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Iron Bars can be produced from Iron Ore in the Forge (together with some Fuel).

Iron Ore can be found in Iron Nodes in the Stalactite layer and Lava layer where the Ore can be extracted by placing any kind of Extractors on the Nodes.

However, to collect a lot of iron in a short span of time, it's advisable to search for Iron Treasure Chests and/or Diamond Treasure Chests, for example by creating artificial biomes on the surface from Hardened Lava, Igneous Rock or from corrupted blocks (easiest to build with Cragwood that you can corrupt with just one corrupted block placed on them).

All Ores can be smelted into Bars in a Forge for further processing. Taking Iron Bars from the Forge is one of the unlocking requirements for the crafting-recipes for Iron Wall as well as for Iron Bars (lattice).

Iron Bars (the ingot) can then also be hardened in the Forge once more into Tempered Iron Bars for more specialized crafting-recipes like high-tier equipment/weapons.

Iron Bars can also be processed in a Processor to Iron Rods and/or Iron Slabs for other crafting purposes (like for the Super Extractor).

Iron Bars are used in many crafting recipes, including Iron Sword, Iron armor, Iron Mining Cells, Excavators, Iron Bar Doors, iron furniture and fancy building blocks (decor).