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See Data Chip.

These informational notes containing hints about the background of Creativerse can occasionally be found in randomly spawning Treasure Chests or can more rarely be obtained from Things or Keepas of any kind.

The tooltip of any Data Chip can be read by you as a player by moving your cursor over its icon in your inventory - and then it can only be stored away. Data Chips cannot be used in any way ingame at present. There is no "reading device" in Creativerse where you could insert Data Chips to decode them or anything like that.

Their sole purpose is to give you some hints about the background-story of Creativerse. They seem to have been written in a time-based order that can only be guessed, but is not really important anyways. Data Chips are not parts of an ongoing story nor coherent information, just snippets of hints that won't fit together clearly.

Five of the Data Chips (called "Crash Dumps") contain a few morse codes though that can be deciphered to find an easter egg that is absolutely not relevant for the gameplay nor the game Creativerse in general.

You can read more about these rare findings and the codes they contain in the main article Data Chip.

Data Chips cannot be used for crafting, cannot be put into any quickslot, can't be placed into the world, cannot be consumed nor "learnt", but they can be traded between players on the same gameworld. Upon obtaining a new Data Chip, a message window about its discovery will be displayed.

Old Data Chip Descriptions
He expects me to sit and listen to his rants all day and I’d rather go and eat worms. >:(
Feeling emo today. :'( Why did he create me? Just to have someone else trapped here?
The more he invents, the more I feel my mind open up. There’s synergy there I think. Somehow.
Ok. Trying to keep my temper. He’s bossing me around and being totally intolerable. He’s not my dad! >:( Well, he is kinda, but you know what I mean.
Why did he program me with the urge to keep a digital journal? Weirdo. Or maybe I’m the weird one to keep writing in it. Heavy. :/
He upgraded me with a new power cell. The first time I ripped a chunk of bedrock out of the wall, our pet Pigsy just about fainted. Lulz! 8D
He’s mumbling to himself a lot lately. Well, more than usual at least. He keeps staring into the sky.
I don't agree with his latest plan. This is serious! He's trying to change someone's life forever! I have to convince him to stop.
I'm trapped. I'm alone I think. Something really bad must have happened. I wish I could remember!
We found this crazy rock today; it's like the king of all the minerals! I feel powered-up just by being around it.
Dude, he totally just slipped on a banana peel. Is he for real? I thought that only happened in movies! LOL!
Analysis: Pigsy - Not the brightest animal but has a lot of heart. You should see it defend itself! Known resources: sinew, bone, hooves, leather.
Analysis: Leafi - Scaredycat! This thing hightails it at the drop of a hat (assuming you have a hat to drop). Known resources: vines, sinew, bone.
Analysis: Rockster - This is one tough dood. Can really defend itself and it hits pretty hard. Known resources: Rockster rock, mud, water, magnets.
Analysis: Chizzard - Weirdo. Can fly for short periods of time somehow. Creeps me out. Known resources: crystal shards, brown mushroom, feathers.
Analysis: Miru - Oh my car! So scary! Mostly underground I think. Can blind you if you're not careful! Known resources: Miru eye, iron ore, glowing mushroom.
Analysis: Warmworm - Almost fooled me there! Spews lava all around because it's a horrible creation. Known resources: Warmworm tooth, fossils, lava!
Analysis: Spectre - No joking, this thing is dangerous. I don't even want to think about the damage it could do. Known resources: gunpowder, goo.
Analysis: ?? - I saw it once. Deep, deep in the world. I wished I hadn't. We should leave it alone. Known resources: ??