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Basic Information[]

Parchwood is a block of Wood taken from a Parchwood-tree with golden-brown cloud-like tree-tops.

Parchwood-trees with their golden Parchwood Leaves can be found in Savannah-biomes. Parchwood-trees do not have any flowers, neither moss nor vines growing on them.

Parchwood-trees can set on fire unintentionally easily, as the Savannah is a hot biome. If you place a torch under a block of Parchwood, Parchwood Leaves or any flammable material close to a tree, the whole tree can catch fire quickly and burn down, additionally to more trees and/or every flammable block close by. This fire cannot be extinguished currently, only stopped by pulling enough blocks away for an aisle so the fire cannot leap across to consume more blocks.

Beehives can occasionally be spotted amongst the leaves on top of these trees, and Queen Bees can be planted on Parchwood as well as on Parchwood Leaves to grow into Beeswax.

Parchwood-trees cannot be grown from Saplings (yet).

Blocks of Parchwood can be changed into Wood Slabs or Wood Rods in a Processor.

Parchwood (2 blocks each) and Parchwood Leaves (4 blocks each) can both be used as Fuel for the Forge too, although they burn rather slowly.

Parchwood can be corrupted, like by Corrupt Bombs or Corrupted Water for example, or placing Corrupted Wood on/next to blocks of Parchwood touching them. Corrupted Wood makes Fuel of much higher quality, but has to be picked up by using Lumite Mining Cells.

Unprocessed Parchwood can be used to craft a number of starting recipes in the Crafting Menu or at a Crafting Table in older worlds created before September 2015), like Wood Mining Cells, Processors or Moss Torches.