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Pebbles are seemingly baby Rocksters, peaceful and defensive, spawning at Shorelines mainly on blocks of Sand near Seashells and Water during the day.

Health 100 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 10 seconds (Rancher: 2 sec.)
Attack(s): Swipe: the Pebble swipes at players with its claws

Cry: the Pebble calls for help by its brethren, including Rocksters and Rockzilla

Location: Shores during the day

If you attack or try to tame a Pebble, a nearby Rockster will attack you if the Pebble calls out for help, or more Pebbles will come and fight alongside with the initial Pebble also attacking you. Pebbles are pretty fast too.

According to Playful, Pebbles have 100 health points and based on tests, to be killed they  require :

It seems certain that Pebbles do not have any (natural) armor points.


Pebbles, when killed or dimissed, can drop

and can also additionally drop (like many other creatures):

If you tame Pebbles, then as Pets they might prefer to eat Turnips, Horned Melons or Crisphead Lettuce.

You can harvest from your pets pretty much the same materials that you'd get as a loot, just 3 times as much.

Before update R25 you could rarely also receive Magnetite from Pebbles.