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Basic Information[]

You can take on and fulfill Quests in Creativerse.

These quests are not obligatory, but will grant you useful rewards including up to 350 free Coins for the Store, and up to 8 permanent buffs for your player character granted by Badges that will be unlocked after the completion of several related Quests for each Badge.

The first quest "Welcome to the Jungle" that asks of you to place your Touchstone will begin right away when you start playing Creativerse.

Quests and Badges are (Steam) account-bound, they can only be completed once by each player, no matter on which game world.

This means that you can switch to any other Creativerse game world in between and continue to work on your current quests there if you like. But you cannot repeat any of the quests.

In general, quests are supposed make the basic starter game progress in Creativerse a little faster and easier with their rewards, so they serve as a tutorial of sorts for new players and will then introduce all players to most features that the game has to offer.

Quests are not mandatory at all, so if you dislike such a feature in a sandbox game, you can simply ignore it. Just disable the "track" options of all pending quests and/or don't accept their rewards, simply by doing that the follow-up quest will not be started.

However, fulfilling Quests is definitely recommendable, since the first bunch of 7 Quests related to the "Rookie" Badge will reward you with Coins for the Store - 50 Coins for each of these Quests, so 350 in total.

The other Badges will also grant you nice permanent bonuses like a general reduction of physical damage taken, a critical hit chance, shorter taming times or the ability to prevail longer under water before starting to drown, etc.

All unlocked Badges will grant your player character their permanent buffs, no matter which one of them (or none) you will select to be displayed next to your character's name for other players to see. The option to "wear" a Badge is merely for show.

Quests as a feature together with the Codex and QB were first implemented with R54 on May 1st 2018 with 43 Quests initially, 41 of which will unlock up to 7 Badges upon completion.

On December 19th 2018, 9 more quests and 1 new Badge were added with the Elfi's Wonderland update, so there are now 52 quests in total.

One additional quest is seemingly still hidden and cannot be unlocked yet, so the quest window will display "52 of 53 quests completed" in the bottom left corner even after you've completed all currently available quests and have attained the Rancher Badge.

The Rancher reduces taming times significantly: 1 second instead of 5 seconds, 1,5 seconds instead of 7,5 seconds, 2 seconds instead of 10 seconds, 3 seconds instead of 15 seconds, 5 seconds instead of 25 seconds, 6 seconds instead of 30 seconds. 

How to start questing[]

Since May 24th 2018, new players will automatically be shown their very first quest "Welcome to the Jungle" (with the task to place your Touchstone) as a tracking note on the left of their screen.

You can access your quest menu by pressing the key "x" (as the default key) or by opening your inventory, map or crafting menu, where you can find a Tab called "Codex" right above the window to the right side of the Tab "Map".

Click on the word "Codex" to access the quest menu. The Codex will show your list of open and completed quests by default, while you can access your Badge list by clicking on the medal icon, and the Help menu by clicking on the book icon with the question mark on it.

In this window you will also find QB, your friendly cubic quest companion who is the one asking you to fulfill these tasks and will grant you the rewards as well as the Badges and the helpful hints.

Completing the first quest (by placing your Touchstone - or alternatively picking it up again and placing it once more if you have already placed it) will initiate the whole quest chain.

By confirming the completion of any Quest and accepting the rewards, a follow-up Quest or sometimes even more than one following Quest will automatically be unlocked and started to show up.

Tracking Quests[]

Please note that Quests will not automatically be "tracked" onscreen. You have to click the round dot next to the word "track" in the respective window of an active quest in order to let the quest tracker for this quest show up ingame. You will need to click on the quest you want to track in the list of quests in the Quest Menu that is called the Codex at first, then the small round "track" option can be found in the bottom right corner of the selected quest window to the right side of the quest list.

This way, you can optionally track your quest progress similar to how you can track unlocking requirements and crafting ingredients. You will be shown the description and progress of your current quest/s (up to 3 quests can be tracked parallel, not more than that) on the left border of your game screen.

If your quest tracker should display "Press None to complete quest and collect rewards!" then you have assigned the default key "x" to another action already, leaving the Quest Menu with no specific key assigned.

You can assign any key you like by pressing "Esc", selecting "Game Settings" and then clicking on the "Control" Tab above. Scroll down to find and define your preferred key for "Codex". Or simply access your Quest Menu by clicking on the "Codex" Tab from your inventory, map or crafting menu.


When playing together with other players, the multiple quest trackers might sometimes interfere.

If your quest tracker should suddenly change and indicate a totally different quest from the one/s active in your Codex (quest window), then please deactivate the tracker for the affected quest/s and reactivate it again, this will reset and fix it.

How to complete quests[]

Follow the instructions for each quest that you can find in the Codex when clicking on the according quest image to complete it accordingly. You can find some additional tips for each Quest further below in this article in the quest list.

After you've fulfilled all steps, don't forget to complete your quest/s in the Quest Menu by selecting the according Quest and clicking the green "Complete" button in order to receive the according rewards! Also, make some space for these items in your inventory beforehand.

Crafters' quests:

If crafting quests ask you to craft an item, then you can often simply take this item out of storage if you have already crafted it before. However, in order to fulfill the Quest correctly, you might sometimes actually have to craft the specific item in your crafting menu (to be opened with "q" as the default key).

The requested item will be marked with a codex icon in your crafting menu to let you find it quicker and avoid any ambiguity mistakes because of somehow similar named items.

Collectors' quests:

Harvesting quests usually can be alternated by finding the required items (like Red Mushrooms for example) in a randomly spawning Treasure Chest, by being given the items by another player or by simply taking the items out of a storage container/chest if you have already collected some of these items.

Explorers' quests:

Already discovered items etc. will automatically count in retrospective for this quest! It also does not seem necessary to actually visit the specific Biomes or Layers that exploration quests suggest. You can optionally collect the plants, blocks or materials in question in order to "discover" them wherever you may find them; like from randomly spawning Treasure Chests, from fellow players or from Creatures as a loot or Pet-harvest.

Fighters' quests:

As for kill-quests - you will have to use melee Weapons and/or Explosives to defeat the Creatures in question. Simply obtaining Loot Bags (like from Creatures that were killed by drowning, freezing, corruption, purification or burning like in kill-traps that you can build for this purpose) will not count. However, you can build a kill-trap that will allow you to hit the Creatures yourself additionally (through a Fence for example) in hopes that you will be able to deal the finishing blow before the Creatures will die from the liquids etc. in the trap. Actually it might be a better idea to build or modify traps that will simply capture, but not kill Creatures for kill-quest purposes.

You do not have to kill Creatures in the specific Biomes or Layers that the quests suggest, instead you can hunt them wherever these Creatures might appear - and you can build artificial biomes from natural blocks that can make hunting Creatures more comfortable and safer. However, you cannot improperly use Mob Spawners, since Creatures spawned with this machine will not count for quests.

Resetting quests[]

Currently there is no way to restart already completed quests.

You cannot "lose" any earned badges and you cannot collect the quest rewards again and again either.

Be warned: resetting your world will not restart your quest progress from scratch!


Creativerse badges 0 2018-12-25 18-41-24-04.jpg
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Creativerse badge homesteader 2018-05-01 22-40-14-99.jpg
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Creativerse badge armorer 2018-05-01 22-40-21-07.jpg
Creativerse badge rancher 2018-12-22 21-26-34-93.jpg
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In your quest window ("Codex") you can find two subcategories, accessible by clicking on the small icons. The first (an open scroll with an exclamation mark in the middle) is QB's list of Quests, and the second (a medal with straps) is a list of Badges that you can unlock by fulfilling quests.

Each quest belongs to a certain category associated with a specific Badge. Whenever you will complete a quest, the progress will be counted and displayed on the according slider of its category in the Badge window.

As soon as all of the quests of one category have been completed (and confirmed by you in the Quest Menu = Codex), the assigned Badge of this category will be activated.

The buff related to this Badge (as described in the Badge window if you hover your mouse cursor over the icon of the Badge) will automatically and permanently be granted to your player character on all game worlds.

You do not have to confirm or do anything in order for the Badges to be unlocked, they will automatically unlock and grant their buff as soon as you have completed their related quests.

Additionally, you can choose one of your unlocked Badges to be displayed next to your character's name for other players to see if you like that. To select an unlocked Badge, open your inventory and click on the icon to the right side of your character equipment next to the word "Costume" over your pauldron slot.

On May 1st 2018, 7 Badges were introduced:

  • Rookie (after fulfilling 7 quests, player characters can stay under water for some more seconds before starting to drown and take damage)
  • Ruffian (after fulfilling 8 quests, player characters will be healed for 8 seconds if their health drops below 30% = 332 health points or less)
  • Brawler (after fulfilling 8 quests, players can randomly accomplish a critical hit that will inflict more damage while fighting with a melee Weapon)
  • Cavedweller (after fulfilling 5 quests, falling damage is reduced for the player character on all game worlds)
  • Homesteader (after fulfilling 5 quests, player characters will take less freeze damage from cold damage attacks or environmental temperatures near/on Snow or Ice after the white cold gauge has filled)
  • Explorer (after fulfilling 4 quests, player characters will take less Corruption damage from corruption damage attacks or environmental effects near/on Corrupted Blocks after the violet corruption gauge has filled, or from Corrupted Water right away)
  • Armorer (after fulfilling 4 quests, the physical damage taken from animals hits and the melee weapons of player characters is permanently reduced, which is not reflected in armor defense points)

On December 19th 2018, 1 more Badge was added to the game:

  • Rancher (after fulfilling 9 quests, the timespan required to tame Creatures will be greatly reduced)

List of quests[]

Welcome to the Jungle[]

  • Badge: Rookie
  • Unlocked by: clicking on "Accept" to start this first quest
  • Objective: place your Touchstone from your quickbar on the ground. If you have placed it already, teleport to your Touchstone (default key "t"), pick it up and place it anew. If you want to relocate it, go to where you want to place your touchstone next, press "t" (or your assigned custom key) again and click on "reclaim" to retrieve your Touchstone from wherever it was on the game world.
  • Rewards: 1 crafted Wood Sword, 5 crafted Basic Health Potions and 50 Coins
  • Unlocks: quest "Mushroom For Error"

Mushroom For Error[]

Home Sweet Home[]

  • Badge: Rookie
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Mushroom For Error"
  • Objectives:
    • craft 20 Wood Wall blocks from any type of natural Wood blocks taken from trees or Wood Treasure Chests in your crafting menu (to be opened with the default key "q"), and
    • place these 20 blocks of Wood Wall anywhere (you can take them up again if you like without suffering any negative effects). Attention: Wood Wall blocks are flammable. As a positive side note, you can use them in your Forge as Fuel.
  • Rewards: 20 Wood Floor blocks, 12 Wood Windows, 1x Leather Leggings and 50 Coins
  • Unlocks: quests "Look Out Above" and "Branching Out"

Look Out Above[]

Branching Out[]

Pig Up The Pace[]

  • Badge: Ruffian
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Branching Out"
  • Objective: defeat 10 common yellow daylight Pigsies anywhere with a melee Weapon and/or Explosives - they spawn during the day on nearly all surface Biomes and also on artificial Biomes made from natural blocks like common green Grass. Other variants of Pigsies like Night Pigsies will not count. Also Creatures spawned with a Mob Spawner won't do for this quest.
  • Rewards: 20 pieces of Leather and 10 Bones
  • Unlocks: quest "Let's Go To The Beach"

Part Of the Process[]

  • Badge: Rookie
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Look Out Above"
  • Objectives:
  • Rewards: 20 blocks of common Stone, 20 Vines, 1 Leather Pauldron and 50 Coins
  • Unlocks: quests "Self Defense", "Block and A Hard Place", "Bricks by Bricks" and "We Scout Here"

Self Defense[]

  • Badge: Rookie
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Part Of the Process"
  • Objectives:
  • Rewards: 1 Leather Breastplate and 50 Coins
  • Unlocks: might be one of the unlocking requirements for "Forge Ahead", but only when the quest "Block and A Hard Place" is also completed

Block and A Hard Place[]

Bricks by Bricks[]

  • Badge: Builder
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Part Of the Process"
  • Objectives:
    • get any Blueprint from the Blueprint window (you can find the Tab when opening the inventory, crafting menu or map). It is recommended to choose a small Blueprint from the workshop made of only a few blocks to finish the quest quickly, but you can use the opportunity to build your first house or you can alternatively create a Blueprint yourself with a Small Capture Block
    • place the cornerstone of this Blueprint
    • and finish building the Blueprint
  • Rewards: 5 Small Capture Blocks, 5 Medium Capture Blocks and 5 Stone Treasure Chests
  • Unlocks: quest "Rome Was Nothin' "

We Scout Here[]

High and Low[]

Finding Your Cool[]

No Block Unturned[]

Let's Go To The Beach[]

Forge Ahead[]

  • Badge: Rookie
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Block and A Hard Place" and most likely also requires the quest "Self Defense" to be completed as well
  • Objectives:
  • Rewards: 1 more Forge, 20 Obsidian Ore and 50 Coins
  • Unlocks: quest "Obsidian Dreams" and "Green Thumb", unlocks the Rookie Badge that grants additional breathing time underwater (as well as in any other liquids)

A Stalactite Squeeze[]

Rome Was Nothin'[]

Iron And Mine[]

Obsidian Dreams[]

Green Thumb[]

Iron Will[]

Who Turned Off The A/C?[]

Diamond in the Rough[]

Purple Haze[]

Lumite's Might[]

Who's The Chicken?[]

Hot Headed[]

Dirt-y Jobs[]

  • Badge: Homesteader
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Green Thumb"
  • Objectives:
    • till 10 blocks of Dirt or green Grass or Mud with a Plow (equip this tool that you got from the prior quest and use it on the blocks holding the left mouse button)
    • place 10 Wheat Seeds on tilled land soon after tilling. If you want them to grow into Wheat properly, you will have to place Water or Mineral Water or Bog Water (not too much of the latter) adjacent to each tilled land with Seeds on it. The type of moisture will not influence the growth. Light is not necessary, fertilizing (with Pigsy Droppings is purely optional, but the area/Biome has to be sufficient, not too cold or hot (and some areas are simply unsuitable for unknown reasons), otherwise the Seeds will stay fallow (written in red letters) and have to be pulled out to be planted elsewhere
    • harvest 10 Wheat ca. 50 minutes (real-life-time) after planting when it's "ripe" within 24 hours for optimal results by pulling it like any other item or block, or harvest it even later when it's "grown" anytime; it will never wither
  • Rewards: 20 Turnip Seeds, 50 units of pure Water and 1 Taming Collar
  • Unlocks: quests "Farmologist" and "Fresh Baked Bread"


  • Badge: Homesteader
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Dirt-y Jobs"
  • Objectives:
    • tame a common yellow daylight Pigsy with a Taming Collar - equip the collar, stun the Pigsy with Stun Bombs and try to hold the left mouse button while aiming with the cursor at the Pigsy for 5 seconds. Even before the Pigsy ducks and waves its tail, you should use another Stun Bomb to prevent getting thrown in the air which would interrupt the taming process
    • feed a yellow Pigsy Pet as long as it is hungry (showing Food in its thought bubble and Pet window), preferably with its exact favorite Food type as shown in the Pet window when activating your pet (right mouse button or "f" as the default key). If you feed your Pets anything else than their favorite Food, for example a simple brown Mushroom or the wrong type of Bread or Pie, the pet harvest might be disappointingly less
    • wait a few minutes after feeding, then you can harvest from your Pet by pulling with the gauntlet and holding the right mouse button like when picking up any block, plant or object. As mentioned, Pigsy Droppings (a pet-harvest only, not obtainable as loot after killing) might only be part of the pet-harvest if the Pigsy has been fed its favorite Food
  • Rewards: 10 Lettuce Seeds, 20 Wheat oars and 20 more Pigsy Droppings usable as optional fertilizer on Seeds, tree Saplings and/or Seedlings (first growth stage of Seeds)

Fresh Baked Bread[]

No Soup For You[]

In Too Deep[]

Leaf It To Me[]

Best Served Cold[]

The Night's Watch[]

Things That Go Bump[]

Hogging The Glory[]

Anything You Canyon Do...[]

Let Your Lava Flow[]

Power Corrupts[]

It Was Nothing[]

Oooh, Shiny![]

Fall For You[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • unlocked by completing another quest
  • Objectives:
    • Tame an Autumn Leafi by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an Autumn Leafi (that spawns in Forests next to autumnally colored Autumnwood trees during the day) for 5 seconds. This Leafi variant will defend itself as soon as you attempt to tame it, but not overly fiercely.
      Tips for taming: you might either want to use Stun Bombs in order to prevent the taming process from being interrupted by being hit, or you could build a trap. Simply build a small closed-up vertical box with a destination teleporter on top of the hollow inside that does not even have to be larger than a shaft of only 1 block in width.
      The bottom of teleporters is not solid for Creatures, it will let Creatures fall downwards through it as soon as they are teleported in. So if you lure a Creature into a departure teleporter (not too far from the trap) with the same upper code as the destination teleporter's lower code, they will fall into the trap.
      Best use fences, rotated slabs or any type of blocks that have small holes in them as the bottom of the trap. You can then stand below the trap and safely tame the Creature through the fences or holes of the bottom of the trap. Creatures can hit you through small holes if you stand on the other side, but not if you stand right below them.
  • Rewards: 20 Citrus Autumnwood Leaves, 20 Autumnwood Flowers and 1 Pet Washer
  • Unlocks: quest "Who's the Boss?"

Who's the Boss?[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Fall for you"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame a BossHog by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at a reluctantly aggressive BossHog (that spawns in Savannah biomes during day and night) for 15 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is highly recommended, since BossHogs can easily interrupt the taming process by pushing player characters high up and backwards. To prevent your character from being flung up, you can try standing in (shallow) water or any other liquid.
    • Wash a BossHog Pet with the Washer after harvesting.
      After taming a BossHog, you will first have to feed it when it's hungry and displays the food icon in its thought bubble and Pet window (right-click while pointing your cursor at the Pet per default). It's always recommendable to feed your Pets their exact (!) favorite type of Food as shown in their Pet window. Only then they will provide you with their best harvest.
      Pets will need a few minutes to digest the food, then the thought bubble and Pet window will display an ArcTek Gauntlet (or rather a Mining Cell). Now you can "pull" the Pets (left mouse button by default) like you would mine/pick up any block.
      Afterwards, all Pets need a good cleaning before they can get hungry again. Some Pets like BossHogs even appear dirty very visibly. Equip a Washer, point it at the Pet and hold the left mouse button (by default) for 3 seconds until the bar has filled.
  • Rewards: 20 BossHog Tusks, 20 Pigsy Droppings and 20 Melon Sandwiches
  • Unlocks: quest "Ring the Bell, DeVoe"

Ring the Bell, DeVoe[]

A Rocky Relationship[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Ring the Bell, DeVoe"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame a Trog by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Trog (that spawns in Canyon biomes during the day) for 5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is highly recommended, since Trogs have a long reach and can strongly push your player character backwards. Standing in Water or any other liquid might prevent from being pushed.
    • Tame a Dustevil by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Dustevils (that spawns in Canyon biomes during the day) for 5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is highly recommended, since Dustevils can hurl your player character really high up in the air. Standing in Water or any other liquid might prevent your player character from being pushed.
  • Rewards: 20 Trog Horns, 20x Dustevil Dust and 20 Stun Bombs
  • Unlocks: quest "Ice To Meet You"

Ice To Meet You[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "A Rocky Relationship"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame an Arctic Miru by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Arctic Miru (that spawns on Snow, Ice and Peakstone in biomes like Frozen Oceans, Frozen Deserts, Taigas, snowy Tundras, snowy Mountains or (rarely) snowy Canyons during the night or in complete darkness) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Arctic Mirus can use a blinding attack that will usually interrupt the taming process.
    • Tame a Blizzard Chizzard by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at a defensive Blizzard Chizzard (that spawns on Snow and Ice in cold biomes like Frozen Oceans, Frozen Deserts, Taigas, snowy Tundras, snowy Mountains or (rarely) snowy Canyons during the day) for 5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Blizzard Chizzards cannot only deal cold damage over time, they can also push your player character away. Even as soon as they just start to use their dive attack, the taming process is often already interrupted.
    • Build an Ice Home with 50 Ice blocks. You can collect Ice from Frozen Oceans (there's usually a layer of thin flat Snow on top), or from frozen rivers in many cold biomes, or you can simply place units of Water or Bog Water into cold biomes high up, like on the top of snow-covered Mountains so that the liquid will freeze to Ice. Actually, you do not really have to build a house-like structure at all, you can simply place the 50 blocks of Ice wherever and however you like, and it might even be possible to place just one block of Ice 50 times...
  • Rewards: 20 Arctic Miru Eyes, 20 Blizzard Chizzard Gizzards and 20 Freeze Resistance Potions
  • Unlocks: quest "Burning For You"

Burning For You[]

Slumber Party[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Burning For You"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame a Night Chizzard by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Night Chizzard (that spawns on Shores, around Wildwood trees in Jungles and in Tundras only at night in dark areas) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Night Chizzards will use a dive attack frequently, and even as soon as they start to fly up, the taming process is often already interrupted.
    • Tame a Night Pigsy by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Night Pigsy (that spawns in many biomes like Forests, Grasslands, Swamplands, Woodlands, Savannahs, Canyons or snowless Tundras in dark areas at night, but also during the day in the darkness of Caves in the Fossil layer and Stalactite layer not far underground) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Night Pigsies can push your player character backwards and upwards, which will interrupt the taming process.
    • Tame a Night Rockster by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Night Rockster (that spawns on Shores at night in dark areas, but also during the day in the darkness of Caves in the Fossil layer and Stalactite layer not far underground) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since the spin attack of Night Rocksters will push your player character backwards, which will interrupt the taming process.
    • Place 10 LEDs for your Night Club. First unlock the crafting recipe for LEDs by crafting or obtaining Wood Burning Lamps, crafting a Wiring Tool, and crafting at least one Switch. Then craft 2 LEDs at a time with 4 Stone Slabs, 2x Coal and 4 Glass blocks. You can place one LED, pick it up again and repeat it 10 times in total.
  • Rewards: 20 Arcstones, 1 placeable Diamond Treasure Chest, 1 Red Party Hat, 1 Yellow Party Hat and 1 Blue Party Hat
  • Unlocks: quest "Thing 1 & Thing 2"

Thing 1 & Thing 2[]


  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Thing 1 & Thing 2"
  • Objectives:
    • Place 30 Obsidian Brick Walls. Or place even more to be safe - in the shape of a thin flat plane.
    • Place 10 Sand Blocks. Actually, tests have shown that Sand blocks by themselves will NOT make Rockzilla spawn, instead Seashells can help with summoning Rockzilla. Seashells will spawn over time on blocks of Sand, albeit slowly. In order to summon Rockzilla faster, you might rather want to place 10-20 blocks of either Corals, Shorewood, Shorewood Husk, Shorewood Leaves, Driftwood or Seashells that you have collected yourself from Shores. And of course you'll have to place them adjacently to the Obsidian Brick Walls, not somewhere far away.
    • Place 5 Torches. The quest reacts to Coal Torches. Better place 10 of them and place them either directly on the Obsidian Brick Walls, or at least adjacent to these blocks. However, you can use nearly any crafted luminaires in order to "summon" Rockzilla.
    • Wait for Rockzilla to spawn and tame it. Please note that Rockzilla will not spawn at night and not all biomes/areas seem to be suitable for Rockzilla. Also, do not build Rockzilla's altar too close to your touchstone. Don't stay in the area, but walk a few biomes further away, use a bed to let the next day spawn before you return. Try it once again a lot later - do not visit and re-visit the altar too often. If Rockzilla does not spawn within a reasonable timespan, try building an altar somewhere else. In some areas, it might take really long - maybe even a full RL day - until the giant crab spawns, in other areas it might spawn after building the altar, leaving the area and returning right away...
  • Rewards: 3 Diamond Treasure Chests and 1 Lumite Mining Cell
  • Unlocks: Rancher Badge that will reduce the timespan for taming drastically for all tameable Creatures

Please note that you might have to relog (exit the game, wait for a few minutes, log in again) in order to complete the quest "Friendzilla" and be granted the Badge properly.