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The Health Regeneration Potion regenerates the health (red bar) of your player character for 120 seconds (2 minutes), or until the player character is defeated and has to respawn. The effect will not end by relogging.

Health Regeneration Potions cannot be found in any Treasure Chests nor can they be obtained from any Creatures.

They can be crafted in the Crafting Menu (to be opened with "q" as the default key) after the crafting recipe has been unlocked by crafting a Basic Health Potion (since R41 in April 2017).

To craft 2 Health Regeneration Potions at once, you'll need:

The healing effect is very similar to Mineral Water or Healing Beacons, but drinking the Potion allows moving around, while you have to stand still for the other two healing measures to work.

Several Food types also regenerate Health over time however, like Wholesome Soup, Wholesome Sandwich, Mushroom Sandwich, Wholesome Pie, Mushroom Pot Pie and even Wholesome Bread.