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Obsidian Slabs are crafting materials that can be made in a Processor.

Like with everything else crafted in the Processor no recipes have to be unlocked for this.

2 Obsidian Slabs can be processed from 1 Obsidian(Bar) that is made from Obsidian Ore in a Forge.

Obsidian Slabs can then further be processed into 4 Obsidian Rods each if needed.

Obsidian Slabs are used for different crafting recipes, like for Iron Mining Cells, Teleporters or Healing Beacons, Obsidian furniture as well as a number of building blocks too (as of R26 in December 2015)..

Obsidian Slabs can be placed in the world and can be rotated. They can also be displayed on Wall Shelves, in Wood Planters and in Flower Pots.