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The Medieval Spike Wall is a cubic building block that is the first among wall and floor blocks featuring long spikes sticking out of the block outlines just like Brown Mushrooms or Glowing Mushrooms are protruding from their "ground" blocks.

The Medieval Spike Wall is a light grey stone block banded with slightly weathered dark bluish-grey metal bands and one large pyramidal spike on each of the 6 sides. The metal bands also have a 3D effect, although less noticeable than the spikes. The spikes do not deal any damage and don't impede movement over the block.

This block is part of the Medieval Super Bundle that was introduced with update R41 on May 1st 2017, and this block can only be crafted after buying the Medieval Super Bundle (formerly called "Colossal Castle Bundle") in the Store for Coins.

To craft a stack of 8 Medieval Spike Wall blocks at a time, you will need:

The block can be rotated in all directions by holding r (as the default key) and moving the left mouse button. The chosen rotation angle can then be "locked" too by simply typing "r", so that all items of the same stack will be placed facing the same direction.

Medieval Spike Walls as crafted blocks are also included in the Medieval Pack and in the building kit that you can buy for the Colossal Castle Blueprint, but none of these item/block packs include the according crafting recipe for this block.

Buying the Medieval Super Bundle in the Store for Coins is the only way to permanently add the crafting recipe for this block to the crafting menu (to be opened by default key "q"), where it will be already unlocked and will always be available even on game worlds where the world option "world bound recipes" is enabled.

You cannot process this block into any Slopes/Roofs, Slabs or Rods.