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Night Twiggys are aggressive creatures that spawn only at night in complete darkness in Forests, Woodlands and sometimes also in Grasslands.

Health 50 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 7,5 seconds (Rancher: 1,5 sec.)
Attack(s): Jumps up and hits with its horn. No special attacks
Location: Woodlands, Forests and Grasslands at night

This smaller and bigger-eyed version of the Night Leafi was introduced with update R27 on January 13th 2016.

Night Twiggys will burst into blue flame when they are hit by sunlight and will burn to nothingness, leaving no loot behind.

According to 67chrome's tests, to kill a Night Twiggy, smack them 5 times with a Twig, 3 times with a Wood Sword, 2 times with a Stone Sword, or 1 time with any other Sword.

When killed, these night creatures can drop Leafi Leaf, Vines, Sinew, Yellow Flower, sometimes Globs of Goo, Bones and/or rarely Leather.

Once you tame a Night Twiggy as a Pet, it becomes practically immortal.

As Pets, Night Twiggys might prefer to eat Horned Melons, Sandwiches or Turnip Sandwiches.

Night Twiggys no longer suffer from being unharvestable, this changed on 7/19/16 or earlier.