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Night Chizzards are aggressive Chizzards that come out in the dark in most places where Chizzards and Blizzard Chizzards appear during the day; on or near trees at Shores, in Jungles, Taigas and Tundras on and around trees at night. Only rarely they also spawn on snowy planes like Frozen Deserts and frozen Oceans.

Health: 300 health points
Time to tame: Becomes your friend in 7,5 seconds (Rancher: 1,5 sec.)
Attack(s): Talon strike: the Night Chizzard "flies" in place, striking at players with both of its talons.

Dive Bomb: the Night Chizzard "flies" around in a figure 8 pattern, then dives towards players, squawking angrily. Deals knockback, and may stun players.

Location: On Shorewood trees on Shores, Wildwood trees in Jungles, Oases in Canyons, also in Tundras and Taigas during the night
Additional note(s): During the Night Chizzard's Dive Bomb, the attack animation does not match up with its hurtbox. You will not damage the angry avian by trying to hit it when it flies up. You must attack the initial starting position of the Night Chizzard if you wish to hurt it.

These lizard birds will nearly always only spawn on the surface during the night, different from other night Creatures like Night Rocksters, Night Pigsies or Mirus that also roam Caves during the day. When sunlight hits Night Chizzards, they will start to burn with a blue flame and perish, not leaving anything behind.

You can harvest Chizzard Eggs from tamed Night Chizzard Pets, while killing wild Night Chizzards will not provide you with any eggs. The best pet-harvest can only be obtained after you've fed your Pet its exact favorite Food though.

According to Playful, Night Chizzards have 300 health points and based on tests, they require 43 hits with a Twig, 30 hits with a Wood Sword, 20 hits with a Stone Sword, 8 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 4 hits with an Iron Sword, also 4 hits with a Diamond Sword or 3 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

It seems like Night Chizzards have 10 armor points.

These Creatures always drop Chizzard Gizzard, along with the universal occasional monster drops of Sinews, Bones and Globs of Goo.

You can also harvest the same materials from them when they are your Pets, even 3 times more materials than you'd receive from their Loot Bags if you would kill Night Chizzards. Whereby you will always receive Chizzard Gizzard as well as Chizzard Egg after feeding them their favorite Food.