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Basic Information[]

You can tame nearly every Creature in Creativerse, except for Creatures summoned by Mob Spawners, NPC traders, and most of the Trog Trap Event Creatures that can be summoned by Trog Traps related to the seasonal Christmas event.

Since October 24th 2018, even white Ghost Creatures can be tamed that randomly spawn at night during the seasonal Halloween event Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign. Also red ghostly Halloween-related Idol Event Creatures are now tamable - these "Boss Mobs" can be randomly spawned by placing any type of Haunted Idol. Even Ice Spies, Target Arctic Mirus and Miru Minions can be tamed.

Taming was added as a feature with update R22 "Home, home on the Range" on September 16th 2015. A first taming Quest ("Farmologist") was added to the game on May 1st 2018 together with the Quest feature and QB. On December 19th 2018, 9 more specific taming Quests were added that will now enable you to attain the Rancher Badge that reduces all taming times a lot.

What are Pets good for[]

As mentioned, all Pets in Creativerse are non-combative livestock, similar to cows and chicken.

When harvested from, most Pets will provide you risklessly with three times the amount of animal materials and additional useful stuff than you would obtain by killing the same Creature type.

This does not apply to Things, Th'ang, Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas though - these Creatures can sometimes still drop more loot in quantity than their pet harvest, even after the Pet harvest improvements with update R58 on December 19th 2018.

As said, you can obtain a few types of animal materials only from Pets, not by killing the same Creatures:

  • Keepas will usually provide you with a pet -harvest of higher quality than they would drop as a loot when being killed.

You only have to feed Pets first and later on you'll need to clean them after harvesting. However, you'll only get their special harvest types if you have fed them their exact favorite Food as shown in their Pet Window.

You can place Pets for decorative purposes too. For this it is recommended to grant them a unique name, and to place an Arc Sign or Sensor close by that will display a text field in order to simulate a speech bubble or the like.

Also, taming Creatures and then dismissing them can sometimes be the cheapest and most economic-friendly method to obtain their loot - because taming collars are pretty cheap and easy to craft in comparison to most Weapons, and they don't waste very rare minerals or resources.

There are no mounts in Creativerse (yet). Your Pets will also not fight alongside your player character nor will they attack other players, and Pets also cannot be given commands to defend your character or your belongings automatically.

Pets won't provide your player character with any kind of buffs or boosts, will not raise the amount of your crop harvest, they cannot automatically collect any types of materials, crops, ores or mined blocks for you, and they cannot carry any of your stuff for you.

Pets cannot be called in order to come running or teleport to you from a great distance, but only if they are somewhere close by.

Pets cannot be sent anywhere far away at your command, but instead only to a place nearby where you want them to stay (default key "i").

As said, in order to tame Creatures, a Taming Collar is required:

How to unlock the crafting recipe[]

The crafting recipe for a Taming Collar is unlocked in your Crafting Menu for free by

How to craft[]

To craft a Taming Collar in your Crafting Menu after its crafting recipe has been unlocked, you'll need:

 How to use a Taming Collar[]

In order to use a Taming Collar you will have to equip it first by right-clicking the collar in your inventory, this will automatically equip it in the dedicated tool slot next to your character model to the right side of the inventory/bag (or you can drag & drop the taming collar into its equipment slot).

The Taming Collar will be auto-equipped as soon as you craft it only if you have no other tool equipped yet.

Pressing TAB (as the default key) will then cycle from the current Weapon to the Taming Collar to the ArcTek Gauntlet (with its currently equipped Power Cell in it) and then back to the Weapon and so forth in a three-way cycle.

You can use the Taming Collar by switching to "tool-mode" (as mentioned with the default key TAB) so you will "ready" the Taming Collar.

Then you'll just have to point at any Creature - except for player-spawned Creatures that have been made to appear by a Mob Spawner and for some of the Christmas-related Trog Trap Event Creatures.

In order to tame a tameable Creature, point your cursor at it from close up with a Taming Collar equipped, until the cursor turns cyan blue in the middle of your screen and a green bar will pop up and start to grow.

Then left-click and hold down the left mouse-button until the bar has been filled with green color completely. The remaining seconds until the taming is complete, will be displayed too. Taming can take up to 30 seconds, depending on the Creature species and whether you have attained the Rancher Badge or not.

While the Taming Collar is doing its work, the swinging bell will play a melody, and you'll also see colorful notes flying. When the taming has been successful, a special sound is being played, the now tamed Creature will send hearts and you will also see a Taming Collar around the neck of the Pet that you have just tamed.

When pointing a Taming Collar at non-tameable Creatures, the cursor will not turn cyan blue; and pressing the left mouse-button will not make the Taming Collar react then, also no melody will be played.

Creatures' reactions to taming[]

Be prepared for your player character to get attacked by most Creatures as soon as you start taming them, even on game-worlds with the "Pro" world option "defensive (peaceful) creatures" enabled!

This applies to all Creatures except for the few flight animals in Creativerse: common green daylight Leafies, ordinary blue Keepas, uncommon Silver Keepas and rare Golden Keepas, also Soulkeepas, Leafi Ice Spies and all Ghost Creatures (since October 24th 2018): Ghost Pigsies, Ghost Leafies, Ghost Chizzards, Ghost Rocksters and Ghost Mirus.

These few Creatures will not defend themselves, but will usually run away instead.

When the taming process is interrupted before it's finished (for example by being knocked back by special attacks or by being outdistanced when Creatures run away and jump around in the process), you'll either have to start taming them again from the beginning (hopefully better prepared this time, for example by using Stun Bombs) or you'll have to give up your attempts to tame them.

Please note that Creatures will react agitated (and either start to attack or flee) even if you tame them for only a split second and stop taming them right away by letting go of your left mouse button. Peaceful Creatures that cannot be tamed will not feel provoked if you attempt to tame them though.

For tips about how to tame Creatures of all types, please refer to the article Taming.

Taming Time[]

A complete taming procedure takes different amounts of time for different kinds of Creatures. Peaceful surface creatures like Leafies can be tamed within around 5 seconds, while tougher Creatures will take a longer to tame. Most Corrupted Creatures require 25 seconds to tame, only the Thing takes the longest to tame, which is 30 seconds.

After obtaining the Rancher Badge, taming times are reduced a lot.

Creatures that will become your friend in mere 5 seconds: common yellow Pigsy, common green Leafi, Autumn Leafi, Dried Leafi, Mossy Leafi, common red Rockster, Rockzilla, common blue-green Chizzard, Blizzard Chizzard, Shrewdshrew, Rambeau, Dustevil, Trog, Ghost Pigsy, Ghost Leafi, Ghost Rockster, Ghost Chizzard, Eidoleafi, Wraithworm, Hauntster, Poultrygeist, Polturpigsy and Ghostevil.

Creatures that will become your friend in 7,5 seconds: Night Pigsy, Night Hoglet, Feral Pigsy, Night Leafi, Night Twiggy, Night Rockster, Night Chizzard, Miru, Arctic Miru and Ghost Miru.

Creatures that will become your friend in 10 seconds: Pebble, Warmworm, Hot Foot, Th'ang The Unyielding and Clarice the Eternal Ominous Hog.

Creatures that will become your friend in 15 seconds: BossHog, common blue Keepa, Silver Keepa, Golden Keepa and Soulkeepa.

Creatures that will become your friend in 25 seconds: Corrupted Pigsy, Corrupted Leafi, Corrupted Chizzard, Corrupted Miru and Corrupted Rockster.

Creatures that will become your friend in 30 seconds: the Thing, Mirghoul and W'urm the Infernal.

The Rancher Badge will reduce these taming times as follows:

  • 1 second instead of 5 seconds,
  • 1,5 seconds instead of 7,5 seconds,
  • 2 seconds instead of 10 seconds,
  • 3 seconds instead of 15 seconds,
  • 5 seconds instead of 25 seconds,
  • 6 seconds instead of 30 seconds, etc. 

To achieve this permanent benefit, you'll only need to unlock the Rancher Badge through questing, you do not need to select the Badge for display.

 Keeping Pets[]

As soon as they are your Pets, all Creatures will become immortal.

Pets cannot die from freezing, burning, hunger, corruption, purification, poisoning or drowning, just like tamed underground Creatures and Night Pets won't burn in sunlight either.

Pets can be dismissed by their owners though, and also by players with the according permission rank.

Dismissing Pets will practically kill them. Dismissing Pets will cause them to drop their Loot Bags with the same content that they would have dropped if you had hunted and killed them. Their Loot Bags will usually also contain all Pet accessories that you have provided them with (Pet Hats and/or Bow Ties) though.

All Pets are automatically set to "just me", so only players with a higher permission rank than you on the game world (owner, admin, mod, if you're not) can interact with your Pets and even dismiss them if they want to.

If you change the permission setting of a Pet though, all players with the according or higher permission rank can feed, harvest, wash, push, lead around, "place" and even dismiss a Pet.

 Pet Window[]

After successfully taming Creatures, their Pet windows can be accessed by right-clicking the according Pet (or using default key "F") while pointing your cursor at it.

Via Pet Window you can:

  • name your Pet: click on the square icon with the "pen" symbol in the top right corner and type a name of your choosing into the text array, 
  • change the permission setting of your Pet: click on the padlock symbol in the top right corner and select a desired permission setting in order to let trustworthy players of a certain permission rank (or anyone within Adventures if you like) feed your Pet, harvest from it, wash it, push it, lead it somewhere else and/or even dismiss it,
  • dress your Pet with Bow Ties and/or Top Hats by moving such accessories from the inventory/bag to the according slots in the Pet Window. Different from player accessories, Pet accessories are solely found in randomly spawning Treasure Chests or Holiday Gifts, and only rarely in other seasonal containers,
  • feed your Pet by moving Food from your inventory/quickbar over the Pet Window or by simply right-clicking on any Food icon in your inventory/quickbar while the Pet Window is open (if it isn't, the Food will be consumed by your player character instead if you right-click it),
  • and tell your Pet to either "stay" or "wander around", or to follow you (again, if is has stopped) by enabling the according option by clicking on the small round dot beside it. 

"Leading" and "placing" Pets[]

Since update R44 in June 2017, Pets are set to "follow" by default right away after having been tamed. They should follow you even through Teleporters and also back to your Touchstone. Whenever you outdistance Pets while they are following you, they should teleport to you.

You can lead your Pet to a stable and tell it to "wander" by clicking on the round dot next to this according option in the Pet Window of this Pet. Pets might wander off quite far if they are set to "wander", so better keep them in a corral, on an island surrounded by water, in a closed room or the like if you really want to see them strolling around. Otherwise it might be safer to just tell them to "stay" at a designated spot.

You can tell a Pet to stay still at a specific spot on the ground by pointing your cursor at this ground block (or even liquid) and pressing "i" as the default key. (All) Pets currently following you will then position themselves on this block.

You can alternatively open their Pet Window (with right-click or "f") and activate the button next to their option "Stay" if they're on a spot where you'll like them to stay still.

Pets don't need much space, and can even overlap each other at one spot - but you might want to give each of your Pets their own space to be able to interact with them properly.

Bugs can happen occasionally that might make Pets suddenly stop when following you when you outdistance them (like by flying a Glider). This can make them return to where you have tamed them, or in other cases they will stop and stay somewhere between the original taming place and the Teleporter or the spot where you've seen them last.

You can retrieve Pets from there, but they might not follow you, even though they are set to "follow" in the Pet window. In that case you might have to tell them to "stay" at first in their Pet window, then walk away a few steps and only after that you can tell them to "follow" you again and it should work. Only Warmworms cannot follow you at all of course, they are immovable.

When your player character dies it can happen that the pets that have been following you will not show up at the touchstone together with your character, but will wait for their owner at the spot of demise (usually together with the Death Statue) instead.

In order to make Pets follow you, you can "call" them by pressing "y" as the default key - this option will only work if a Pet is close enough to your player character though. You have to be close enough to see the cyan spot of the Pet on your area Map at least, but not on a much higher or lower altitude (like in a cave deep down).

More rarely, bugs can "replace" Pets to the outside of your corral after you've told them to "stay" or wander in there. A similar bug can make Pets fall through the floor or glitch up onto the roof/tree canopy, but this happens much less often nowadays.

Sometimes this issue will even "fix" itself if you just go away and re-enter the area, or if you relog. In other cases, you might have to retrieve the Pets though and bring them back to the corral by telling them to "follow" you.

There seems to be no limit to the number of Pets you can have and no limit to the number of Pets that can be kept in the same area close together or even on the same spot overlapping each other.

Pets do not need a special surrounding or biome to stay alive. They can be kept in any kind of biome, even under water, since after taming they get invulnerable.

In rare cases a bug can occur that lets all Pets around your player character suddenly start to follow you, so that you'll have to place them one after another again.

Killing Pets[]

Dismission will basically kill pets, since they will drop their usual loot and other pets and creatures nearby will flee in fear when witnessing it. Pets can be dismissed anytime after they have been tamed (even right away), and will then vanish after leaving a Loot Bag containing whatever usual loot they normally drop when they've been killed.

This Loot Bag will never contain Pigsy Droppings or Chizzard Eggs/Blizzard Chizzard Eggs - these can only be obtained by harvesting from your Pets after feeding them their favorite food.

Please note that other players can dismiss your Pets depending on your Pets' permission settings and other players' permission ranks. Pets are still automatically set to "just me", but you can change their permission rank in order to let your friends feed them and harvest from them by clicking the padlock symbol after opening the pet window.

Dressing Pets[]

Pets can be dressed, depending on their type, with Hats and/or Bow Ties, most often even both.

You can find these kinds of Pet accessoires solely in Treasure Chests of any kind - but only occasionally.

As soon as you have obtained a Pet accessory, simply right-click your pets (or type "f" as the default key) when looking at them to open their Pet window, then drag & drop any accessory into it's slot or just (right) click on the accessories to make them switch to their according slot in the Pet window.

Dressing pets will not only make them look funny, it will also make it easier for you to differentiate your pets from wild animals. When Pets are dismissed, they will drop all worn Pet accessories into their Loot Bags. However if a bug should make a Pet vanish, any worn Pet accessories will be lost.

Naming Pets[]

In the top right corner of the pet-window next to the name of the creature you can click the icon that looks like a small sheet of paper with a pen, and then write the name that you want to give your pet into the input field/array.

Feeding Pets[]

Pets can live on without Food forever. But if you want to harvest animal materials, crafting materials plus sometimes even crafted items and/or rare Recipes from Pets, you have to feed them first. Only if you feed them their exact favorite type of Food as shown in the Pet Window, they will grant you their best possible harvest.

You can only feed a Pet if it is hungry. If Pets are hungry (which they always are right after you've tamed them), then a Food icon will be displayed in the Pet Window in the bottom left corner, and the Pet will also beam a thought bubble showing food inside.

If Pets are not ready to be fed, they will rarely accept any Food, unless a bug allows this - be careful with Bread or Mushrooms, since these Food types might rarely be fed to Pets that aren't even hungry, which means that the Foodstuff will simply be wasted and no pet harvest will be possible.

You can feed Pets by moving Food from your inventory or quickbar to the Pet Window by dragging and dropping a (stack of) Food or by right-clicking the Food icon in your inventory or quickbar while the Pet Window has to be open (if it's not, your player character will consume the Food!). Only one unit of Food will automatically be fed from a stack.

In principle, Pets can be fed all different kinds of Food including simple Mushrooms and any type of Crops. However, Pets will only provide you with their best possible harvest (still somehow random though), if you feed them their exact favorite type of Food.

Most types of Food can only be cooked in a Cooking Station from Crops that you can only partly collect in the game world in small amounts. It is recommended to grow Crops yourself from Seeds on tilled land, as described in the article Farming.

In short: Crops found in the wild can be processed into Seeds by using a Processor, land can be tilled by using a Plow on green Grass or Dirt, and liquids like Water have to be placed adjacent (like directly below) to all blocks of tilled land. Then Seeds can be placed on the tilled land, but the biome has to be sufficient (not too hot, too cold, too high up nor next to too much Bog Water) in order for the Seeds to grow into Crops automatically. Crops need neither light nor fertilizer to grow, but Pigsy Droppings can still be applied to Seeds or Seedlings to speed up the growth of Crops.

The Pet Window will show you the favorite Food type of your Pet. In order to receive the best harvest from Pets, you should feed each Pet what it likes best.

3 types of favorite food exist for each type of Creature, but each Pet has only one favorite.

Please note that Pets always prefer a specific kind of Food (like Red Mushrooms, Turnip Sandwich, ordinary Soup, Corrupted Bread or Melon Pie).

Feeding a Pet a related, but different type of Food (like Brown Mushrooms instead of Red Mushrooms, or ordinary Sandwiches instead of Turnip Sandwiches, or Egg Drop Soup, etc.), then the harvest from this Pet will be sparse and no special materials might turn up. So even feeding Pets only slightly different variants of the same type of food will reduce the amount and quality of the pet harvest.

Nearly all Pets will also display a special eating animation, however only in their pet-window. If you skip an animation, then you won't be shown any more feeding-animations from any Pets afterwards until you relog.

For all types of cooked food, a Cooking Station is required, and you will also have to grow Crops (Wheat does not occur naturally and the other Crops are rather rare). To do so, craft a Plow and till some land (blocks of Dirt, Mud or green Grass) adjacent to Water. Then place Seeds onto the tilled land and wait until the Crops have grown to harvest them with your gauntlet. For details, please refer to the article Farming.

Some Pets are quite demanding, as they prefer Pie. So you will have to tame Chizzards or Night Chizzards and feed these in order to harvest Chizzard Eggs from them first, since cooking Pie requires Eggs as an ingredient. Chizzard Pot Pie, Jerky Sandwich or Chizzard Noodle Soup will require Questionable Jerky as an ingredient, that can only be made from Chizzard Gizzard or Blizzard Chizzard Gizzard in a Forge. Chizzards are seemingly a cannibalistic species, especially if the meat is cooked...

You might want to try taming more creatures of the same type until you will be able to catch a "modest" one if you think that baking pies for them is asking a bit too much. But the other available options might not be too different, depending on the type of Creature.

Harvesting from Pets[]

As long as pets are hungry or dirty, you cannot harvest from them. And even after feeding your pets, they will at first need to digest the food for a few minutes. During this time, their pet window will display a "thumbs up" symbol and the thought bubble of the pet will be small and empty. After a few minutes, the Pet will be ready for harvest.

If a pet is ready to be harvested from, it will show an ArcTek Gauntlet or Power Cell in its thinking-bubble over it's head as well as in its Pet Window.

To harvest from Pets, just "pull" them when looking at them and the cursor turns cyan blue - exactly like you would with any kind of block or plant normally. No Power Cell is required for that, and even Lumite Mining Cells won't make harvesting from pets any faster. On the other hand, Power Cells also won't lose durability if you keep them equipped while harvesting a Pet.

If you try to harvest from a Pet that is not ready to be harvested from, you will just push it away with the gauntlet. Though if the Pet does not belong to you and your permission rank for it is too low, you can't even push it.

Pets will show a special animation when being harvested from, and often the sound will also indicate if your aim is right. Just keep your finger on the left mouse button for a few seconds until you hear a sound and can see the icons of harvested materials displayed in the bottom right corner on your screen. They will then appear in your inventory (and if your quickbar had any empty slots, placeable materials will be placed in there).

Some Pets will give special harvests that the same animals will not "drop" if being killed or dismissed. For example:

  • Pigsies, Night Pigsies and Night Hoglets will always give Pigsy Droppings when being harvested after eating their favorite food, but only as Pets, and never as a loot if they're killed or dismissed. Corrupted Pigsies, Feral Pigsies and BossHogs as Pets do not provide players with Pigsy Droppings in any case
  • you can get Chizzard Eggs only as pet-harvest from Chizzards or Night Chizzards (no Eggs from Corrupted Chizzards though), and you will get Blizzard Chizzard Eggs from Blizzard Chizzards only when they are Pets, but you will never get any Eggs as a loot when killing these bird Creatures. Of course tamed Chizzard types will still only provide you with Eggs for sure after eating their favorite food
  • Keepas will provide you with crafted items of a higher quality as a pet-harvest than in their Loot Bags when killed, and also rare Recipes will given by tamed Keepas more often than by killed Keepas
  • Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas on the other hand will only give you a smaller amount of Arcstones as a pet harvest in comparison to up to 50 Arcstones at maximum obtainable from Golden Keepas as a loot, but instead they might provide you with crafted items of a higher quality and also rare Recipes more often than they would drop as a loot when killed
  • the pet harvest of Things is often less numerous and also less valuable than their loot would be when they are dismissed or killed
  • Corrupted Mirus will not provide you with Miru Eyes as a pet-harvest, but will drop these often as their loot when being killed

Cleaning Pets[]

Right after harvesting Pets (and only in this case!) you will notice upon closer examination that the Pet is dirty. This might not be obvious on all Creature models though, and will not be displayed in their Pet Window. Still, a Pet will not become hungry again for as long as it feels uncomfortable and filthy.

That's where the Washer comes into play. A dirty Pet will "ask" to be washed by displaying the Washer in its thinking bubble as well as in its Pet Window as an icon.

Washers can be crafted in your Crafting Menu after the according crafting recipe has been unlocked by collecting Water (which does not require any Power Cell to be equipped), crafting a Taming Collar and forging Obsidian (bars) from Obsidian Ore in a Forge.

To craft 1 Washer you'll need 2 Stone Rods made of StoneLimestone or Bedrock in a Processor, also 2 Obsidian (bars) smelted in a Forge from Obsidian Ore. Obsidian Ore can be extracted from Obsidian Nodes on the Fossil layer or in the Mountains, or can also be found in randomly spawning Iron Treasure Chests on Lava layer blocks in dark areas, and Diamond Treasure Chests on Corrupted Blocks in darkness. You'll also need 2 units of ordinary blue Water scooped from rivers, lakes or Oceans (no other liquids will do).

To wash a pet, take the Washer in hand by right-clicking on it in your inventory/bag to equip it and then TAB to "ready" it. Go up to your Pet, until the cyan blue cursor is visible. Then use the Washer by holding your left mouse button for 3,5 seconds while aiming on your Pet to clean it until the green bar will be filled. Nearly all Pets will display a special animation while being cleaned (not in their pet window though).

After a while a cleaned Pet will get hungry again and will then be ready to be fed, and a little later on it can be harvested, washed, and so on - the circle will repeat itself.

Pets should not be able to eat food for as long as they are either already ready for a harvest or if they are still dirty right after a harvest. During this time their thought bubble is usually small and empty, and they will show a blue "thumbs up" symbol in their Pet Window.


A bug is known to displace Pets once in a while after you've told them to "stay" or "wander". If you can't find your Pets, check your Map (default key "m" to open your map) for cyan blue dots.

Hover your mouse cursor over these dots to see the name of your Pets and to find out if the missing ones are still in the same area/on the claim where you've put them. They might be further down in a Cave, or up on the roof, or may have been displayed sideways to somewhere outside their "stables".

Another bug that is still around that now and then stops Pets when they follow you so they won't follow you through a Teleporter or will simply stop if you go too fast (like with a Glider) for them to catch up.

Usually these Pets can be found at the place where they have stopped following you. They might still be set to "follow", but it's possible that they won't move at all until you set them to "stay" (in their pet window when you "activate" them with right click or "f" as the default key), then step back several blocks and afterwards set them to "follow" again.

The same goes for Pets that won't continue to follow you after your player character was defeated or after you have logged out/were disconnected. Just tell them to "stay" first, and then to "follow" you again.

It also should not be possible to feed Pets more than once when they are already satiated. However, bugs might occur that can allow for this to happen, and in this case the food will be lost. Bug reports have shown that such bugs most often seem related to Red Mushrooms, Brown Mushrooms and ordinary Bread.

So please be careful when feeding Pets with these types of Food so that you will avoid feeding them more than one unit. As for Mushrooms; you might not be able to feed two Pets in a row with the same type of Mushrooms, but either feed another Pet their favorite Food of another type in between, or do something else.

The very old bug that has once eaten "wandering" Pets one after another is supposed to be fixed though.

Lately a rare bug has emerged that might let Pets disappear if you leave them right after leading them to their "stables". To prevent this, it is recommended to stay with your Pets for 1-2 minutes in order to give the game time to save all the chunks with the Pets on them correctly. After that, it will be safe to leave the area again.


10 Quests that QB asks of you revolve around taming:

1. Farmologist[]

  • Badge: Homesteader
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Dirt-y Jobs"
  • Objectives:
    • tame a common yellow daylight Pigsy with a Taming Collar - equip the collar, stun the Pigsy with Stun Bombs and try to hold the left mouse button while aiming with the cursor at the Pigsy for 5 seconds. Even before the Pigsy ducks and waves its tail, you should use another Stun Bomb to prevent getting thrown in the air which would interrupt the taming process
    • feed a yellow Pigsy Pet as long as it is hungry (showing Food in its thought bubble and Pet window), preferably with its exact favorite Food type as shown in the Pet window when activating your pet (right mouse button or "f" as the default key). If you feed your Pets anything else than their favorite Food, for example a simple brown Mushroom or the wrong type of Bread or Pie, the pet harvest might be disappointingly less
    • wait a few minutes after feeding, then you can harvest from your Pet by pulling with the gauntlet and holding the right mouse button like when picking up any block, plant or object. As mentioned, Pigsy Droppings (a pet-harvest only, not obtainable as loot after killing) might only be part of the pet-harvest if the Pigsy has been fed its favorite Food
  • Rewards: 10 Lettuce Seeds, 20 Wheat oars and 20 more Pigsy Droppings usable as optional fertilizer on Seeds, tree Saplings and/or Seedlings (first growth stage of Seeds)

2. Fall For You[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Objectives:
    • Tame an Autumn Leafi by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an Autumn Leafi (that spawns in Forests next to autumnally colored Autumnwood trees during the day) for 5 seconds. This Leafi variant will defend itself as soon as you attempt to tame it, but not overly fiercely.
      Tips for taming: you might either want to use Stun Bombs in order to prevent the taming process from being interrupted by being hit, or you could build a trap. Simply build a small closed-up vertical box with a destination teleporter on top of the hollow inside that does not even have to be larger than a shaft of only 1 block in width.
      The bottom of teleporters is not solid for Creatures, it will let Creatures fall downwards through it as soon as they are teleported in. So if you lure a Creature into a departure teleporter (not too far from the trap) with the same upper code as the destination teleporter's lower code, they will fall into the trap.
      Best use fences, rotated slabs or any type of blocks that have small holes in them as the bottom of the trap. You can then stand below the trap and safely tame the Creature through the fences or holes of the bottom of the trap. Creatures can hit you through small holes if you stand on the other side, but not if you stand right below them.
  • Rewards: 20 Citrus Autumnwood Leaves, 20 Autumnwood Flowers and 1 Pet Washer
  • Unlocks: quest "Who's the Boss?"

3. Who's the Boss?[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Fall for you"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame a BossHog by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at a reluctantly aggressive BossHog (that spawns in Savannah biomes during day and night) for 15 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is highly recommended, since BossHogs can easily interrupt the taming process by pushing player characters high up and backwards. To prevent your character from being flung up, you can try standing in (shallow) water or any other liquid.
    • Wash a BossHog Pet with the Washer after harvesting.
      After taming a BossHog, you will first have to feed it when it's hungry and displays the food icon in its thought bubble and Pet window (right-click while pointing your cursor at the Pet per default). It's always recommendable to feed your Pets their exact (!) favorite type of Food as shown in their Pet window. Only then they will provide you with their best harvest.
      Pets will need a few minutes to digest the food, then the thought bubble and Pet window will display an ArcTek Gauntlet (or rather a Mining Cell). Now you can "pull" the Pets (left mouse button by default) like you would mine/pick up any block.
      Afterwards, all Pets need a good cleaning before they can get hungry again. Some Pets like BossHogs even appear dirty very visibly. Equip a Washer, point it at the Pet and hold the left mouse button (by default) for 3 seconds until the bar has filled.
  • Rewards: 20 BossHog Tusks, 20 Pigsy Droppings and 20 Melon Sandwiches
  • Unlocks: quest "Ring the Bell, DeVoe"

4. Ring the Bell, DeVoe[]

5. A Rocky Relationship[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Ring the Bell, DeVoe"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame a Trog by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Trog (that spawns in Canyon biomes during the day) for 5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is highly recommended, since Trogs have a long reach and can strongly push your player character backwards. Standing in Water or any other liquid might prevent from being pushed.
    • Tame a Dustevil by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Dustevils (that spawns in Canyon biomes during the day) for 5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is highly recommended, since Dustevils can hurl your player character really high up in the air. Standing in Water or any other liquid might prevent your player character from being pushed.
  • Rewards: 20 Trog Horns, 20x Dustevil Dust and 20 Stun Bombs
  • Unlocks: quest "Ice To Meet You"

6. Ice To Meet You[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "A Rocky Relationship"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame an Arctic Miru by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Arctic Miru (that spawns on Snow, Ice and Peakstone in biomes like Frozen Oceans, Frozen Deserts, Taigas, snowy Tundras, snowy Mountains or (rarely) snowy Canyons during the night or in complete darkness) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Arctic Mirus can use a blinding attack that will usually interrupt the taming process.
    • Tame a Blizzard Chizzard by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at a defensive Blizzard Chizzard (that spawns on Snow and Ice in cold biomes like Frozen Oceans, Frozen Deserts, Taigas, snowy Tundras, snowy Mountains or (rarely) snowy Canyons during the day) for 5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Blizzard Chizzards cannot only deal cold damage over time, they can also push your player character away. Even as soon as they just start to use their dive attack, the taming process is often already interrupted.
    • Build an Ice Home with 50 Ice blocks. You can collect Ice from Frozen Oceans (there's usually a layer of thin flat Snow on top), or from frozen rivers in many cold biomes, or you can simply place units of Water or Bog Water into cold biomes high up, like on the top of snow-covered Mountains so that the liquid will freeze to Ice. Actually, you do not really have to build a house-like structure at all, you can simply place the 50 blocks of Ice wherever and however you like, and it might even be possible to place just one block of Ice 50 times...
  • Rewards: 20 Arctic Miru Eyes, 20 Blizzard Chizzard Gizzards and 20 Freeze Resistance Potions
  • Unlocks: quest "Burning For You"

7. Burning For You[]

8. Slumber Party[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Burning For You"
  • Objectives:
    • Tame a Night Chizzard by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Night Chizzard (that spawns on Shores, around Wildwood trees in Jungles and in Tundras only at night in dark areas) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Night Chizzards will use a dive attack frequently, and even as soon as they start to fly up, the taming process is often already interrupted.
    • Tame a Night Pigsy by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Night Pigsy (that spawns in many biomes like Forests, Grasslands, Swamplands, Woodlands, Savannahs, Canyons or snowless Tundras in dark areas at night, but also during the day in the darkness of Caves in the Fossil layer and Stalactite layer not far underground) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since Night Pigsies can push your player character backwards and upwards, which will interrupt the taming process.
    • Tame a Night Rockster by equipping a Taming Collar, readying it and pointing it at an aggressive Night Rockster (that spawns on Shores at night in dark areas, but also during the day in the darkness of Caves in the Fossil layer and Stalactite layer not far underground) for 7,5 seconds.
      The use of Stun Bombs or even better a trap (like described in the quest hints for "Fall for you") is recommended, since the spin attack of Night Rocksters will push your player character backwards, which will interrupt the taming process.
    • Place 10 LEDs for your Night Club. First unlock the crafting recipe for LEDs by crafting or obtaining Wood Burning Lamps, crafting a Wiring Tool, and crafting at least one Switch. Then craft 2 LEDs at a time with 4 Stone Slabs, 2x Coal and 4 Glass blocks. You can place one LED, pick it up again and repeat it 10 times in total.
  • Rewards: 20 Arcstones, 1 placeable Diamond Treasure Chest, 1 Red Party Hat, 1 Yellow Party Hat and 1 Blue Party Hat
  • Unlocks: quest "Thing 1 & Thing 2"

9. Thing 1 & Thing 2[]

10. Friendzilla[]

  • Badge: Rancher
  • Unlocked by: completing the quest "Thing 1 & Thing 2"
  • Objectives:
    • Place 30 Obsidian Brick Walls. Or place even more to be safe - in the shape of a thin flat plane.
    • Place 10 Sand Blocks. Actually, tests have shown that Sand blocks by themselves will NOT make Rockzilla spawn, instead Seashells can help with summoning Rockzilla. Seashells will spawn over time on blocks of Sand, albeit slowly. In order to summon Rockzilla faster, you might rather want to place 10-20 blocks of either Corals, Shorewood, Shorewood Husk, Shorewood Leaves, Driftwood or Seashells that you have collected yourself from Shores. And of course you'll have to place them adjacently to the Obsidian Brick Walls, not somewhere far away.
    • Place 5 Torches. The quest reacts to Coal Torches. Better place 10 of them and place them either directly on the Obsidian Brick Walls, or at least adjacent to these blocks. However, you can use nearly any crafted luminaires in order to "summon" Rockzilla.
    • Wait for Rockzilla to spawn and tame it. Please note that Rockzilla will not spawn at night and not all biomes/areas seem to be suitable for Rockzilla. Also, do not build Rockzilla's altar too close to your touchstone. Don't stay in the area, but walk a few biomes further away, use a bed to let the next day spawn before you return. Try it once again a lot later - do not visit and re-visit the altar too often. If Rockzilla does not spawn within a reasonable timespan, try building an altar somewhere else. In some areas, it might take really long - maybe even a full RL day - until the giant crab spawns, in other areas it might spawn after building the altar, leaving the area and returning right away...
  • Rewards: 3 Diamond Treasure Chests and 1 Lumite Mining Cell
  • Unlocks: Rancher Badge that will reduce the timespan for taming drastically for all tameable Creatures

Please note that you might have to relog (exit the game, wait for a few minutes, log in again) in order to complete the quest "Friendzilla" and be granted the Badge properly.