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The Night Rockster is the aggressive nighttime and Caves-dwelling version of the common red Rockster, and attacks players on sight different from and with more power than a daylight Rockster.

Health 150 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 7,5 seconds (Rancher: 1,5 sec.)
Attack(s): Swipe: the Night Rockster swipes with its claws

Spinning attack: after ca. 4 seconds of blocking while covering itself with its claws, the Night Rockster jumps and spins, pushing player characters away

Location: Shores during the night, Fossil layer during day and night

Night Rocksters will spawn on the surface in dark places usually only at night, but they can also spawn during the day in the darkness of Caves and throughout the Fossil layer underground on rocks like Bedrock and Limestone.

They can also often be found on the Stalactite layer around pools of Mineral Water in dark areas during day and night.

Occasionally they might come out of Caves during the day to hunt player characters if they can sense / see them. They will burn away if hit by sunlight though, leaving nothing behind.

They do not easily spawn on artificial player-made Biomes built from Bedrock and/or Limestone, but it's possible.

Like red daylight Rocksters, Night Rocksters have the ability to hunker down and block all incoming damage, an effect that lasts for ~4 seconds and is ended with a powerful spin-attack capable of sending the player flying.

With update R41, the hitpoints of Night Rocksters have been reduced, however their armor (defense) has been increased, which makes Armor-Piercing Bombs more efficient against them now.

According to Playful, Night Rocksters have 150 health points and based on tests, to be killed they require:

It seems like Night Rocksters have 10 armor points.

You cannot hurt Night Rocksters while they cover themselves with their claws. Every hit that you deal to Night Rocksters while they are blocking will only reduce the durability of your weapon, not inflict any damage to the Night Rocksters.

If a Night Rockster is killed, it will "drop" (in it's Loot Bag):

1-3 Rockster Rock

1-2 (blocks of) Coral

1-2 (blocks of) Magnetite

1-2 (blocks of) Mud

and can also additionally drop (like many other creatures):



Globs of Goo

- much like the red daytime Rockster.

You can harvest the same materials in even larger amounts (up to 3 times in total) from Night Rocksters if they are your Pets after you have tamed them and fed them their exact favorite type of Food.

As Pets, Night Rocksters might prefer to eat Soup, Turnip Sandwiches or Pie.

You can process 3 Pebble's Pebbles to 1 Rockster Rock each in a Forge, however not vice versa.