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The Industrial Fan is a functional object featuring light-grey fan blades in a rusty red-brown casing, covered by light-grey strips of metal.

Fans can blow into any direction that they can point at - directly upwards, downwards or sideways. Place the Fan, then turn it by rotating (hold down "r" as the default key while pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse).

You can also "lock" the rotation by simply typing "f" while pointing at a rotated block or item so that the whole selected stack of (Industrial) Fans in your quickbar will be placed looking into the same direction.

The Industrial Fan is part of the Industrial Super Bundle that was launched during update R44 in June 2017, and can only be crafted (default crafting key is q) after buying the Super Bundle in the Store.

Industrial Fans as crafted items are also included in the Industrial Pack and in block/item kits that correspond with Industrial Blueprints, but none of those will include the according crafting recipe.

To craft 2 Industrial Fans, you will need:

Fans can be used as elevators (ca. 5 blocks high or up to ca. 16 blocks with low gravity) or for safe landings when dropping/falling from great heights. However, the player character will be vaulted into the air again after landing on a Fan.

If a player-character jumps into a Fan that is blowing upwards, the jumping height and/or distance will be much higher/farther than normally (beware of falling damage though when landing).

If turned sideways, (Industrial) Fans can give player-characters and Creatures a good push so they can slide across any kind of block.

However it is NOT possible to create railway-like slides from these Fans as easily as from common (free) Fans, since you cannot go "through" Industrial Fans.

These Fans can be switched on or off by activating or deactivating them (right mouse button or f as the default key while looking at them).

Industrial Fans can also be wired up with activation devices like Switches, Number Pads, Sensors or Pressure Plates. They will then serve as receivers and can either be switched on or off. Their interactivity can be toggled and defined with permission settings. Fans are receivers and cannot serve as activation devices.