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Basic Information[]

Weepwood Logs and Mossy Weepwood Logs can both only be found only in Swamplands on the ground made of green Grass or in shallow Bog Water, somewhere close to Weepwood-trees.

When harvesting blocks of Mossy Weepwood Logs, they will turn into 1 block of ordinary Weepwood Log and often additional also 1 block of Moss.

The harvested (non-mossy) Weepwood Logs can then be chopped into 4 Wood Slabs or 8 Wood Rods in a Processor. No crafting recipe is required for this.

Weepwood Logs can be used for crafting recipes that will accept any kind of Wood or Log.

The harvested Moss can be used to craft Moss Torches or Mossy Cobblestone for example.

Weepwood Logs can be used as Fuel for Forges; 2 blocks are required for each forging process, but they will burn rather slowly, since they are fuel level 1. Logs cannot be corrupted into better fuel types.

Logs are flammable, so be careful when putting torches onto or under blocks of Logs (or any other block of Wood or Leaves), especially in hot environments like Savannahs or Jungles, but also in Swamplands.

Fire is able to spread onto other flammable materials and such a whole Swamp forest and/or wooden house can burn down in the worst case. You can prevent this by claiming the area and making sure that the claim option "fire sim/spreading" is disabled (by default), or as a world owner you can disable this option for the whole game world.