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Basic Information[]

The rare red-nosed Reaudolphs are relatives of the fluffy beige-brown Reinbeaus that were implemented on December 19th 2018 and spawned in cold biomes on natural blocks of Ice and Snow for the duration of the Christmas event until January 25th 2019. They will most likely return for the next Christmas event in December 2019.

The noses of Reaudolphs glow brightly and illuminate the ground in front of them, which is best visible in the night or in dark areas. The other difference towards Reinbeaus is the red collar with several small golden bells on it that Reaudolphs wear, but Reinbeaus don't.

Reaudolphs could not be tamed - just like the event Creatures from 2017 also weren't tameable for a whole year. These rare Rambeau variants still might become tameable in the future though, just like Reinbeaus.

These new Creatures could be killed though, and would then randomly drop ca. 100-200 Rescued Toys or 1 Small Trog Trap, and/or Molasses, Gingerbread Loaves, several random Christmas-themed building blocks like Gingerbread Walls and/or other Holiday items like Holiday Lights or Candycane Fences for example.

This would make Reaudolphs very valuable sources of Rescued Toys that could be traded with randomly spawning Elfis for rare seasonal Recipes and Christmas-themed items. However, Reaudolphs only dropped Rescued Toys rather rarely, most of the times they would drop 1 Small Trog Trap instead, plus a random assortment of winter-themed items.

During the Christmas event, both Reinbeaus and Reaudolphs required 63 hits with a Twig, 45 hits with a Wood Sword, 45 hits with a Stone Sword, 23 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 10 hits with an Iron Sword, 8 hits with a Diamond Sword or 5 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

Please note that all Creatures in Creativerse can have individual resistances and vulnerabilities against specific tiers of melee Weapons, and some also have armor points.

Like Rambeaus, Reaudolphs were immune against cold damage, but different to their blue-furred brethren, Reaudolphs are also immune to Corruption damage.

They did not take much damage from most Explosives in general, even though they can be poisoned and burnt, but they can drown pretty quickly like most other Creatures.

Playful has already made clear that Reaudolphs will not spawn any longer after the Christmas event will be over, which means that they will very likely not return before the next Christmas event that is expected to start in December 2019.

Reaudolphs cannot be spawned on Mob Spawners (yet) either.