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The Haunted Idol Pack is an Item Pack for Creativerse purchasable during Halloween event times in the ingame Store for Coins (that can be bought with real money via Steam Wallet via Store, to be found in the "Coins" TAB).

Please note that this Item Pack is a temporarily limited offer and will usually stop being available somewhen in November.

The price of the Item Pack might differ depending on sales times, and the price of Coins themselves can be very different too depending on the country you live in.

This item kit contains:

Alternatively, these Idols can be obtained for free during the Halloween-themed event Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign. They can be almost always be found in the Haunted Ghost Treasure reward chest at the end of combat events that can be intiated by placing the low-tier Haunted Idols into the game world after taking Haunted Idols from Idol Login Chests.

Please note that this Item Pack - the Haunted Idol Pack - will not provide you with any crafting recipes. So after buying this bundle, you will not become able to craft any Idols. So far, no type of Idols is craftable in Creativerse.

After your purchase of an Haunted Idol Pack you will find an icon symbolizing this item pack in your inventory/bag that you can "claim" once on one specific game-world of your choice.

When claiming Item Packs, you will then find the purchased items in your inventory or in any free quickslot. Often these items will be packed into a storage container that looks like a staple of crates and only takes up 1 slot of your inventory or quickbar. You can place this storage container into the game-world and access it like any other storage object by right-click or typing "f" (as the default key) while looking at it.

The price is for one item pack only, so you cannot claim the same pack a second time, neither on the same game-world nor on another.

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