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The Miru is an aggressive enemy that spawns in the Stalactite and Fossil layers in darkness during day and night times.

Health: 500 health points
Time to tame: Becomes your friend in 7,5 seconds (Rancher: 1,5 sec.)
Attack(s): Normal attack: Smashing

Blinding: the Corrupted Miru will cross both arms, charging up a flash from its eye. The flash then will not damage players, but blind them and turn them around

Location: Fossil layer, Stalactite layer (day and night), occasionally on the surface only at night

The Miru can exit Caves and wander the surface. This happens a lot in Forests, Woodlands and rocky Mountains. However, as a night creature, it will conflagrate in daylight, leaving nothing behind.

Tamed Mirus can withstand the sun and usually prefer to eat food made with Questionable Jerky, like Chizzard Pot Pies or Jerky Sandwiches.

According to Playful, Mirus have 500 health points and based on tests, they require 72 hits with a Twig, 34 hits with a Wood Sword, 25 hits with a Stone Sword, 12 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 6 hits with an Iron Sword, 5 hits with a Diamond Sword or 4 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

It seems that Mirus have 5 armor points.

Mirus' loot tables include Miru Eyes (always), Brown Mushrooms, and rarely Glowing Mushrooms. Like most other Creatures, Mirus may occasionally drop Bones, Sinews and Globs of Goo too.

You can receive up to 3 times as many materials from Mirus as a pet-harvest after taming them, but only after feeding your Pet Miru its exact favorite type of Food.


Mirus typically wander aimlessly, but if a player passes within their aggro-range, they will begin pursuit. (tested a little but aggro-range is about 5-10 blocks)

Mirus have a blinding attack, forecasted by flashing eyes and raised arms. If the player is looking directly at the Miru when this blinding attack is completed, the player's visual field will be flooded with white light and the player will be spun to a random direction. The white light effect lasts 3 – 5 seconds.

Because a Miru will usually pause before each attack, it may be possible for the player to step backward just out of its reach yet still keep the Miru in ranch of the player's attacks.

The Miru is also a 2 blocks tall creature and will not be able to pass through a space only a block high. Mirus can be easily defeated through such an opening.

The Miru is mentioned in the description of the Coal Torch "a spelunker's best friend (at least since your best friend was eaten by a Miru)".

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Blinding attack