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Creativerse Update Preview - The Blueprint Revolution!

Creativerse Update Preview - The Blueprint Revolution!

The Large Capture Block is a gray and turquoise device that captures all blocks within a range of 63x63x63.

After the capturing process is done, the Blueprint cornerstone that will be created can then be used by you on any other gameworld to help with erecting the same or a similar structure more easily.

The captured structure/landscape/building can also be uploaded to the Steam Workshop in order to be shared with other players.

The Large Capture Block can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "q").

Currently the crafting recipes for this Capture Block and its smaller variants (Medium Capture Block and Small Capture Block) are already unlocked when starting the game.

To craft 1 Large Capture Block, you'll need :

Capture Blocks are devices that will "create" a Blueprint within their outlined area by "capturing" said blocks (sort of like copying).

You cannot place Capture Blocks on player claims or gameworlds where your permission rank is low.

It is also not possible to capture structures on another player's claim where your permission rank is low when placing the Capture Block just right outside the claim. In this case, only the unclaimed area will be captured while the claimed area will be left out.

Capture Blocks can be rotated ("r" as the default key), however only sideways (since cornerstones of Blueprints are supposed to let players build from bottom to top). No Power Cells are required to pick up Capture Blocks or completed Cornerstones.

Capture Blocks cannot and do not have to be wired to any activation devices, they can simply be used directly by looking at them and clicking the right mouse button or typing "f" (as the default key).

After activating the Capture Block, it will take a while for the Capture Block to capture a large structure.

Players will then see a 3D menu of the captured area. While looking at the 3D model of the captured structure, players may zoom, swivel and look around their captured work to shave off unneeded portions (left edge, right edge, depth, and height) via the slidebars.

Players can hold the left mouse button and drag to rotate the 3D model sideways. Holding the right mouse button and dragging will tilt the 3D model up/down. Zooming in and out can be done with the mouse wheel. By clicking on "view blocks", the capture block will count the blocks necessary to build this structure (can take a little while for large structures).

After finalizing the initial design, players can click on "Capture" in order to create a Blueprint of the build. Again, it can take a minute or more for the Capture Block to transform into a Cornerstone.

Players will then encounter a menu which will allow the player to "publish" the build if they want other players to be able to use this Blueprint too. Blueprints do not have to be published right away, this can also be done later via Blueprint menu (TAB "mine"). Published builds will be integrated into the Creativerse Workshop on Steam for all to see and download.

As mentioned, it is possible for players to access their own captured Blueprints on other gameworlds even if these Blueprints have not been published by choosing the "Blueprints" TAB (over the inventory/bag window) and clicking on the TAB "mine".

To download Blueprints made by other players, click on the symbol for the Steam Workshop, choose a player's Blueprint and "subscribe" to it. Only then it will be downloaded from Steam onto your computer. Afterwards, you can select this player-made Blueprint by clicking the TAB "library" in the Blueprints menu.

Currently, cornerstones for player-made Blueprints can be received for free, and in accordance with that also all cornerstones for Blueprints offered by Playful are now for free as well.

Block kits do not contain cornerstones any longer right now, so you will have to claim the cornerstone separately, even if you buy one of the block kits (in exchange for Coins from the Store) for Blueprints made and offered by Playful. Currently, block kits for player-made Blueprints cannot be purchased.