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Basic Information[]

Holiday Gifts randomly appear during the annual Christmas Holiday event during day and night on Snow and Ice. At night/in the dark they will spawn additionally to the usual randomly spawning Treasure Chests.

Three variants of Holiday Gifts are known; colored red, blue and green. Their random content is not related to their colors nor to the places or time(s) of their appearance at all.

These special gifts first appeared during the Christmas event Holiday Surprise from December 14th 2015 until January 13th 2016. Since then, they re-appeared on December 13th 2017 until January 10th 2018 for the first Elfi's Toy Drive, then again on December 19th 2018 until January 25th 2019, and can be "hunted" again from December 3rd 2019 until January 2020.

Please note that these Holiday Gifts are different from animated Holiday Giftboxes and the actual storage containers Red Gift Box, Blue Gift Box and Green Gift Box.

Since update R50 on December 13th 2017, Holiday Gifts mainly spawn on blocks of Ice and Snow, as can be found on Frozen Oceans, on top of large snowy Mountains, all over Taigas, parts of Tundras or some Canyons.

Since then, Holiday Gifts can spawn during day and also night, but they might not spawn well (sometimes not at all) during dusk and dawn. After the Christmas event has ended, no more of these random Gifts can be made to spawn.

You can spawn Holiday Gifts on Loot Spawners, but of course they will not contain any random loot. Instead these player-spawned Holiday Gifts can only contain what the player who sets up the Loot Spawner has put into the inventory window of the Loot Spawner.

How to obtain[]

During Christmas event times, you can find Holiday Gifts on every game world (even in Adventures, but mind that you cannot keep the contents!) randomly spawning here and there on blocks of Ice and Snow on the surface world, as said during (ingame) day and night.

Since these presents always appear within a certain proximity of player characters, more of these boxes will spawn when players travel the surface of Creativerse game worlds.

Holiday Gifts that spawn in a distance might not always be visible if players try to look directly at them, but could still appear at the borders of the screen when looking around (happens particularly often with wide screens).

The blue "flashes" and poofing smoke animations that accompany the spawning of Holiday Gifts might sometimes be all that you can see at the spot where the Holiday Gift box itself will only become visible when moving closer to it.

Holiday Gifts can take a

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second or a few until they will spawn. So they might as well spawn behind your character too if you travel too quickly or just logged in or teleported to a cold area. When using your glider as a "Pro" player, Holiday Gift boxes might still only start to spawn within a certain proximity around your character after you've landed, even if you take care to stay close to the ground while gliding.

It is possible (but unconfirmed by Playful) that more Holiday Gifts can spawn within a certain area on game worlds where the "Pro" world option "More Treasure" is enabled.

How to use[]

Holiday Gifts can only be looted/emptied, but not taken - they will not provide players with the containers themselves, just like Loot Bags and Treasure Chests do.

After looting these gift boxes completely or leaving the area for a longer while, the boxes will vanish without. These presents are one-way containers, so players cannot put anything inside them.

Elfi's Toy Drive 2019[]

In 2019, Holiday Gifts contained at least 2 stacks to max. 5 stacks of Christmas-themed items (no crafting recipes though). Additionally to that, every Holiday Gift during Elfi's Toy Drive event 2019 either randomly contained 1-15 Rescued Toys (most often 12-14), or 1 (rarely 2) Small Trog Trap(s).

More recent Christmas-themed items and their rare seasonal Recipes could be obtained from Elfis that also randomly appeared on Snow and Ice during day and night, and accepted Rescued Toys as trading "currency".

List of items that Holiday Gifts randomly contained in 2019:

Elfi's Toy Drive 2017[]

In 2017, Holiday Gifts contained at least 2 stacks to max. 5 stacks of items, but no crafting recipes.

Every Holiday Gift during Elfi's Toy Drive event randomly contains 1-15 Rescued Toys (most often 12-14).

Additionally, Holiday Gifts might randomly contain:

Holiday Surprise 2016[]

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Green gift.png
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For a month around Christmas 2016 Holiday Gifts with different content randomly spawned on all kinds of solid blocks on the surface at daylight (not at night) as soon as players came into a certain range.

In 2016 these gifts boxes randomly contained Christmas-themed crafting recipes, blocks, materials and/or items like:

Snowcubes cannot found in gift boxes or treasure chests, but can be crafted at the Processor without requiring a recipe. They are in reality snowballs that can be thrown and can push back Creatures.

A tip from the Creativerse Crew:

(P.S. When hunting for holiday goodies, focus on cold and "arctic" mobs/areas.) --PlayfulDavid

This means that Blizzard Chizzards, Rambeau, and Arctic Mirus would also drop some of these Holiday items in 2016, either in their Loot Bags after you killed or dismissed them or even as a harvest if you kept them as your Pets.

With update R37, new Holiday Recipes were added to the Christmas event:

Afterwards, Holiday Gifts only spawned on Snow or Ice.

A note about event Recipes[]

With update R46 in September 2017, the exploit that allowed rare Holiday Recipes to be learned via Adventures was fixed. It is still possible to learn these Recipes by visiting players on their game world though who have stored surplus duplicates of the Holiday Recipes.