for Obsidian Door and Bedrock Door not being account-bound
  • Fix for some objects “blinking out” in multiplayer if half-pulled by another player
  • Fix for incorrect “white flash” when dragging stacks of blocks over character in inventory
  • Fix for misaligned beacons over death urns
  • Fix for visible black lines on salt block when seen at a distance
  • Enemies now show names again when targeted
  • Minor stability fixes

Update 12 - Bugfixes and new doors (Date: 2015 - 02 - 25)[]

New Features and Content

  • New blocks

Bedrock Door (unlocks on Bedrock Wall) Obsidian Door (unlocks on Obsidian Wall)


  • Lighting performance improvements
  • Improved moss texture
  • Fire and corruption debuffs from enemies no longer apply to players under the influence of resistance potions
  • Other minor block texture tweaks
  • Minor user interface error message polish


  • Fix for player’s sword getting visually “stuck”
  • Fix for AI not attacking properly (introduced R11)
  • Fix for placement on top of slabs (introduced R11)
  • Fix for old store bundles being unclaimable
  • Fix for wood planter prefab not being list
  • Fix for visual flashing on first-person gauntlet
  • Door animation no longer breaks if door is half-pulled
  • Alpha fix for stained glass blocks
  • Fix for selection issue with Grand Arctek Chest
  • Fix for timer display inconsistencies in Forge
  • Hotkey “swap” fix for quickbar 9 & 0 slots
  • Minor sound effect bugfixes

Update 11 - UI Overhaul, Fuel, Account-Bound Recipes (Date: 2015 - 02 - 16)[]

New Features and Content

  • User Interface Overhaul!
  • Crafting station, forge, and processor overhaul
  • Quickbar items now accessible in all crafting stations
  • Pop-ups for collected items, armor / weapon damage, and newly-learned recipes
  • Improved in-game HUD layout
  • 10 quickslots (up from 6)
  • Armor durability widget
  • Stack splitting changes
  • Single-left “sticky” click to pick up stacks removed (use left-click-hold and drag instead)
  • To split stacks, left-click hold and drag a stack, then right-click to drop single items
  • Right-click shortcut moves entire stacks
  • ...and much, much more!
  • New Fuel System

Forging now requires fuel

Wood, coal, and many other items can fuel a forge

Different fuels have different heat levels, which will forge materials faster

  • Account-bound recipes

All unlocked recipes are craftable in any world

When you first enter an old world, any recipes unlocked there will be added to your account-bound list if you don’t already have them

  • Lava layer enemies now do fire damage
  • Corrupted layer enemies now do corruption damage


  • Improved selection of objects and blocks behind objects
  • Significant world persistence improvements


  • Fix for worlds getting stuck in a bad state
  • Fix for “inventory full” message spam in multiplayer
  • Obsidian treasure chests no longer show up in surface desert areas
  • Healing beacon no longer incorrectly shows an interact option
  • Outdated “basic crafting” reference in moss torch description fixed
  • Fix for seeing through world when digging at chunk boundaries
  • Flowers, mushrooms, and beeswax now collectible even with full inventory if player has a partial incomplete stack
  • Fireworks text fixed (again)
  • Creature special attack effects now playing properly in multiplayer
  • Light now shines through tourmaline glass and diamond glass
  • Fix for visual issues with reinforced glass
  • Duplicate audio items removed

Known Issues

Minor animation glitch where sometime the player’s sword may get visually “frozen.” Swinging the sword again will correct it.

Also, we tried something new this time: a short preview video that goes beyond the patch notes with a few extra details and context (some secrets, too). Watch it here:

Update 10 - New blocks and sun shafts (Date: 2015 - 01 - 26)[]

New Features and Content

  • Sun shafts
  • New extractor art and animations (including super extractor!)
  • New craftable blocks:

Yellow Mosaic Tile Wall (Found Recipe)

Red Mosaic Tile Wall (Found Recipe)

Blue Mosaic Tile Wall (Found Recipe)

Tourmaline Glass (Unlocked on Tourmaline)

Green Tourmaline Glass (Unlocked on Tourmaline Glass)

Diamond Glass (Unlocked on Diamond)


  • Lighting improvements
  • Extractor visual polish
  • Changed brown mushroom and glowing mushroom art
  • Tweaks and adjustments to sound effects and music
  • Backend server optimizations


  • Fix for enemies not being able to target and hit players in doorways
  • Fix for wooden door transparency issue
  • Fix for hit effects not playing for some players in multiplayer
  • Dead players can no longer interact with things (like death statues!)
  • Extractor placement graphical glitch addressed
  • Minor description text fixes

Update 9 - Key re-mapping (Date: 2015 - 01 - 14)[]

New Features and Content

  • Hotkey re-mapping (use the one in-game and not on the game launcher)


  • Enemies are now peaceful to players with Visitor permissions 
  • Adjustment to jump height allowing easier jumping into two-high spaces 
  • Revised swimming / drowning effect 
  • Keepa visual variations 
  • Change to standard HTTP ports to improve world downloading for some players 
  • Saplings no longer spawn randomly; only obtained by pulling wood / leaves 
  • Reversion to less-irritating loot bag closing sound 
  • Minor audio tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Lighting fixes for non-block objects 
  • Fix for some simulations dramatically slowing down the game 
  • Light now properly passes through half-height slab blocks 
  • Spamming the “T” key no longer stacks touchstone teleports 
  • Flare effect no longer oversized 
  • Fix for block duplication exploit 
  • Fix for crafting duplication exploit 
  • Fix for being catapult-launched while placing blocks underwater 
  • Tooltip no longer vanishes when buffs run out 
  • Fix for chests and teleporters visually vanishing to other players when “pulled” in multiplayer 
  • Fix for missing wood roof icon 
  • Growth simulation tweaks 
  • Leaves and wood will no longer pull and vanish if inventory is full 
  • Labels on chests and other items no longer default to “Enter a message” if you back out while changing the label

Update 8 - Climb to great heights (Date: 2014 - 12 - 18)[]

New Features and Content

  • Ladders

Wood and stone variety

Multiplayer ladder climbing animation

  • New craftable blocks

Siltstone Wall

Iron Wall

Curled Iron Wall

Reinforced Glass

  • Advanced world options for world owners

New players enter as a visitor

Turn off explosions

Turn off PvP


  • Player head movement for multiplayer
  • Length limit for account names increased from 20 to 40

Bugfixes (thanks to everyone who reported bugs!)

  • Fix for corrupted creatures lighting on fire in daylight (hopefully for good!)
  • Fix for all creatures randomly lighting on fire
  • Fixed icons for concrete blocks
  • Fireworks now have correct names
  • Fix for sunburn to be applied to mobs at the correct time
  • Removed an overzealous growth bug
  • Fixed lag issue that occurred when recomputing lights
  • Server stability improvements
  • Minor audio bugfixes
  • Corrected spelling errors

Update 7 - The Dawn of the Rise of the Planet of the Female Avatar (Date: 2014 - 12 - 03)[]

New Features and Content

  • Female character
  • Tons of new sound effects - stations, teleporters, and more
  • Signs (max 35 characters)
  • Labels for storage chests and teleporters
  • New craftable items:
  • Stone Window
  • Barred Window
  • Admin tools for world owners. (All of these bring up a list of players after the chat command.)
  • /kick [minutes] - Kicks them. Default: 5 minutes
  • /mute [minutes] - Mutes them; they cannot send chats. Default: 5 minutes
  • /ban - brings up a list of current players in the world and allows banning
  • /unban - brings up a list of banned people and allows unbanning
  • /promote [admin|mod|builder|visitor] - brings up a list of players in the world and allows setting a player’s permission level
  • /permissions - see what permission level you currently have
  • Permission Levels
  • Owner: Can do everything permanently; cannot be banned.
  • Admins: Can do everything.
  • Mods: Can kick and mute, but not ban.
  • Builders: Regular permissions - default starting permissions.
  • Visitors: Cannot interact, dig, or cause damage.


  • Icons for blue, yellow, and red lamps
  • Icons for all versions of TNT
  • Visuals for healing, fire, and other effects on player improved
  • Keepa less likely to spawn in places where he can’t path well
  • Timers for resistance potions increased
  • Mouse acceleration option
  • Death animations for players

Bugfixes (thanks to everyone who reported bugs!)

  • Fix for mining lag introduced in R6
  • Fix for death statues getting buried under blocks
  • Crafting UI does not auto-scroll to top when crafting items
  • Can now hit enemies on doors or loot bags
  • E-mail verification no longer case-sensitive
  • Station “working” animation fixes
  • Lighting fixes
  • Sloped roof and stair lighting fixed
  • Black and unlit patches on terrain fixed
  • Lighting on spawned stations fixed
  • Point light graphical glitch on glass fixed
  • Other players in multiplayer no longer lose walk animation in legs (sorry, no more "gliding")
  • Text and spelling fixes
  • Memory leak fixes (less crashing — yay!)
  • Stability improvements

Known Issues

  • Loot bags and death statues may sometimes float slightly off the ground

Update 6 - Meet Keepa (Date: 2014 - 11 - 17)[]

New Features and Content

  • “Keepa” mob (warning: rare and elusive!)
  • New crafting component: Arcstones
  • Buff system, including UI indicators for status effects
  • New potions that activate buffs:
  • Health Regeneration Potion
  • Stamina Regeneration Potion
  • Fire Resistance Potion
  • Freeze Resistance Potion
  • Corruption Resistance Potion
  • “Romanesque” crafted blocks:
  • Bedrock Wall
  • Limestone Wall
  • Decorative Limestone Wall
  • Straight Column
  • Spiral Column
  • Pedestal
  • Obsidian Floor
  • Limestone Roof
  • Additional craftable items:
  • Force Bomb
  • Flare (unique recipe reward for validating e-mail address)
  • Arctek Chest
  • Grand Arctek Chest
  • Arc Torch
  • Grand Arc Torch
  • Arc Lantern
  • Grand Arc Lantern
  • Arc Table
  • Advanced Arc Table
  • Grand Arc Table
  • Red Lamp
  • Blue Lamp
  • Yellow Lamp
  • Colorized lighting system
  • New touchstone icon
  • Additional audio and sound effects
  • System for validating an email address with your account


  • Improved extractor UI - now allows for partial pick-up of extracted materials
  • Teleporter UI now properly supports drag-and-drop
  • Player’s own touchstone always sorts to the top of the list
  • Improved stack-splitting: right-click with held stack now single-drops.
  • Modified (improved) loot drops for the Thing


  • Fix for mouse wheel skipping slots
  • Quickbar no longer vanishes when using teleporters / touchstones
  • Significant memory usage improvements
  • General lighting bugfixes
  • Join Worlds “friends” panel updates properly when new world selected
  • Icons restored for corrupted leaves and grass
  • Minor fixes for Rockzilla
  • Max view distance reduced from 15 to 13 for performance

Known Issues

  • Red, Yellow, and Blue Lamp icons may not display properly
  • Death statues may be placed a block or two into the terrain from where death occurred
  • Multiple light sources of different colors may light areas differently depending on the order of placement
  • Slightly slower lighting refresh due to memory improvement changes
  • Slightly more pop-in at distances due to memory improvement changes

Update 5 - Split Some Stacks (Date: 2014 - 11 - 03)[]

New Features and Content

  • Stack splitting and joining support; stack split: shift-click to pick up single items; right click still moves entire stack
  • New first-time user content: crafting station beacon
  • New loot bag art
  • New gauntlet art
  • New art for grenades / bombs


  • Changing a world’s password forces all players to leave the world and re-enter the password
  • 'F' collects and closes stations
  • Underside of liquid surfaces now displays
  • General UI improvements


  • Foggy days disable directional shadows
  • Multiblock objects now show selection cursor when pointing to top half
  • Upper and lower body animations of player now stay in sync on inventory screen
  • Fix for giant grenades / bombs being stuck to hands in multiplayer
  • Fixed the chat window spontaneously reappearing issue
  • Stability and memory usage improvements

Known Issues

  • The quickbar will often vanish when using teleporters or the touchstone. It will come back if you hit ESC for the options menu or enter your inventory.
  • Stack-splitting and joining is unavailable on the processor and forge screens - it only works on inventory / storage screens (for now).

Update 4 - The Arctek Update (Date: 2014 - 10 - 22)[]

New Features and Content

  • Minimized all timers on crafting station
  • “Finish now” button removed
  • Mojo & Store disabled (temporarily)
  • Substantial art revisions to stations and other objects
  • New corrupted stone wall recipe & block
  • Additional journal and data chip content
  • Additional audio effects
  • New rare loot drops


  • Extractor, forge, and processor timers balance overhaul
  • Performance and memory optimizations


  • Death statue changes to prevent destruction of other entities (like teleporters)
  • Death statue automatically added to inventory when empty (can still be placed back into the world for decoration)
  • Additional inventory loss bulletproofing
  • Drag-and-drop improvements and bulletproofing
  • Inventory and storage panel generally more robust
  • Fix for missing icons and text for corrupted blocks
  • Multiblock support for horizontal multiblocks (notably beds)
  • Light attenuation fix for glass and windows
  • Fix for Mac issue with certain brands of mice
  • Corrupted creatures will now burn in daylight

Known Issues

  • Rapid right-clicking and dragging in inventory or storage screen will leave inventory icons permanently onscreen. Fixed by logging in and out of the world.
  • Still no stack-splitting or stack joining, and still no quickbar available on processor and forge screens. (Next time!)

Update 3 - Shadows (Date: 2014 - 10 - 01)[]

New Features and Content

  • Shadows! The sun now casts shadows on everything in the game, adding a sense of depth and beauty.
  • Additional music. Let us know what you think!


  • Spectre enemy removed. We heard from enough of you about your frustration with this guy, so we’re benching it for a season to see if we can improve it.
  • Increased chance for Queen Bees to form beeswax. Because you can always use more beeswax.
  • Less randomness in fire simulation and fire spread reduced. We pacified our inner pyromaniac and made fire a little less crazy.
  • Shadow options added to visual options. You can disable shadows for better performance on older machines.
  • Visual improvements for mobs. Now your cursor outlines instead of highlights mobs and the loot bag FX is improved.


  • Fix for lost touchstones. If you’re missing a touchstone and have room in your inventory, we’ll give you one.
  • Added back in recipes accidentally removed in R2. Fireworks, Salt, Asphalt and others are back — sorry about that!
  • Fix for broken crafting station animation. Finally, it works like the other stations.
  • Armor effects now properly disabled when armor removed. Though it was a pretty good cheat while it lasted :)
  • Bugfix for TNT sometimes not exploding in multiplayer. We found all the dud TNT bombs and threw ‘em out.
  • Water sim throttling to prevent severe performance hits. Do more with water with less lag!
  • Rapid sun movements at dawn / dusk fixed. We cured the sun’s epilepsy!
  • Missing geometry on fence objects fixed.
  • General performance & stability improvements.

Major known Issues

  • Changes to visual options require a game restart to apply.
  • Mouse movement issues when exiting UIs on some Mac & mouse combinations.
  • UI issues from R2 still not fixed:
  • Single-click selection on forge and processor is not working. Either double-click or drag to queue up items in those stations
  • Items on the quickbar are not accessible in the crafting station, forge, and processor.
  • Minor quickbar and drag-and-drop bugs (generally cleaned up by closing your inventory).

The Store Is Taking a Vacation

Hey guys,

We've talked a lot about our plans to change the store in Creativerse -- which, by the way, was largely a result of all the great feedback we got from you.

The first phase of that change will be happening with the next update. We will be turning off the store entirely. We will also be removing timers on the crafting station and tweaking all the other timers slightly (e.g. for the forge, processor and extractors). You will no longer be able to skip any timers, and they will never be tied to purchases again. A few updates later, we'll bring a new and improved store back featuring a bunch of new stuff -- extras, buffs, and cosmetics, etc.

We may bring back some of the items currently featured in the store, but there's no guarantee all the recipes and bundles will be identical. So if you were on the fence about wanting that Firework recipe or the Cathedral Pack, we suggest you get it soon. The new update could be live as early as next Monday.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for being one of our awesome early access players!

Update 2 (Date: 2014 - 09 - 23)[]

New Features and Improvements

Reactive World The world will now react to the changes you make! Push on it and it will push back. What happens when you try to build a snow fort in the desert? A corrupted paradise in the middle of a healthy forest?

Creature Awareness The creatures in Creativerse have awoken. They know where you are, they know what you’re doing. They can sense your presence and are drawn towards your activity. When they want something they’re much better at figuring out how to get it (for better or worse!) Who knows what other things have entered their brains?

Improved Combat Animations and Effects Swingier! Punchier! Boff, Zam, Zip! We’ve added a new layer of combat effects to your weapons and to the creatures. We’ve also improved the responsiveness of your weapons and the rate of attack. The creatures might be smarter and tougher, but so are you!

Increased Challenge I think you’re probably getting the point… we’ve made Creativerse a bit more challenging. But only in a good way! (we hope :-) Being able to stand around in the open at night and walk away from your computer only to return to find nothing has happened to you wasn’t very fun (right? :-) You better take our game seriously, that’s all I’m saying.

Recipe Categories Should be a lot easier to figure out what you can make. No more jumbled list! Check out the newly sorted categories and tabs in the crafting station.

Touchstone We’ve repurposed and changed the way the your old “teleporters” work. Now called touchstones, these objects have the same functionality as the original teleporters with some added benefits! You can now set touchstones to be public, or not, allowing you to hide your touchstone from others. Instead of a port-crystal you can now simply hit a key (T) to select a touchstone location you’d like to warp to.

Teleporters In addition to the touchstone we’ve introduced new craftable teleporters. These work in a completely different way, but allow you to create an advanced travel network. Craft a few and see if you can figure out how to link them all together!

Day variations You may notice that some days look different than others now… The hints of a larger system to come...

Fire Heat is really important now, and can set fire to things if they get hot enough. Beware surrounding your thatched house in fire pits. Unless you’re really cold. Or you like BBQ.

New Elemental Effects It used to be that lava and corrupted water were the only things that could affect the player... Keep an eye out for all new dangers (and benefits!) in your worlds.

Growth Some things can grow in Creativerse now (and more will be coming soon.) Can you figure out how to grow a tree?

And Regrowth! We know what you were thinking: my friends took ALL the red mushrooms! Fear not, the world now will regrow some items over time too.

Block Loot Blocks can drop more than one item! Some of your old favorites just might have bonuses :)

Compass Indicators Check out the new compass indicators - your touchstone, players, and crafting stations will now appear on your compass to help you find your way around!

Chat Colors Player names are now color-coded to match their compass indicator! Your chat window should be a little more parseable now.

Chat Notifications “Hey when did you get here?” “Dude, I’ve been here for like, 3 hours! We built this entire house together!” “WAHHH?” Yeah, no more of that. You’ll see chat notifications when people join and leave your world!

Visual Options We’ve added some visual options in the game settings menu that lets you adjust various visual effects:

  • Separate Lighting Thread Toggle - Turning this off should help performance on dual core machines.
  • Load Radius - Raise and lower this to affect how much terrain loads around your player (and increase performance on lower end hardware.)
  • Motion Blur - Turn motion blur on or off according to preference! To apply these changes (for now) exit and re-launch the game.

New items[]

  • Fire bomb - a lovingly-prepared package of flaming doom. Do be careful around that thatch mansion of yours :)
  • Freeze Bomb - If a fire bomb is “too hot to handle”, this freeze bomb is “too cold to hold”.
  • Purification Bomb - Has an interesting reaction near corruption.
  • Corruption Bomb - Has an interesting reaction near nature.
  • Healing Beacon - Sending out a steady stream of good vibes. Corruption can’t stand it!
  • Hardened Lava Wall - The perfect way to hide the fact that you’re raising a baby dragon indoors.
  • Obsidian Brick Wall - Hmm. Looks like there’s a snout-print on the otherwise shiny surface. Pigsy, we’re looking at you.
  • Sand Castle Wall - Castles made of this fall in the sea, eventually. Or so I’ve heard.
  • Iron Bars - ‘Passing the bar’ has never been easier!
  • Iron Bar Door - I’m ‘behind bars’ and loving it!
  • Queen Bee - Likes living deep in honeycomb. Can drone on about politics, though :(
  • Ashwood Sapling - Keeps you awake all night with its crying. Will be big and strong one day.
  • Cragwood Sapling - ‘Aww, you’re so cute! Err. . . someone needs a diaper change.”
  • Elderwood Sapling - ‘Hey, I was young once, too!’ -Elderwood

Update 1 Start of Early Access on Steam (Date: 2014 - 08 - 12)[]

Even before Early Access started, Creativerse has already come a long way and progressed through many game design and even art style changes. Things once looked like this...

Creativerse Thereafter launch livestream319.jpg

Creativerse early development pic.jpg