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Basic information Edit

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The Plow is a tool (or maybe rather an ability for your all-purpose-arctek-gauntlet) that enables your player character to till land so you can plant Seeds to grow Crops, or also to transform several types of natural blocks (see below).

Obtaining a Plow Edit

Plows cannot be obtained from Treasure Chests or Creatures. They can (only) be crafted in your Crafting Menu (to be opened by typing "Q" as the default key).

Unlocking the crafting recipe Edit

The crafting recipe to craft a Plow will be unlocked by:

Crafting a Plow Edit

To craft 1 Plow you will need:

Crafting/taking a Plow is one of the unlocking requirements for the crafting recipe for the Cooking Station.

Using a Plow Edit

To use the Plow, you have to equip the Plow(-ability) by using right-click on the Plow icon in your inventory/bag which will make it go into the tool slot next to your character's portrait.

You can cycle between weapon, mining cell and tool by typing TAB. When choosing the Plow, you will "ready" it and can then use it on any tillable block on the ground or on any transformable block/object by left-clicking and holding down the left mouse-button for 4 seconds.

If a block or object is arable or transformable, then the cursor will turn cyan-blue and (depending on the type of cursor you've chosen) tilte sideways, otherwise the cursor will stay white when pointing at blocks that can't be changed nor tilled.

Transforming blocks with a Plow Edit

Ever since update R40, Plows can now change certain blocks when you use the equipped Plow on them (only on blocks that have been placed into the world of course, not in any kind of storage):

  • blocks of Ashenwood can be "plowed" to become purely decorative Ashenwood Logs
  • blocks of Cragwood can be "plowed" to become Cragwood Logs
  • blocks of Weepwood can be "plowed" to become Weepwood Logs (without any Moss on them)
  • blocks of Elderwood Leaves can be "plowed" to become a batch of Rimecones
  • blocks of Autumnwood Leaves (no matter if Mocha Autumnwood Leaves, Citrus Autumnwood Leaves or Cinnamon Autumnwood Leaves) can be "plowed" to become Fallen Leaves (that will turn into Mocha Autumnwood Leaves when harvested)
  • blocks of Snow can be "plowed" to become a thin layer of Snow (that will turn back into a normal sized block of Snow again when being harvested)
  • blocks of Sand can be "plowed" to become Seashells (1 unit)
  • Tall grass can no longer be plowed, this was a bug and should be fixed now

Tilling an Acre Edit

Currently you can till Dirt, Mud and/or green Grass (not Dead Grass nor Savannah Grass though) to create acres for Crops.

Even if you aim at the side or underside of a block, the Plow(-ability) will always plough the upper side of the block. Tilled land also can't be rotated to the side or upside down by usual means.

While Seeds can only be planted on tilled land, tree-Saplings or Queen Bees do not need tilled land to be grown.

Durability Edit

The Plow will loose a little bit of durability with every usage until it will fall apart in the end. Currently, a Plow can be used 100 times before it will be worn out and vanish. Presently there is no repair function in Creativerse.

Planting Seeds Edit

You should plant Seeds on tilled land as soon as possible, otherwise the tilled land is going to turn to Dirt (even former Mud will turn into Dirt) after a while, and then it can also turn into green Grass if another block of Grass is directly next to it. You can prevent this transformation though by placing any kind of block or item on tilled land until you've collected the Seeds and can sow them.

Currently 4 kinds of crops exist in Creativerse: Wheat, Turnips, Crisphead Lettuce and Horned Melons.

Wheat Seeds will occasionally be aquired as an additional harvest when plucking Tallgrass or Savannah Tallgrass. The other Seeds can currently only be gained by putting Crops that you can discover on the surface of the game-world into a Processor to process them into Seeds.

Crisphead Lettuce will slowly spawn one after another in Woodlands, Forests, Tundras and other common Biomes, Turnips will mainly spawn in Swamplands, but also in Forests, Woodlands and Tundras, while Horned Melons only grow in Jungle Biomes and are a particularly rare find. Not many Crops will exist on a game-world when you just start playing there, but over time more and more Crops will grow, especially if you stay nearby suitable Biomes and even faster if the "Pro" game-world option "more regrowth" is enabled.

To plant the Seeds, put them into any quick-slot, select that and use right-click to put the seeds onto the tilled land. Only one seed of a stack will then be planted each. You can remove it by pulling it like you usually do to mine or harvest. If seeds sparkle and are not "fallow" they will grow into Crops by themselves. To speed up their growth a bit, you can optionally use Pigsy Droppings as a fertilizer.

Tilled land can be re-used (seemingly unlimited times) as long as you plant new seeds soon enough after harvesting Crops that you have grown there before.

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Watering Seeds Edit

Just planting Seeds on tilled land won't be enough to make your Seeds grow into crops.

Growing seeds will sparkle when they start to grow (while ripe crops will sparkle even stronger later on). However if no moisture is placed close enough, the Seeds will stay "fallow" (written in red letters if you use mouse-over on the seeds) and won't grow.

Creativerse Wheat Seeds watered001

Water, Bog Water or Mineral Water can be used to water seeds. This moisture needs to be next to the block of tilled land, at least corner touching corner. Anyhow the moisture (water) can also be one block under/below the tilled land.

Do not use too much Bog Water within an area though, because that can turn the whole area into infertile land in the worst case!

An often used layout for tilling land is to put 3x3 tillable blocks beside each other, then pull 1 hole in the middle to be filled with Water or Mineral Water and till the 8 blocks around the liquid.

(T = tilled land, W = water)


Note : If you put the water below the tilled land, you will have a full 3x3 farmable area, and you can design a nice looking "garden" with crops on any kind of creatively looking acres. You could also simply build an acre directly over an existing ocean or lake.

Fertilizing Seeds Edit

Seeds will start to grow right after being planted successfully (not when they stay "fallow" though), even when you're offline. Fertilizing Crops will speed up their growth, but will not raise the amount of your harvest noticably.

Wheat grows the fastest, Horned Melons grow the slowest of all crops. Wheat needs approx. 50 minutes (real-life-time) to grow from Seeds into ripe plants, even if you're offline. Crisphead Lettuce needs about 60 minutes, Turnips not much longer (ca. 61 minutes), Horned Melons need ca. 90 minutes until they're ripe.

Currently only Pigsy Droppings can be used as fertilizer. Droppings are only available from Pigsy-Pets, so you need to tame Pigsies and/or Night Pigsies, feed them and then harvest from them to get this.

After planting Seeds, fertilizer (Pigsy Droppings can be used (from a quickslot with right-click, only one dropping will be used from a stack) directly on the Seeds to make them grow into seedlings immediately. Alternatively fertilizer can also be used it on seedlings to spurt their growth. Fertilizer cannot be used twice on one plant though.

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Don't wait too long with fertilizing, because after your crops have grown into sprouts, they won't accept fertilizer anymore.

Also tree Saplings and Queen Bees can be fertilized with Pigsy droppings.

Light "level" Edit

In Creativerse, Crops do not need light to grow. You can grow plants underground in complete darkness too if you like.

Harvesting Crops Edit

You can harvest crops as soon as they are "ripe" (you can see the description at the bottom of your screen above the quickslots when looking at the crops).

If you wait even longer (ca. 24 RL-hours), then the Crops will turn into "grown" crops, and will give a little less (!) harvest than in their optimal "ripe"-stage.

Lettuce reaches its "grown"-status the fastest, Horned Melons take the longest.

To harvest, simply pull the grown plants with left-click like you take/mine all the other blocks in Creativerse. Maybe you might want to de-equip your Power Cell first so you won't accidentally also pull the tilled land too.

Every 60 seconds the game will check if the requirements for growing seeds are (still) met. This counter starts as soon as the seed is planted (tested as of R30 with Horned Melon Seeds). So if growth requirements are changed, Crops that have not reached the "ripe" or "grown" stage might at first not react for up to one minute and then suddenly revert back into - fallow - Seeds.

Fallow Seeds Edit

Creativerse Wheat in Corruption1001

Seeds will stay "Fallow" if they cannot grow into crops at that place. Like when water is not touching the block of tilled land that you have planted the seeds on.

Seeds will also stay fallow on the Lava layer, as it is seemingly too hot for them to grow into plants; just like seeds also won't grow in cold, snowy and icy environments, as well as too high up (over 150 blocks, you can type // into the chat to see the current coordinates, the second number is the altitude).

Seeds will still stay fallow if it's too cold, and liquids can even easily freeze to Ice too instead of providing moisture for Crops. You might try heating the area up (like by placing hardened lava), but this might still not help Seeds to grow in unsuitable areas...

Crops might also not grow when too much Bog Water is nearby, and generally also in Swampland Biomes, in this case the Bog Water itself doesn't even matter much.

Fallow Seeds cannot be fertilized, so don't worry about wasting fertilizer on them.

If Seeds won't grow in a specific surface area, you can try planting them right underground in the Fossil layer or Stalactite layer (or even in the Corruption layer) or higher up in the sky; but not too high, not over 150 at least.