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Basic information[]

Nodes are natural cubic blocks that contain Ore. 5 types of Ores exist in Creativerse: Coal, Obsidian Ore, Iron Ore, Diamond Ore and Lumite Ore. All 5 Ores can be extracted from their respective Nodes by placing single-use Extractors directly on the Nodes.

Ore Nodes are indestructible, except by extracting all their Ore. After an Extractor has finished its work and players take all the extracted Ore, the Node block itself will vanish completely and cannot be "re-used" nor will it respawn.

In all game worlds of Creativerse, Ore Nodes can mainly be found underground and embedded in rocks. Only a few Nodes can rarely be seen on the surface (Coal Nodes and Obsidian Nodes), more Nodes might be visible on ceilings, floors and walls of Caves, especially on the Corruption layer - the deepest layer of every Creativerse game world.

Nodes are pre-generated parts of the template Worlds of Creativerse and do not spawn by themselves after world creation. Coal Nodes and Diamond Nodes can, however, be "created" by players in infinite amounts.

Also, Nodes are not the only source of Ore, except for Lumite Ore. Three types of Ore (Coal, Obsidian Ore and Iron Ore) can be collected from randomly spawning Treasure Chests and can be obtained from certain Creatures like Keepas, Silver Keepas, Golden Keepas, Hot Feet or Warmworms.

Four types of Ores can be collected in infinite amounts, only Lumite Ore is available in limited amounts - but there are still thousands of Lumite Nodes on every Creativerse game world (mainly on the Corruption layer).

Coal Nodes and Obsidian Nodes are usually grouped together in patches of 2-5 Node blocks, while Iron Nodes can more often be found in patches of 2-4 blocks, patches of Diamond Nodes more often only consist of 3 Node blocks and Lumite Nodes most often only come in pairs of 2 Node blocks, while patches of 4 or even 5 Lumite Nodes are quite rare. On much older game worlds this can be a bit different though.

Where to find[]

All Ores can be extracted from many thousands of Nodes that are embedded in all of the underground Layers on every Creativerse game world.

Please note that even though you can occasionally find Nodes visibly embedded in walls, ceilings and floors of Caves, while Coal Nodes and Obsidian Nodes are even rarely visible on mountain flanks, most Nodes are completely embedded in rocks and can only be reached by digging through the according underground Layers.

Digging mineshafts will require certain Power Cells to be equipped.

TNT-type Explosives and Excavators (not to be mistaken with Extractors that are required to extract Ores from their Nodes) can help a lot with digging through the underground layers, since they will leave all Ore Nodes intact. However, they will only provide you with half of their "harvest", which includes rather rare rocks like Magnetite and Tourmaline.

As mentioned above, Creativerse game worlds are not procedurally generated, but instead each newly "created" game world is a copy of one of the 4 template worlds that already feature all their available Ore Nodes at fixed positions.


Coal can be extracted from Coal Nodes all over the Fossil layer that spans the whole game world, sometimes also on the Stalactite layer, and often additionally on the surface in Mountain biomes.


Obsidian Ore can be extracted from Obsidian Nodes that can be found all over the Fossil layer underground, more rarely reaching the Stalactite layer, but occasionally also on the surface in Mountain biomes.


Iron Ore can be extracted mainly from Iron Nodes found all over the Stalactite layer (and also in upper parts of the Lava layer and lower levels of the Fossil layer, mainly on older template worlds).


Diamond Ore can be extracted from Diamond Nodes all throughout the Lava layer (and also in large amounts in the Corruption layer and on the lower levels of the Stalactite layer only on older template worlds).


Lumite Ore can be extracted from Lumite Nodes that can be found all over the Corruption layer underground (plus in the lower levels of the Lava layer mainly on older template worlds).

Lumite Nodes are rarer than all the other Ore Nodes, but well visible in the ceiling, the ground (sometimes covered with Corrupted Water) and the walls of "hills" in the gigantic swamp cave that is the Corruption layer.

Extracting Ore from Nodes[]

To extract Ores from Nodes you cannot use your ArcTek gauntlet powered by Power Cells, instead you will have to use single-use Extractors - either Basic Extractors, Advanced Extractors or Super Extractors can be applied on any kind of Node. TNT-type Explosives and Excavators do no have any effect on Ore Nodes.

Super Extractors can only be made from a crafting recipe that the Thing (a Creature on the Corruption layer deep underground) provides, either in its Loot Bag when you kill it or as a pet-harvest after you've tamed and fed it.

All Extractors will take a while to extract all the Ore; however the better the Extractor-type is, the faster it works and also the more ore will be gained. Do not be reluctant to craft Advanced Extractors soon; they really pay off.

Basic Extractor:

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal Node 6 x Coal 1 minute
Obsidian Node 6 x Obsidian Ore 5 minutes
Iron Node 5 x Iron Ore 5 minutes
Diamond Node 3 x Diamond Ore 10 minutes
Lumite Node 2 x Lumite Node 10 minutes

Advanced Extractor:

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal Node 12 x Coal 30 seconds
Obsidian Node 12 x Obsidian Ore 2:30 minutes
Iron Node 10 x Iron Ore 2:30 minutes
Diamond Node 6 x Diamond Ore 5 minutes
Lumite Node 4 x Lumite Node 5 minutes

Super Extractor:

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal Node 21 x Coal 18 seconds
Obsidian Node 21 x Obsidian Ore 1:30 minutes
Iron Node 18 x Iron Ore 1:30 minutes
Diamond Node 10 x Diamond Ore 3 minutes
Lumite Node 7 x Lumite Node 3 minutes

First, put a stack of Extractors (and/or Advanced Extractors or Super Extractors) into any slot in your quickbar. Then select this quickslot (preferably by typing its number) and click the right mouse button while pointing at an Ore Node with your cursor in order to place the Extractor so it can extract the Ore from the Node.

All types of Extractors are single-use items; they will be used up when they have completed their work, and they cannot be removed from the Node before they have finished extracting all of the Ore.

The permission setting of Extractors is "just me" by default (different from most other activatable objects and storage containers) and can be changed manually by clicking on the padlock symbol in order to let other players take the Ore as well. Extractors will start their extraction process immediately when placed on a Node, they cannot be wired to be activated at a later time.

It is recommended to craft Advanced Extractors as soon as you can, since it takes much longer to search for more Nodes than to extract twice the amount of Ore from one Node and faster too. You can easily use the surplus Ore that you harvest this way to craft more Advanced Extractors.

After placing an Extractor, you can check how long the extraction is going to take by looking at it with your cursor and either clicking your right mouse button or typing "f" as the default key.

You can take any amount of Ore that has already been processed at that time from the lower slot of the Extractor. You cannot remove the Extractor itself though before it has completed it's work.

When the Extractor is done, it will stop "singing" and "fold up" with a lout click. You can take all the (remaining) Ore at once by typing "f" again (as the default key). This will then remove the Node and use up the Extractor too. Sometimes Extractors that still have Ore inside will repeat the clicking sound when players get close as a reminder to collect the remaining Ore.

There is no other way to destroy or remove Ore Nodes than by placing Extractors and taking them after they've extracted all of the Ore from the Nodes. Even the strongest types of TNT and Excavators will leave them intact.

However, Coal Nodes can be transformed into Diamond Nodes.

Smelting Ores into Bars[]

While Coal can be used for crafting directly and also as a Fuel for Forges, all other 4 types of Ores have to be smelted into Bars before they can be used for crafting, like by cutting them into Slabs and/or Rods in a Processor.

Forges need Fuel in order to work that has to be placed into the Forge together with the Ore.

Smelting Ores into Bars in a Forge does not require any crafting recipes to be unlocked.

To do so, you will have to carry the Ore and any type of Fuel (see below) in your inventory. Then you'll have to activate a Forge that has been placed into the game world by right-clicking the Forge or typing "f" (as the default key) while pointing at the Forge with your cursor.

When activating a Forge, the inventory screen will be replaced with a list of everything that you carry in your inventory, segmented into: forgeable materials, materials that can be used as fuel, and the rest.

Right-click on an Ore on top of the inventory list to move it into the Forge, and then right-click on any type of available Fuel in your inventory list to move it into the Fuel slot of the Forge.

The type of Fuel that you choose will determine how long it will take for the Ore to be smelted into Bars in the Forge.

Tier 1 Fuel[]

Examples of Level 1 Fuel: 2x Wood blocks of most types, 4x Leaves blocks of most types, 8x Wood Rods, many plants like Tallgrass, and several crafted wooden items or blocks, often 2-8 units/pieces at a time

Tier 2 Fuel[]

Examples of Level 2 Fuel: 1x Coal, 4x Hardened Lava blocks or 1x Sulfur block

Tier 3 Fuel[]

Examples of Level 3 Fuel: 2x Corrupted Wood blocks of any kind, 4x Corrupted Leaves blocks of any kind

Tier 10 Fuel[]

Examples of Level 10 Fuel: 1x Tar Bread, 1x Tar Soup, 1x Tar Sandwich

Crafting with Ores[]

Only Coal can be used for crafting directly (for example Stone Mining Cells or Coal Torches) and also as a common Fuel for Forges.

All other 4 types of Ores have to be smelted into Bars first before they can be used for crafting.

In a Forge, Iron Bars can be further hardened into Tempered Iron Bars, which will be required to craft Diamond Armor and the Legendary Golden Sword.

In a Processor,

Slabs can be placed directly into game worlds for building purposes or can be used for crafting, for example to craft Advanced Extractors, Teleporters or Super Extractors.

Smelting Ores to Bars in Forges and creating Slabs, Rods, Slopes etc. in Processors doesn't require any crafting recipes; but crafting equipment, objects and items like Power Cells, Armor, Weapons, Tools, Crafting Tools, Machines, Explosives, furniture, building blocks and much more is done in the Crafting Menu (to be opened by typing "Q" as the default key) and will require crafting recipes to be unlocked before they can be used.


Ores of any kind cannot be placed into the game world, cannot be put into any quickslot and cannot be displayed on/in display containers like Placemats, Stone Wall Shelves, Hidden Temple Altars, Wood Planters, Flower Pots, Galactic Grav-Chambers, Frozen Containers, Snow Buried Containers and the like.

Kindly note that finding Lumite and crafting Lumite-tier equipment like Lumite Swords and Lumite Armor does not mean that you have reached "the end" of the game!

Creativerse is a sandbox-game that has many more features and different possible goals that you can define for your own gameplay however you like. Usually players aim for creating Blueprints to share with other players or Adventures with individually definable goals and all kinds of obstacles or even quests.