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Creativerse R43 Hidden Temple 2017-07-03 21-16-08-228.jpg
Creativerse R43 Hidden Temple 2017-07-03 21-16-08-229.jpg
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Creativerse Mayan block sets222.jpg

The Hidden Temple Trim (called "Mayan Trim" before R30) is a pinkish-brown buildng block with a cross-like pattern on one side, an H-like pattern on orange background on the opposite side and a battlement-like pattern on 4 sides.

Hidden Temple Trim blocks can be rotated by holding down "r" as the default key and dragging the object with your left mouse button.

This building block can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "q") after the according crafting recipe has been added to the crafting menu by buying it in the Store as a part of the "Hidden Temple Super Bundle". Just like all store-bought recipes it will also carry over to all other gameworlds that you'll be playing on.

To craft 8 (blocks of) Hidden Temple Trims, you'll need (as of R44 in June 2017)

The "Hidden Temple Super Bundle" also includes 400 crafted blocks of Hidden Temple Trims in a single block kit that can only be claimed once on one Creativerse gameworld.

150 blocks of Hidden Temple Trims are included in the "Hidden Temple Pack" that can be bought in the Store, however this item pack does not include the according crafting recipe.