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Night Leafies are aggressive creatures that spawn at night in dark places above ground, in all kinds of areas where any other kinds of Leafies will spawn - atop and under most trees.

Health 120 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 7,5 seconds (Rancher: 1,5 sec.)
Attack(s): Horn attack while jumping up
Location: On or near tree Leaves at night

Night Leafies are able to climb surfaces which deter some other Creatures, such as Ice Slopes.

Night Leafies will burst into blue flames upon contact with sunlight and will perish, leaving nothing behind.

According to Playful, Night Leafies have 120 health points and based on tests, they require 18 hits with a Twig, 12 hits with a Wood Sword, 8 hits with a Stone Sword, 3 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 2 hits with an Iron Sword, 2 hits with a Diamond Sword or 1 hit with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

It seems like Night Leafies have 10 armor points.

When killed, Night Leafies might drop Leafi Leaf, Vines, Sinew, Yellow Flower, sometimes Globs of Goo, Bones and rarely Leather.

Once you tame a Night Leafi as a Pet, it is no longer vulnerable to sunlight and can stay out during the day without a problem.

Other than common green Leafies, Night Leafies will attack you during the taming attempt.

As Pets, Night Leafies might prefer to eat Horned Melons, Sandwiches or Turnip Sandwiches.

If you look closely at the 'leaf' on a Night Leafie's head, you can see what seems to be a somewhat distorted 'skull'.