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5 QBits autobuilding a castle

Default QBit appearance

QBit appearance when BuzzKill Companion costume is used

Basic Information[]

QBits are small bots that can help you build Blueprints automatically. They can also be used for buying building kits for Blueprints. In the inventory, their icon looks like QB without a face, but when using them for autobuilding, they look like whatever Companion the player has selected at the time the build is started. They were added to the game on May 26th, 2020 with the QBits Construction Co. update.

QBits function essentially as an in-game currency used to pay for either Blueprint kits or automatically building Blueprints. Unlike Coins, they are ordinary inventory items, so they can be given to other players or lost when dying.

It is highly recommended to keep all your QBits in your Arc Vault storage, both to prevent losing them to theft or death, and to enable using them on all worlds. QBits in your Arc Vault can be used for building Blueprints without taking them out of the Arc Vault, even on worlds where Arc Vault access is disabled, so there is very little reason to store them elsewhere.

How to obtain[]

QBits can be obtained either from Rare or better Login Chests, or by buying them in the Store in the Items tab in packs of either 5, 25, 100 or 250. There is no other way to get them. Once you have gotten a Login Chest or bought an Item Pack, you need to claim it from the Bundles section in your inventory for the QBits to appear in your inventory.

How to use[]

Once you have QBits in either your inventory or your Arc Vault, you can use them for either buying building kits for Blueprints, or for autobuilding them. To do that, put down the cornerstone of the Blueprint you want to build and interact with it by aiming at it and pressing "F" or right-clicking.

In the blueprint interface, you will see the amount of QBits you have available just under the "Materials" section. There will also be two buttons, "Get Kit" and "Auto Build", each with a cost in QBits marked underneath - the cost for each option depends on the size and complexity of the blueprint. The "Get Kit" option will give you all the materials necessary to build the blueprint in a crate, but you will have to build the blueprint yourself. The "Auto Build" option will automatically build the blueprint for you, but it will not remove any blocks in the way, you will still have to clean the terrain yourself.

  • The largest cost for building a blueprint seems to be 5 QBits
  • You can customize the blocks and colors in the blueprint before building by using the "Swap Material" option on the right
  • Once you start an autobuild, you will see tiny bots flying around building the blueprint piece by piece. The number of bots visible will match the autobuild cost in QBits. By default, the bots will look like QB, but they will use whatever Companion costume you have selected.
  • It is not possible to pick up the cornerstone while the blueprint is being autobuilt. Occasionally, it is possble that the blueprint is completed, but the cornerstone remains in the autobuild state, making it impossible to remove the cornerstone. In such a case, leaving and re-entering the world should solve the issue.
  • Leaving the area will pause the autobuild, and it will resume once you or someone else returns to the area.
  • If there are blocks in the way of the blueprint (outlined in red), autobuild will ignore them and complete the rest of the build. It will not automatically build the missing parts if you remove the blocks after the autobuild has started, so be sure to clear out the area beforehand!
  • Autobuilding will not use any materials in your inventory, nor will you get a discount for parts that might already be completed.

The safest place to store your QBits is your Arc Vault. Any QBits stored in your Arc Vault will be shown as available in the Blueprint interface, regardless of whether Arc Vault access is enabled on the world or not - you do not have to take them out of the vault to use them.

QBits cannot currently be placed into the world nor put into Displays.