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The Golden Sword is a weapon that can only be crafted after buying the "Welcome"-DLC for Creativerse on Steam (or the Welcome Bundle via Store - it's the exact same item as the Welcome-DLC with the same content, and can only be bought once).

Buying either the Welcome DLC or Welcome Bundle will then unlock the according crafting recipe in your crafting menu (to be opened by typing "q" as the default key).

The Golden Sword inflicts 60 damage points, similar to an Iron Sword. Its design is the same as the previous model of the Legendary Golden Sword that was given to Early Backers who bought Creativerse before it became free to play.

To craft one Golden Sword, you will need:

When swung, the Golden Sword leaves a dark golden aftereffect in the air that last for about one second, different from the (now) Legendary Golden Sword that has a purple-orange slash and the Rainbownator 5000 with it's rainbow-colored slash effect.

You can not only buy the "Welcome DLC" directly in Steam, but also in the ingame Store where it's named "Welcome Bundle" (found in the "Coins" TAB). It is the same offer and can only be bought once.

All crafting recipes included in the DLC/Bundle are automatically permanently added to the crafting menu (and already unlocked), and will always be available on all Creativerse gameworlds, even those that have the world option "world bound recipes" enabled.

The DLC/Bundle includes 1 already crafted Golden Sword together with other items in a kit that can only be claimed once on one gameworld of your choice.

The crafting recipe cannot be learnt any other way than by buying the Welcome Bundle/DLC, and also the sword itself cannot be found in any Treasure Chests nor be obtained from any Creatures.

The once similar named "Golden Sword" for early backers was renamed into "Legendary Golden Sword", still deals 100 damage points like any Lumite level sword, and can be crafted with 3 Lumite (bars), 2 Iron Rods, 2 Tempered Iron Bars, 4 units of Yellow Pigment and 10x Corruption Dust.

It now has a slightly different look too, with purple globes instead of red ones, a purple-golden slash effect, and a golden vapor with sparks flying from it when drawn.

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