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The Golden Potion has a cosmetical golden sparkle effect for the player-character when consumed for 10 minutes.

Since May 24st 2017, the crafting recipe can be bought with the "Welcome"-DLC or alternatively with the Welcome Bundle since May 24st 2017, but was given for free before that to Early Access players who have once paid for Creativerse before it went F2P.

It can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "q") after the recipe has been added either when installing the "Welcome" -DLC, buying the Welcome Bundle, or has automatically been added on November 11th 2015 with update R25 if you were an Early Access player.

To craft 1 Golden Potion you'll need:

In earlier versions only Blue Flowers from Elderwood-trees were accepted as an ingredient to craft/brew Golden Potions, but now all Flowers will do.

You can not only buy the "Welcome DLC" directly in Steam, but also in the ingame Store where it's named "Welcome Bundle" (found in the "Coins" TAB). It is the same offer and can only be bought once.

All crafting recipes included in the DLC/Bundle are automatically permanently added to the crafting menu (and already unlocked), and will always be available on all Creativerse gameworlds, even those that have the world option "world bound recipes" enabled.

The DLC/Bundle includes 5 already crafted Golden Potions together with other items in a kit that can only be claimed once on one gameworld of your choice.

The crafting recipe cannot be learnt any other way than by buying the Welcome Bundle/DLC, and also the potion itself cannot be found in any Treasure Chests nor be obtained from any Creatures.