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The Holiday Trap Pack is an Item Pack that contains several winter event-themed items. It was introduced to the Store with update R50 for the Christmas event Elfi's Toy Drive on December 13th 2017.

This Item Pack will only be available around Christmas while the seasonal winter event is ongoing. The price of this Store offer can differ each year.

Item Packs like this one can only be bought with Coins in the Store that can be bought with real money in return via Store as well in the "Coins" TAB.

This Item Pack contains one item kit, claimable on one Creativerse game world of your choice, with the following items inside:

Please note that this Item Pack does not include any crafting recipes, and receiving the items from this pack will not unlock any crafting recipes. It does not have anything to do with the winter-themed Frost Pack either.

After buying the item pack "Holiday Trap Pack", you will find an icon for it in your inventory/bag that you can "claim" once on one specific game world of your choice. You will then receive the items from this list in any free slots in your quickbar and inventory/bag.

Please note that the price you pay is for one item pack only, so you cannot claim the same pack a second time, neither on the same game world nor on another. You can, however, buy another Trap Pack in the Store as long as the winter event is ongoing.  

Medium Trog Traps from this Item Pack can be placed and will then immediately start timed winter-themed events. The specific event goals differ and are described by onscreen messages. If the announced goal is successfully reached within the set timespan, a Reward Holiday Gift Box will appear afterwards at or next to the spot that the Trog Trap had originally been placed.

This reward chest will contain Rescued Toys that are Trade Items used for buying Christmas-themed rare Recipes, blocks and items of all kind at Elfis. Elfis are Leafi-like NPCs that will only appear during Christmas event-times.

Reward Holiday Gift Boxes for successfully completed Medium Trog Trap Events will often contain Large Trog Traps that will initiate even more difficult Trog Trap Events.  

Snowcubes can be used during Trog Trap Events to eliminate event-specific Arctic Mirus that are only vulnerable to Snowcubes and also to hit targets that will pop up for other event types.