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Basic Information[]

Some Creatures in Creativerse are called Night Creatures. However, not all of them solely spawn during ingame night-times. Some either spawn at night when on the surface world, but also during day and night in dark areas underground. Many of them are specific Night variants of common Creatures that spawn during the day.

All Night Creatures are sunlight intolerant and will start to burn away in blue flames when hit by sunlight. They will quickly vanish without a trace and without leaving any loot bags behind. However, if players manage to kill them quickly before that (including by killing these Creatures in traps with elemental damage), they might receive loot bags nonetheless.

Surface Night Creatures will only spawn during the night, but can be kept alive if trapped in a dark area like a cave. If they are not tamed, they will still despawn and vanish as soon as all players leave the area.

Night Creatures in Creativerse:

Ghost Creatures are Night Creatures as well. They only appear during specific event-times, mainly around Halloween from October to November once a year.