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Basic Information[]

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Mining Cells, ingame referred to as "Power Cells", are the upgrades to your all-purpose ArcTek Gauntlet in Creativerse.

This gauntlet enables you to "pull" all kinds of materials and resources from a distance right into any empty slots of your quickbar or into your bag/inventory.

This oversized metal-like gauntlet that your player character wears as an exoskeletal extension of their right arm has the power to act like a pickaxe, axe, shovel, and more - all in one. And Power Cells make it even stronger. Power Cells are also called "Mining Cells" because they enable players to mine hard rocks, even though they have many other uses than just that, like against Creatures.

Whenever a Power Cell is equipped, the ArcTek Gauntlet will change its color, so you can easily see how much mining power your gauntlet will currently provide. You can also see a small icon of your currently equipped Mining Cell with its durability status bar in the bottom right corner of your screen, next to the weapon icon and the armor doll icon.

All Power Cells will lose durability when you use them to mine/collect hard rocks or materials. When a Power Cell runs out of power after losing all of its durability, it will break and simply vanish. You will be notified if this happens by an animation, an onscreen message, and by seeing the color of your ArcTek Gauntlet changing back to the "unpowered" original state.

You can always watch the status of your Power Cell's durability bar getting in the Mining Cell equipment slot next to your player character model on the right side of the inventory as well as in the bottom right corner of your ingame screen.

However, if you use strong Power Cells on soft materials, they won't lose any durability, so they can theoretically be used infinitely. Also, the Gauntlet Smash does not lower the durability of the equipped Mining Cell.

In the intro that automatically plays when starting the game for the first time or when creating a new game world since August 22nd 2018, you can see that the player character automatically puts on the ArcTek Gauntlet that they find when waking up on a Creativerse world while being watched by QB.

So when starting the game, your character will already wear their ArcTek Gauntlet, as you can see in the Character Customization and on the right side of your inventory on your player character's 3D "doll" with equipment slots all around.

You can also get a look at your player character from 3rd person if you press the assigned key for "ViewMode" (default key is "o") or when you draw your weapon and have 3rd person perspective combat enabled (by default).

This ArcTek Gauntlet (powered with any Mining Cell or not) has only 3 fingers and a thumb, which is due to the fact that the gauntlet is an exoskeleton and such also significantly longer than the left arm of the player character. The artists at Playful have tinkered a wearable and movable model of such a gauntlet for themselves that you can see in some of their videos/livestreams and on an image on this very page. Creativerse players have also made Gauntlets from several materials.

How to use the ArcTek Gauntlet[]

To use the gauntlet with or without any Power Cells equipped, point your cursor at a block or item that you want to pick up and hold down the left mouse button (as the default keysetting that you can customize in the general options of the game).

You can use your ArcTek Gauntlet without equipping any Power Cells right away to harvest vegetal resources like

You can also pick up all crafted blocks and objects from the game world without needing to equip any Power Cells (except on player claims and in game worlds where your permission rank is too low to pick up anything).

However, you'll need to equip Power Cells in order to mine harder rocks and materials though (including Canyonstones, Ice, Peakstone, Mold, Magnetite, Tourmaline, etc.); and the deeper you dig, the stronger Power Cells this will require.

The stronger the Power Cell, the faster your mining actions will become too.

You can collect all required materials to craft your first Power Cell - the Stone Mining Cell - with your basic ArcTek Gauntlet; including Stone. Alternatively, you can search for randomly spawning Stone Treasure Chests on Fossil layer rocks in Caves and you can try hunting randomly appearing Keepas (of any kind) in order to find already crafted Stone Mining Cells per chance.

Harvesting (also from Pets)[]

Since update R22 on September 16th, the ArcTek Gauntlet is also usable to harvest Crops that you can grow from Seeds, by "pulling" them with your left mouse click just like for digging.

Strong Power Cells can make the harvest a very fast process, but can also lead to inadvertently additionally pull/pick up blocks of tilled land sometimes. It might be advisable to unequip Mining Cells before harvesting crops to avoid this.

You can harvest from your Pets (after taming any Creature except for event Creatures with a Taming Collar) by "pulling" them with the ArcTek Gauntlet by holding the left mouse button just the same. If they are not ready to be harvested from, this will lead to pushing them away though.

If they are ready to be harvested, Pets will display the gauntlet in their thought bubble and in their Pet window. You can only harvest from Pets after feeding them via their Pet window (for the best harvest, feed them their exact favorite type of Food as shown in their Pet windows) and then waiting a little for them to digest their meals.

Pushing Creatures (also Pets)[]

Since update R38 in January 2017, the ArcTek Gauntlet can push Creatures away, with or without any Mining Cell equipped, simply by using the left mouse button like you do for digging, harvesting and picking up stuff from the game world. Most Creatures won't even get aggressive.

You may try pushing Creatures into certain liquids in order to kill them without even using any Weapon, while pushing them from great heights will not harm them (all Creatures are immune to fall damage). Since most Creatures can drown, pushing them into Water (that is at least as deep as the Creature is tall) can already be lethal to Creatures. Aggressive Creatures will pursue the player character though, so swimming around until the trailing chasers will drown is more effective than pushing them into Water again and again.

Please note that you cannot push Pets of other players, except if the owners have allowed you to feed their Pets and also to harvest from their Pets by defining the according permission levels of the Pet by using their padlock symbols in the Pet window. However, you will not need to push Pets if they seem to "block" your path anyways, since you can simply walk "through" Pets.

Gauntlet Smash Attack / Ground Smash[]

Since update R55 on August 22nd 2018, the basic ArcTek Gauntlet can be used for an AOE Gauntlet Smash attack - with or without any Power Cell equipped. Use this ground smash by drawing your Weapon (TAB by default) and then press the the middle mouse button / mouse wheel (by default, this can be customized) near Creatures in order to hit all Creatures within a close proximity around your player character.

Please note that this attack is only usable after you draw your melee Weapon (including the default Twig), and if your player character has at least 75% of their maximum stamina available.

This ground smash attack deals a lot of damage to Creatures (and to player characters too, if PvP is enabled in the game world or on the player claim that you're on). Since this attack is a ground smash, your character will always only hit the ground, no matter where you aim at exactly.

The damage of the Gauntlet Ground Smash damage scales with your weapon’s power - the more damage points the weapon can deal that you're wearing (in your weapon equipment slot), the stronger your ground smash will be. The Gauntlet Smash will use up a lot of stamina for this! So you can only use the ground smash again if your player character has regenerated 75% or more of their maximum stamina.

Since update R56 on September 27th 2018, the power of your Gauntlet Smash can transform some blocks or materials. Please note that some of these transformations require stronger Power Cells to be equipped! Of course this only works in player claims or game worlds where you have at least builder permission or higher.


Mining Cell Name and Article Tier Pulls up to Where to get
Creativerse empty gauntlet slot 2018-08-18 14-48-27-19.jpg
Arctek Gauntlet 0 Vegetal blocks and plants, Dirt, Grass blocks, Stone, Fossils, Mud, Sandstone, Canyon Floor, Rocky Dirt, Snow, Detritus, Matted Needles, Water worn when no Mining Cell is equipped
Creativerse icon 256.png
Stone Mining Cell 3 Bedrock, Limestone, Canyonstone, Ice, Peakstone, Magnetite, Mold, Tourmaline a starting recipe in the Crafting Menu, available from the beginning since update R55 #2
Creativerse icon 254.png
Obsidian Mining Cell 4 Stalactite, Siltstone, Glowing Mushrooms, Saltrock craftable after crafting Stone Mining Cells, rarely found in Iron Treasure Chests, obtainable from Silver Keepas or Golden Keepas as a pet-harvest
Creativerse icon 251.png
Iron Mining Cell 5 Igneous Rock, Hardened Lava, Sulfur, Tar craftable after crafting Obsidian Mining Cells, rarely found in Diamond Treasure Chests
Creativerse icon 248.png
Diamond Mining Cell 6 Corrupted Blocks and materials, Mineral Water, Bog Water, Corrupted Water, liquid Lava craftable after crafting Iron Mining Cells, obtainable from Things
Creativerse icon 252.png
Lumite Mining Cell 7 pulls everything faster with greater durability, enables specific Gauntlet Smash uses craftable after crafting Diamond Mining Cells

What are Power Cells good for[]

Creativerse R41 tutorial mining tier 2017-05-06 23-37-31-400.jpg

You will have to equip Mining Cells mainly in order to mine all kinds of harder blocks and rocks like Bedrock, Limestone, Magnetite, Tourmaline, Ice, Canyonstones (Dark, Ruddy, common), Peakstone, Siltstone, Stalactite, Glowing Mushrooms, Mold, Igneous Rock, Hardened Lava, Sulfur as well as all corrupted blocks, and also to scoop up Liquids like Tar, Bog Water, Lava, Mineral Water and Corrupted Water (Molasses and common blue Water does not require any Power Cells though). You might get lucky and get them as a loot from common blue Keepas, but this is pretty rare.

Creativerse bedrock requires stone mining cell 2017-07-26 02-08-09-31.jpg

To obtain your first Mining Cell, the fastest way is to craft it from easy to come by materials. The other option would be to search for Mining Cells in randomly spawning Treasure Chests, but that could take rather long, since they are rare findings and will only appear in Treasure Chests that spawn on underground rocks in the dark.

As long as no Mining Cell is yet equipped, a newly crafted or obtained one will automatically go into the according slot next to your characters portrait. Later on please right-click on any newly made Mining Cell in your inventory to exchange it with the currently worn old Power Cell.

Creativerse tool slots 2017-05-11 02-45-16-86.jpg

The according equipment slot can be seen next to your character's portrait in the inventory. Currently worn Mining Cells will also be displayed at the right side of your quickbar on the main screen so you can always watch its durability status (the green bar that gets shorter). If the durability is very low, you might want to craft another Power Cell in case the one you are carrying should break apart, since you cannot repair worn out equipment, instead it will simply vanish completely.

So Mining Cells will in fact mainly power the trusty ArcTek Gauntlet that your player character is always wearing - however, equipping a Mining Cell will change the look of the Gauntlet depending on the currently equipped Power Cell.

Creativerse gauntlet costumes0103.jpg
Creativerse gauntlets for winners of Cosmo Chizzard contest001.gif

The look of the currently equipped/worn Mining Cell can be altered by gauntlet Costumes. Costumes are "skins" (in actual fact complete 3D models) that will replace the look of equipment, your player character's face and/or hairstyle and/or will add armor parts and accessories to your player character for as long as these skins are activated/selected in the "COSTUME" section on the 3D character equipment doll in your inventory.

Gauntlet Costumes will not influence the power of the actually equipped Mining Cell, they will merely override the look of any Mining Cell or the ArcTek Gauntlet, no matter how often you change your actually equipped Power Cells.

This purely cosmetical game feature has at first been implemented in Creativerse with update R48 on October 26th 2017. Costumes can either be bought with Coins or sometimes claimed for free in the Store, or they might be granted to you for free via special redemption Codes, for example if you are a winner of a building competition or the like.

When buying a Costume, no item icon or bundle will be added to your inventory. Instead, you need to click on the button "Costumes" in your inventory over your character doll and then on the gauntlet slot in order to be shown your assortment of Costumes to choose from (or to deselect).

Starting to mine[]

Creativerse pulling without power cell01.jpg
Creativerse gauntlet help file 2018-09-13 12-42-38-88.jpg

From the very start and without needing any Power Cells you can already harvest ("pull") Grass blocks, all kinds of Wood and Logs, Dirt, Vines, Mushrooms, Beeswax, Flowers (also from trees), all kinds of plants and other soft blocks/materials - by just using the "ArcTek Gauntlet" that your avatar/player-character is wearing on his or her right forearm by left-clicking your mouse.

Since R32 in June 2016 all crafted blocks and items (that are not "protected" by any permission settings like world options, claim options or individual settings via padlock symbol) can also be pulled / taken without having any Mining Cells equipped.

Since R39 in February 2017 you can now mine common grey Stone, Sandstone, Mud and (blocks of) Fossils without using any Power Cells, different from before.

Creativerse Power Cell pulling Stone001.jpg

However the deeper you will mine your way down into the ground, the harder the rocks are going to be, so you will need to equip more and more powerful Mining Cells one after another.

When to craft stronger Mining Cells[]

To mine Bedrock (necessary for crafting Forges), at least a Stone Mining Cell (or a stronger Mining Cell) will be needed. However, also Ice, Canyonstones (Dark, Ruddy, common) and Peakstone in certain surface biomes will require at least a Stone Mining Cell to be pulled, as will Limestone, Magnetite, Tourmaline and Mold further underground.

Creativerse Magnetite requires Stone Mining Cells 2017-05-11 02-46-59-53.jpg

The crafting recipe for this Mining Cell is now unlocked from the very start of the game and will require common grey Stone as an ingredient. Stone is easy to find at the entrance of pretty much every Cave leading down from the surface and makes up much of the whole Fossil layer that spans the whole game world not far under the surface layer (often made of Dirt) of nearly all Biomes.

In order to create Wood Slabs for your first Mining Cell you will have to craft a Processor first, which requires taking some Cragwood; and you might also need Stone Slabs to make Extractors so you can collect Coal that is necessary to craft the Stone Mining Cell.

However, you can also find Coal in many of the randomly spawning Wood Treasure Chests at night, and you can obtain at least a little Coal from most Keepas of all kinds.

Creativerse processor crafting toggle 2018-08-29 09-23-56-15.jpg

To pull Siltstone and Stalactite, an Obsidian Mining Cell will be required.

To pull Hardened Lava and/or Igneous Rock, and to scoop up Tar, you'll need an Iron Mining Cell.

To mine through Corrupted Stone and Corrupted Dirt, and to scoop up healing Mineral Water, Corrupted Water and liquid Lava (required for advanced types of Food and some other crafting recipes), you will need a Diamond Mining Cell.

The currently "last" and most powerful Mining Cell is the Lumite Mining Cell - it's the fastest and most durable Power Cell.

Creativerse Dark Canyonstone requires Stone Mining Cells 2017-05-11 02-49-33-11.jpg
Creativerse Water requires Obsidian Mining Cell 2017-05-11 02-55-07-19.jpg

In addition to being able to mine harder blocks, the mining action also becomes a bit faster with more powerful Mining Cells, significantly so when using Lumite Mining Cells.

Also: the stronger the Mining Cell, the less durability it will lose when using it on weaker blocks. Mining/pulling very weak blocks will even not make Mining Cells lose durability at all.

For example, Stone Mining Cells will not lose durability when being used on soft blocks like Grass, Dirt, all natural plantal objects and all crafted blocks.

Lumite Mining Cells will not lose durability when being used to pull all blocks up to and including the hardness of Stalactite layer rocks.

Power Cells will not weaken when losing durability. However, when the durability of a Power Cell and such its green durability bar reaches its end, the Mining Cell will break and vanish. There is no way to repair Mining Cells or other equipment in Creativerse.

Ores (including Coal) cannot be mined from Nodes (that you will find embedded in rocks, mostly underground) with just your ArcTek Gauntlet / Mining Cells alone. Instead Ores can only be extracted by placing one-time usable Extractors on Nodes. Also "End of the World" blocks at the very bottom of each Creativerse world cannot be pulled/taken nor damaged.

And of course you will not be able to pick up any kind of "protected" stuff when your permission level of these items (mainly machines and crafting stations), or generally on the whole according gameworld, on the claim or within an Adventure has been defined as such by the owners/moderators of these areas or items. As a "visitor" you will not be able to pick up anything on a gameworld or claim for example.

Some Power Cells can rarely be found in Treasure Chests, some can also be obtained by Keepas of any kind, or from Creatures called "Things" that spawn on corrupted blocks. Still it is easier to craft Mining Cells in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q", but this can be customized) than hunting for already crafted ones, as such findings can be very rare.

older model of the ArcTek Gauntlet

Lumite Mining Cells cannot be found anywhere anyways, but have to be crafted without any alternative. Crafting a new kind of Power Cell is an unlocking requirement of the crafting-recipe for the next stronger type of Power Cell.

Old Power Cells have to be exchanged by newly crafted/obtained ones by right-clicking the desired Mining Cells in your inventory, which will insert them in the tool-slot next to your character's portrait to the right side of the inventory.

even older model of the ArcTek gauntlet

To "ready" Mining Cells or your avatar's ArcTek Gauntlet (if you don't wear any Power Cell yet) you can cycle between weapon, tool and mining cell by typing TAB - this default key can be customized.

Since the R31 update, the Gauntlet and Mining Cell icons were granted a whole new look to go with the added Character Customization, which was then polished several times more.

Crafting requirements[]

Creativerse stone mining cell crafting 2018-08-29 09-23-42-85.jpg

Stone Mining Cell[]

To mine Bedrock (necessary for crafting Forges), at least a Stone Mining Cell (or a stronger Mining Cell) will be needed. Also Limestone, Magnetite, Tourmaline, Ice, Canyonstones (Dark, Ruddy, common) and Peakstone require at least a Stone Mining Cell to be pulled.

Stone Mining Cells can be crafted from a starting recipe since R55 #1 at the end of August 2018. These Power Cells can also rarely be found in randomly spawning Obsidian Treasure Chests on the Stalactite layer underground, but it's much easier to craft them yourself.

Creativerse stone mining cell toggling ingredients 2018-08-26 11-33-19-60.jpg

Stone is a very common grey rock easily spotted near the entrance of many Caves, on steep hillsides, at recesses near rivers, all over the Mountains that mainly consist of Stone, or simply by digging downwards through the surface layer consisting of softer materials like Dirt or Rocky Dirt under a single layer of Grass (or Savannah Grass, Dead Grass, etc.).

The Stone Mining Cell can be crafted using any type of Mushroom, such as Red Mushrooms, Brown Mushrooms or the rare Glowing Mushrooms. You can also use any type of Flowers for this recipe, including Tundra Flowers or Wildflowers that can be found in abundance on the ground of Tundra respectively Savannah biomes; or tree Flowers that can also very often be found in randomly spawning Wood Treasure Chests on the surface at night.

You can multiply several types of tree Flowers by placing them on the ground and picking them up again which will sometimes yield additional extra Flower blocks. Wood Slabs can be made from any kind of Wood or Log in a Processor without requiring any crafting recipes to be unlocked.

Coal can either be found in randomly spawning Wood Treasure Chests at night on the surface, or obtained from Keepas of any kind, or Coal can also be extracted from Coal Nodes embedded in rocks on the Fossil layer underground, on Mountains, in recesses near rivers and in most shallow Caves. To extract Coal from Nodes, Extractors are required, to be made from Wood Slabs and Stone Slabs in the Processor.

By this, crafting a Processor - from Wood (mainly from Cragwood trees to unlock the crafting recipe) or Logs, Stones and Vines (from many Cragwood trees, nearly all Wildwood trees and/or as a loot or pet-harvest from Leafies) - has now become a more important and much earlier task in the game.

Creativerse obsidian mining cell 2018-08-26 10-45-14-12.jpg

Obsidian Mining Cell[]

To pull Siltstone and Stalactite, an Obsidian Mining Cell will be required.

To unlock the crafting recipe for Obsidian Mining Cells it's necessary to craft a Stone Mining Cell (see above). All other unlocking requirements were removed with update R41 on May 1st 2017.

To craft this Mining Cell you'll need to collect Magnetite, either by mining it from the Fossil layer (for example in shallow Caves or recesses next to rivers) which requires at least a Stone Mining Cell, or to loot Magnetite from Warmworms, Night Rocksters and/or Rockzillas (a rather dangerous Creature though) by hunting them or taming, feeding them and then harvesting from them.

Obsidian is another ingridient for Obsidian Mining Cells. You can find Obsidian Ore in Mountains, shallow Caves or by digging mine shafts into the Fossil layer, then you'll have to extract it by using Extractors. You can also rarely obtain Obsidian Ore by killing (or later on pet-harvesting) Silver Keepas or Golden Keepas, and later in the game you'll find a lot of Obsidian Ore in Iron Treasure Chests on the Lava layer.

Bedrock can be found on the Fossil layer, in Caves or Mountain recesses close to rivers, and Bedrock is also required to craft a Forge where the Obsidian Ore has to be smelted into Obsidian bars. As a Fuel you might to use up all abundant tree Leaves and chop down blocks of Wood or Logs to Wood Rods. You will need 8 Wood Rods for each smelting process in the Forge that are made from only 1 block of Wood, or else 2 blocks of "raw" Wood or 4 Wood Slabs that are also made from 2 Wood blocks.

Obsidian Mining Cells can be crafted using any type of Mushrooms (red, brown, glowing) now.Stone Slabs can be made in the Processor from Stone, Limestone or Bedrock mined from the Fossil layer.

Creativerse R41 crafting recipes obsidian mining cell01.jpg

Iron Mining Cell[]

To pull Hardened Lava and/or Igneous Rock, and to scoop up Tar, you'll need an Iron Mining Cell.

To unlock the crafting recipe for Iron Mining Cells it's currently only necessary to craft an Obsidian Mining Cell (see above).

Iron Ore can be extracted from Nodes on the Stalactite layer underground, or found in Iron Treasure Chests or in Diamond Treasure Chests.

To craft Iron Mining Cells, only Glowing Mushrooms can be used, no other Mushroom types will do. They can be mined on the Stalactite layer with the help of Obsidian Mining Cells, or can be obtained from Mirus, either when killing them or by taming them, feeding them and then harvesting from them.

Seashells can be found on blocks of Sand where they will spawn over time, can be made from Sand by using a Plow on the blocks of Sand, or can be obtained from Pebbles by hunting or pet-harvesting.

Obsidian Slabs can be made from Obsidian (bars) in the Processor without requiring any crafting recipe to be unlocked. Blocks of Saltrock can be mined from the Stalactite layer, which will require at least an Obsidian Mining Cell to be equipped.

Creativerse R41 crafting recipes iron mining cell01.jpg

Diamond Mining Cell[]

To mine through corrupted blocks like Corrupted Stone, Corrupted Dirt, Corrupted Wood and/or Corrupted Leaves, as well as to scoop up healing Mineral Water from the Stalactite layer or from oases in Canyons, Corrupted Water from the Corruption layer and/or liquid Lava from the Lava layer, you will need a Diamond Mining Cell.

To unlock the crafting recipe for Diamond Mining Cells it's necessary to craft an Iron Mining Cell (see above).

To craft Diamond Mining Cells, blocks of Hardened Lava will have to be mined from the Lava layer or looted from Warmworms (occasionally), which will require at least an Iron Mining Cell to be equipped. Diamond Bars can be made in a Forge from Diamond Ore that can be extracted from Nodes on the Lava layer or made from Coal Nodes with the use of Fire Bombs. Iron Slabs can be made in the Processor from Iron Bars without requiring any crafting recipes.

Tourmaline can be mined on the Lava layer or obtained from Warmworms either when killing them or taming them, feeding them and then harvesting from them. Ice can be made by placing Water into very cold Biomes, can be found in frozen riverbeds in many snowy Biomes like Taigas and snowy Tundras under a layer of Snow, on frozen Oceans and frozen plains, even in snowy Canyons, but only rarely in Mountains at the entrances of a few Caves.

Creativerse R41 crafting recipes diamond mining cell01.jpg

Lumite Mining Cell[]

You'll want this strongest Power Cell in order to mine many materials without losing durability of your Mining Cell, and to pull all kinds of things really quickly too. Only when equipping a Lumite Mining Cell, the Gauntlet Smash is able to transform blocks of Fossils to liquid Tar, to transform Hardened Lava to liquid Lava and to eradicate TarMolasses and Corrupted Water completely within a small radius around the point of impact. 

To unlock the crafting recipe for Lumite Mining Cells, it's necessary to craft a Diamond Mining Cell (see above).

Lumite Bars can be made in the Forge from Lumite Ore that can currently only be found in Lumite Nodes on the Corruption layer and extracted from their by using any kind of Extractor. To craft Lumite Mining Cells, Infused Crystals will have to be produced from Tourmaline in a Forge. Diamond Slabs can be made from Diamond Bars in a Processor without requiring any crafting recipe.

Corruption Dust can solely be obtained from corrupted Creatures by killing them or by taming them, feeding them and then harvesting from them (beware of Things, they are very tough and strong). Cactus Flowers can be harvested from Cacti in Canyons, Dunes or sandy Shores, but these flowers can also be easily and quickly grown on blocks of Cacti placed by players. It seems they cannot be multiplied simply by placing them and picking them up again though.

Creativerse R41 crafting recipes lumite mining cell01.jpg

Durability of Mining Cells[]

Creativerse mining cells durability 2018-08-26 14-39-59-69.jpg
Creativerse armor doll mining cell weapon 2018-09-13 11-43-30-49.jpg
Creativerse armor doll stone mining cell wood sword 2018-09-13 12-21-35-50.jpg

Depending on the blocks that are being pulled, Power Cells will lose their durability bit by bit, and in the end will be destroyed completely. Most more powerful Power Cells won't be drained at all by pulling weaker blocks, like Grass or Leaves. When the durability of Power Cells has run out, the Power Cell will break apart and vanish. Currently, you cannot "repair" anything that has lost durability in Creativerse. Stone Mining Cells for example can pull Dirt, Wood or plants without losing any durability.

Lumite Mining Cells, currently the strongest type of Power Cells, won't wear down by pulling blocks up to and including the hardness of Stalactite layer blocks. Lava layer-rocks though (like Igneous Rock and Hardened Lava) will wear down Lumite Mining Cells. However, these Mining Cells will wear down even faster by pulling any kind of Corrupted Blocks, or by scooping Mineral Water, liquid Lava and/or Corrupted Water.

According to player AvilerED's research, the durability of power cells is as follows:

Stone Mining Cell[]

Obsidian Mining Cell[]

Iron Mining Cell[]

Diamond Mining Cell[]

Lumite Mining Cell[]


Wood Mining Cell[]

Creativerse icon 257.png

The Wood Mining Cell has been removed from the crafting tree with update R39 in February 2017. It also cannot be found in Treasure Chests nor obtained from Keepas any longer, but it can still be found on old player game worlds in player storage chests.

Before that it could be crafted from a starting crafting recipe or rarely found in Stone Treasure Chests or occasionally obtained from blue Keepas.

Old Wood Mining Cell crafting recipe

Durability of the Wood Mining Cell:

  • 280 uses on blocks of tier 1 like common grey Stone and Fossils

Even older version of the Wood Mining Cell (Early Access)

Charged Wood Mining Cell[]

Charged Wood Mining Cells have been removed from the game with R39 in February together with the common Wood Mining Cell.

These "alternative" durable Mining Cells that looked exactly like common Wood Mining Cells could not be found as items, but only be crafted after finding a rare Recipe in a randomly spawning Treasure Chest, commonly in Wood Treasure Chests. Some players still keep spare one of this rare Recipe, but it cannot be learnt any longer and won't be added to the crafting menu.

The crafting recipe asked for the exact same ingredients as the common Wood Mining Cell, however the Charged Wood Mining Cell made from the rare Recipe lasted longer than the common one by sporting a higher durability.

Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Mining Cell 0003.jpg
Creativerse charged wood mining cell 2018-08-26 10-34-33-28.jpg